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September 2006: ALL-CAPS, Page 2

JOANNA LUMLEY first gained fame on British television in the 1970's action drama The New Avengers. To borrow from her better-known series, this cap is absolutely fabulous -- with not one hair seemingly out of line, and a bit of round curl seemingly added all around to display more fullness than Barrows does. It's admittedly a posed publicity photo, but this short hair cannot possibly be made more perfect.

Lumley's locks seem a bit windblown in this photo, but they're still 99.5% precise. The full bangs are unmussed as they cover the forehead, and the hair is a bit longer in the back to reach the nape of the neck.

For Hair Fans, the drama with a cap isn't really whether hair can fall in the eyes. It's whether the style can be mussed or moved - at all -- and how close it can come to disaster. For instance, the DVD set of The New Avengers should have one episode where a crazed man traps Lumley's character Purdey in a house. He praises Purdey's "perfect face" (surprisingly not hair), then methodically attacks her in an attempt to kill her. We don't dare give away the plot, but the man's most ferocious moves only jostle Lumley's cap a little - an amazing example of this style's potential for tremendously tenacious hold.


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