The Ultimate 50

6. Lisa Salters

HOMETOWN: King of Prussia, PA

BORN: 3/6/66

PROFESSION: TV Sports Reporter

HER BEST STYLE: A well-rounded, well-teased, mostly straight side part that seems to act like a flexible "shell." Light bangs on the right side can be hidden, as in our photos. When exposed, they look dangerously long, but are never jostled forward to show us how high the risk is.

HISTORY: She apparently came out of Penn State's athletic program with a very healthy head of hair. We first noticed it when she did news reports for ABC. Her style was light enough to flex in a breeze, but strong enough to stay completely in line even through windy conditions out West. That ability hasn't changed since she switched networks to ESPN.

WHY SHE'S RANKED HERE: She's practically in a dead-heat with Natalie Allen, but scores slightly higher because of her style's "floating hold" under pressure. But we have to ask why we were apparently the first web site to post photos of this woman and her perfect hair. Not even ESPN's web site had a picture! If she's shy, we see no reason for her to be.

(Photo courtesy Vancouver Province)

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