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40. Lisa McRee

2014 Update

"The Skinny" apparently ran its course, because Lisa has returned to relative privacy. But she's posted pictures on social media which are nothing short of daring, in terms of her hair. This picture outside a restaurant shows her style still classically short, and not much different from our 2012 pictures.

Yet when she vacationed on Nantucket Island in Massachusetts in the summer of 2013, an ocean breeze clearly blew Lisa's cut around. Hair moves to the opposite side of her part line....

....and when we zoom in to check the left eye, the hair is past her protective sunglasses! If not for the darkness of the shades, we might conclude her Super-Hair is finally in her eye and defeated.

Then there's this "party photo" from a concert in southern California. The red lights make it hard to tell - but on close examination with Windows Photo Viewer, we conclude a small strip of hair dropped in her right eye. It's a narrow defeat, especially after more than two decades of undefeated near-perfection. But there's too much evidence now to give Lisa the benefit of the doubt. Her styles remain great - but the "Super" has faded away.


2012 Update

Who would have guessed Lisa would reinvent herself as a "celebrity chef"? In late 2011 she started an online project called "The Skinny" for Everyday Health -- and we were thrilled to cooperate, when she came to Super-Hair for a Q&A interview mixing nutritious eating and healthy hair. Happily, Lisa includes many video blogs on the site. This one featuring vegetables from a farmer's market shows a fairly tight short cut - but not so tight that the hair is uninteresting.

This side view suggests the hair is long enough to drop in her right eye -- and indeed, we spotted a quick head jerk late in the video to move it out of danger. While we admittedly haven't watched every entry, we still have no evidence Lisa's short hair has collapsed. Even though Lisa told us imperfect hairstyles are more popular these days, she keeps finding ways to keep her hair marvelously under control.


2010 Update

A lack of funding forced California Connected off the air in 2007 -- and if Lisa has been making public appearances since then, we couldn't find them. We're left with a YouTube clip from the final season, showing her making a rough maneuver while driving a police training car. The hair is shoulder-length, clearly long enough to drop in her right eye. But thanks to large sunglasses and a little head-tilting, the style refuses to fall.

And yes, Lisa has experience with longer hair. YouTube also brought up a midday newscast she anchored in Dallas-Fort Worth around 1991. This is a classic Texas-style look, undoubtedly requiring plenty of spray to keep in position. But strong-holding hair remains a specialty of hers.


2008 Update

Public TV viewers in California can keep watching Lisa cover the state -- but they may have been surprised by how she's grown her hair out a bit. The latest picture we could find was from a September 2006 report, which appeared on the PBS NewsHour and was posted on its web site. While some bangs still seem short on her left side, they're clearly long enough on the right side to drop in her eyes.

In fact, they would have dropped in her eyes at a VA Medical Center if not for her glasses! That's the only thing saving the style in this interview. (And yes, that's a mini-ponytail in the back - the hair is that long.)

A California state assembly member's staff provides this side view of the style, from a separate interview. It's almost shoulder-length, with the bangs brushed back. We couldn't call up the California Connected web site for a further review, when we posted this -- but this clearly is a style ready to collapse in humidity or a breeze, without a great deal of care. Do a YouTube search for "McRee" to see the perfectly precise looks which thrilled us much more, from her years on World News Now.


2006 Update

Lisa remains the host of public television's "California Connected" -- and you can watch the show from its web site (the link is below) to see her current look. This picture is from a small publication called the Larchmont Chronicle, and a July 2005 interview. To look at this photo, her hair actually looks long enough to hit her eye if a wind blows from her right to left. But she can trick you with cuts like this -- so maybe it's brilliant styling at work.


2005 Update

We thank the Hair Fan who alerted us to a new set of promotional pictures for Lisa's public TV program, "California Connected." (We have to plug the program to use the picture legally.) Her hair is still short, precise, and we think undefeatable -- although it would be fun to see the hair above the right eye move around a bit.

One of the photos shows Lisa outside a recreational vehicle -- so apparently she's traveling around the state, and appearing outside at times. The show's web site might be able to give you regular updates of this Ultimate style in the elements. But we agree with the writer -- this hair still is great.


2004 Update

While we have no new picture of Lisa (yet -- we're working on that), we have good news about this woman with classic well-trimmed short hair. She's surfaced from years of privacy, to host a public television show called "California Connected." Apparently she's in the studio full-time, which means no real test for her style -- but for her supporters, it's good to see great hair back on the air.


2002 Update

This is one of those women where there's really nothing new to say. Lisa's retired from television news to bring up babies - and since she's married to a top executive with Disney, she doesn't really need the money from an anchor job.

Since there's no online gallery of McRee's well-trimmed short styles (we can't be her only fan, can we?), we decided to create our own. The photo above shows her sidepart tossed a bit. Yet it probably still can't fall in her eyes; note the long strands reaching toward the left eye, yet stopping about an inch short.

This admittedly blurry photo from a University of Oregon collection turns the "vulnerable" right side toward us. Here the precision is clear - especially how deeply the bangs are cut, to guard against collapse.

This picture was taken to promote a talk show McRee hosted on the Lifetime cable network. Notice there's hair long enough to be tucked behind the left ear. If a strong wind came along, could that hair blow forward enough to threaten the left eye? We doubt it, but it adds an element of mystery to her style.

Our last photo was taken for Harper's Bazaar shortly after McRee was named co-host of "Good Morning America." For her, it's a dynamic, active pose, and the style is more sculpted -- but the bangs remain well in control. Is that hair near the right eye long enough to be a risk? It's hard to tell from the picture - but given her track record, we doubt she'd be that chancy with her cut.

If McRee ever sees these photos online, we hope she contacts us. We'd enjoy sharing her secrets for keeping short hair both appealing and undefeatable.

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