The Ultimate 50

32. Agnetha Faltskog

2007 Update

We've heard from a Faltskog Fan, who asked us to put a link here to his/her site honoring this singer. You'll find she's still keeping the style short. But the pictures section will have some photos of her hair at its lengthy finest. And be sure to click the "videos" tab to see Faltskog's well-prepared yet closely-placed hair in thrilling action (vidcapped here), as ABBA sings Dancing Queen.

2002 Update

Put us on the list which wanted ABBA to do a reunion tour. We wanted to see how this great head of hair is doing these days. This is apparently a look at the modern style at its best - neck-length, and surprisingly full of curls. The curl is vital for keeping her bangs out of her eyes. How vital?

Look at what happens when something (or someone?) straightens the short hair out. Some bangs aren't trimmed short enough, and it doesn't take much wind to put them in her eyes.

What makes this defeat extra disappointing is that the messed-up photo is front-and-center on Agnetha's official web site. You'll find a good-sized gallery there of her past and present blonde beauty. Sadly, she once kept much better care of her hair than this -- and that was when it was much longer. No wonder she was a World Cup flop.

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