The Ultimate 50

3. Maren Jensen


BORN: 9/23/56

PROFESSION: Former actress/model

HER BEST STYLE: Thick and full, draped a bit below the shoulders. Can be parted down the middle or to the side; can rest straight, bubbling with tiny curls - or the look we love most, that's in the background photo: soft, natural-looking curl.

HISTORY: Many hair fans regret the fact that Battlestar Galactica stayed on TV only about one year. Athena made this show worth watching, because her style had eye-popping beauty - and seemed to stay locked in position, no matter what happened. If the going got tough, light bangs would appear seemingly from nowhere. If only she didn't wear a helmet when battling other starships.

Her hair's toughest test may have come in the 1981 slash-em-up movie, Deadly Blessing. A creature from Hades called the Incubus terrorized several good-looking women in a country town. The Incubus attacked our Super-Hair in a frightening closing scene, bursting through a floor and trying to wrestle her down to the fiery pit. She fought valiantly, and her thick cut shook violently. In our vague memory, the Incubus won the fight - but the seriously-shaken style refused to fall in her eyes.

And then, when that movie flopped, these legendary locks seemed to disappear. She's been away from public view for years - which is a shame, because hair fans would love to see how she and her style progressed. But perhaps it is only fitting, since this Ultimate style had faced a truly Ultimate challenge - and passed.

WHY SHE'S RANKED HERE: For her style's thickness, softness, continual beauty and indestructible control. She's the top-ranking head of long hair - which we define as anything shoulder-length or below.

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