The Ultimate 50

40. Lisa McRee

HOMETOWN: Fort Worth, TX

BORN: 11/9/61

PROFESSION: Former TV Journalist

HER BEST STYLE: Nothing fancy here - a simple, basic short sidepart. Bangs can be combed to a side, or spread across the forehead in a somewhat "tossed" look, as in our background photo. (Be patient with this photo, please - it may take awhile to load.)

HISTORY: She's kept this solid style for years, through at least two cross-country moves (and, we suspect, a color change or two). It looked good at 4:00 a.m. while anchoring World News Now, and proved hard to dislodge at 8:00 a.m. on Good Morning America. We understand she's off the air and on "baby-making" time these days.

WHY SHE'S RANKED HERE: Her hair's never fallen in public - but this style is cut so short that the only way it could fall was if she became marooned on a desert island for months without a purse. Other cuts are coming which are just as strong, but more daring.

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