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May 2007: Curls Gone Wild, Page 2

A curl is.... flexible.

DEBRA MESSING has proven that throughout this decade, winning several Super-Hair Crown Awards in the process. When she began the series Will & Grace, her natural curls were very tight....

....but personal stylist Luke O'Connor told Super-Hair in 2004 a conscious decision was made to loosen the curl year by year. Debra was able to make the adjustments with a curling iron, while keeping the natural strength. It's no wonder she was the first woman with curls to be inducted in the Hair Fan's Hall of Fame.

A curl is.... tough.

For MADONNA it has to be, to maintain the style she's displayed in concerts during recent years. This look seems as simple as using a curling iron around the forehead, then probably using a "hold at any cost" spray. Then the drama begins, as she moves on stage. If the curl weakens and droops, it drops to defeat in her eyes -- and Hair Fans can follow it every step of the way. That's because....

A curl is.... bouncy.

GLORIA ESTEFAN impressed us during concerts in the 1990's, with how well her curls could bounce on stage. They were very tight, looking nearly permed....

.... but when she jumped from the stage, this was how much it could extend. At which moment would Hair Fans most want to get their hands on these curls?

A curl is.... muscular.

SHELLEY LONG made that one of her secrets to hair success on TV and in movies, beginning with Cheers. While her all-around style was quite solid, she used curls at the ends -- likely to prevent flyaways and provide extra control. We believe some women with straight hair add a ball of curl at the tips, for the same effect. It can also be done on the inner edges of long styles (think Gisele Bundchen). But in the process, it gives curl-lovers something to "play with" and attempt to test and wear down, since....

A curl is.... tempting.

MARIA DEL MAR ROSARIO tempted us as few women with curls did, when she did a fashion modeling shoot for Marie Claire magazine. She was required to bounce with her natural curls several times, apparently from a trampoline. The looseness of the circles made her hair look vulnerable and weak....

....but the curls never fell in her eyes (at least not in the magazine). Because the curl is natural, it might weaken a bit -- but we doubt it ever could flatten completely on its own, and stay that way.


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