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December 2005: Permed to Perfection, Page 2

MARILYN used a body wave perm to support her short style. You probably wouldn't know, to look at it -- and assume she simply combed the hair back and sprayed it down for this portrait picture. Yet Marilyn used that chemical "extra" to keep the hair in perfect position.

So how well does it work? A Hair Fan dared to find out in a car one afternoon - and took pictures of his attempt to muss, conquer and defeat a Super-Perm!

"I don't think my hair's supposed to go that direction," Marilyn said at one point during this unusual up-close test. But after a lengthy "hands-on" period, this was the result. Yes, the hair moved -- and we're told it did not feel sprayed down at all. The style ends up out of place a fair amount, but not a lot. And note it's cut so short that it can't possibly fall into her eyes. A good cut plus a perm can equal a tremendously enduring style.


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