The Ultimate 50

27. Lisa Stark

HOMETOWN: Santa Barbara, CA

BORN: Unknown/56


HER BEST STYLE: A side-parted pageboy that has a bit of length to it, yet clings tightly to the head like a helmet. She can tuck hair behind her right ear, but it's more tempting when it simply sits there looking vulnerable. We preferred this style when it stayed off the shoulder, as in our photo. More recently, she's let her hair grow out -- which can be riskier, but we don't think looks as precise.

HISTORY: This style has stayed strong for years, as a reporter for ABC News. But what makes this more remarkable is that her "beat" is transportation - especially aerospace, where wind gusts can come from any direction. Yet almost every time we see her, the hair is as resilient as a test pilot's crash helmet.

Two examples are testimony to her style's amazing ability. In one "standup," she stood inside a plane undergoing violent shakes in a federal test. The camera shook. Her body shook a bit. The hair didn't move at all. A more recent report was more routine - as she stood outside Washington's FAA Headquarters on a blustery spring day. She tucked the "vulnerable" side behind her ear, threw back the ends that are becoming a bit lengthy - and the style hardly budged.

WHY SHE'S RANKED HERE: While we consider this style one of the most underrated on television, there are times when the hair looks as flat as an airport tarmac. That's great for hold, but costs her "beauty points" - especially compared with the next cut to come.

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