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March 2005: Bangs Swept Away, Page 2

CARLA showed this "swept-aside" approach to bangs years ago. (We won't say how long, because she might not want us revealing her age.) This attractive short style goes to the nape of her neck, and is parted far on the side. The bangs can be simply brushed aside, or have a bit of added curl.

Exactly how long are these bangs, anyway? For some Hair Fans, that's the great tension point with this sort of style. They often appear to be long enough to fall in a woman's eyes -- and if there's obvious curl, you might be even more confident about it. What if well-prepared bangs came loose somehow, perhaps by wind pushing at them or humidity slowly wearing down their supporting sizzle? Would this apparent head of Super-Hair be in serious peril? In Carla's case, a Hair Fan had to know -- and actually tried to bring these bangs down to defeat!

And this is what happens, when you reach for them. Her bangs were perfectly trimmed to clear the eyes, as if cut for a helmet (which was Carla's basic look before she started showing this variation). The only way this Super-style could fall is if long hair from behind the ears somehow came forward - and those strands would have a long way to go for even the tips to reach her eyes. With regular trims, this is Super-Hair that's both tempting and unbeatable.


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