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September 2006: ALL-CAPS, Page 3

TEA LEONI offers a great current example of a good-looking cap -except in her case and that of other actresses, the bangs are a bit looser and can be spread around the forehead. Their length in this artsy photo shoot from a 2000 issue of Allure is quite dangerous, in terms of having Super-Hair.... the strands are clearly long enough at the side to get in Leoni's left eye. (But it didn't fall in any of the pictures.) A hint of curl at the tips can angle long bangs away from the eyes, and out of trouble.

LAURA REGAN is a Canadian actress who's appeared in horror movies such as They and My Little Eye. We found her in a 2002 Seventeen magazine with a cap ready to take on the creepiest of slashing hair-hungry villains. Here the bangs are practically brushed off the forehead, showing sidepart styles can work as caps. A bit of layering on either side introduces longer hair, and adds to the tension of whether this style is capable of collapsing in her face during a fierce fight.

SUMMARY: From a basic beauty and fashion standpoint, a short cap style is often designed to call attention to a woman's eyes. From a Super-Hair standpoint, it can call attention to perfect lines and holding hair as well -- and be every bit as tempting as hair one foot longer.

Pit the ultimate cap against the ultimate helmet in a Super-Hair War, and you'd have one long struggle on your hands. The winner might come down to how well the sides of the style are prepared, and how physically strong and healthy the hair is overall. But bring out a top short cap to battle a long style, and even the greatest head of perfect shoulder-length hair would have reason to be very nervous.

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