The Ultimate 50

32. Agnetha Faltskog

HOMETOWN: Jonköping, Sweden

BORN: 4/5/50


HER BEST STYLE: Electric blonde, draped just below the shoulders. Her usual look, and the one we prefer, is straight and strong - with bangs in a unit bending toward her ears, but always ready to flex down to warn her if things get too energetic. Sometimes, though, she irons it into a tough-looking, attractive curl. You can examine the variety of her styles at the ABBA web site.

HISTORY: For hair fans, ABBA was The Name of the Game in the '70s and '80s - as two women kept their hair so close to the eyes that their styles seemed in danger at every on-stage turn. While brunette Frida brought her bangs forward too much, allowing them to fall in her eyes often, Agnetha's cut never met its Waterloo. The short bangs might cave in and cover the forehead, but the longer ones refused to move toward her eyes.

One PBS Soundstage program in the '80s revealed the care she took with this cut. In the dressing room before a concert, she did two 90-degree back-and-forth head turns - seemingly testing her hair to make sure it would hold. It did, as always, which is why she became hair-watchers' Dancing Queen.

WHY SHE'S RANKED HERE: It's a hall-of-fame style of the '70s and early '80s that remained unbeaten, but the bangs are a bit too loose to place her higher.

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