The Ultimate 50

21. Morgan Fairchild


BORN: 2/3/50


HER BEST STYLE: You're staring at it. If you're a true hair fan, you must be staring at it. Although she now has a style approaching a helmet, she gained her fame and a ton of attention for long, thick blonde hair that supported a curl with ease. She could wear a wavy look well, which we preferred, or play it straight and stunningly close to the eyes, which was still gorgeous. Shaggy bangs could be adjusted around the forehead for various styles.

HISTORY: Is it possible that 25 years have passed since she first made hair lovers drool on the soap opera Search For Tomorrow? Her incredibly well-set style was a bit longer then, compared with our photo. She moved on to Flamingo Road, where she wowed hair watchers with a scene aboard a moving speedboat where her long hair blew back -- but away from the eyes.

Several "woman in trouble" movies have put this perfect cut in danger -- first when it had length, then when she cut it to a well-rounded side-part shag. You'd think one bad wind gust or grabby stalker would destroy it. Yet we've never seen her style beaten, even though she's not fearful about placing it within millimeters of her eyes. There's a mysterious quality to the deep-down hold this hair somehow maintains. Like Cindy Crawford, she's another high school valedictorian who's transferred her brains to hair-holding beauty.

WHY SHE'S RANKED HERE: Her cuts and her track record are so compelling that she's been an easy choice for our Top Ten list. There's not really much room separating the Ultimate styles from here on out.

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