THE Ultimate 50

41. Naomi Campbell

HOMETOWN: London, U.K.

BORN: 5/22/70

PROFESSION: Model, actress

HER BEST STYLE: Although she cut it to shoulder-length late in 1999, we're honoring the look that's long and strong - though, we admit, exactly how long is in dispute. She's admitted wearing hair extenders at times. Our background photo from a London "catwalk" shows a tempting crimp, but she usually plays it straight - both with her hair and her Supermodel posture, so the hair stays in line behind the shoulders.

HISTORY: As with Cindy Crawford, she seems to have the "beauty smarts" to adjust her style to the situations she's faced through the years. Bangs seem to pop up on her forehead from nowhere, when she needs them to avoid complete collapse.

WHY SHE'S RANKED HERE: A year ago [early 1999], she placed among our Top Ten tresses in the world. But then we found a picture on the Internet where her muscular locks faced a fan - and in a major upset, the fan won. Then early in 2000, Mademoiselle showed her new short look drooping over her right eye.

Nonetheless, she remains the highest-ranking woman on this list whose hair has fallen. From this point on, as far as we know, they're all unbeaten styles.

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