The Ultimate 50

41. Naomi Campbell

2002 Update

Naomi's current look is shoulder-length and bang-filled - and we can't hold back: we adore it. It has swing and bounce, sleekness and shine on the runway. The bangs are plenty thick, and tend to stick tight to the forehead. Yet this style radiates with strength and control. And we know from a recent trial in London that she will fight for her Super-Hair, if she has to.

Naomi made a late charge in our Super-Hair World Cup, and nearly stopped the Australian juggernaut in her group. You can see her stunning styles, both shorter and longer (including a couple with her strong locks defeated) at a great fan gallery. And the best news: this is still a head of hair on prime public display -- well, as long as you don't take photos of her outside drug clinics. Then she might sue you.

(Photo courtesy The Guardian)

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