Carrie Underwood

BORN: 3/10/83, Muskogee, OK

INDUCTED: 2013, 78-percent majority

Carrie Underwood went from an Oklahoma farm to college, dreaming of a career in broadcasting. But in 2005, she gained TV stardom in a very different way. Her singing voice may have combined with attractive blonde hair, to earn her millions of viewer votes as American Idol. A giant billboard with her hair at its best even was posted along Interstate 40, promoting everything from her home area to her hometown as well as her singing success.

Underwood has kept the same basic style since her 2004 singing audition -- with shoulder-length thick blonde hair. While it seems naturally straight, this Fox vidcap suggests she added a perm for the judges. It was a hint of wavy variations to come -- and while Hair Fans voted in a 2005 Cutting-Edge Hair News poll in favor of Underwood keeping the hair straight, they seemed impressed either way.

Underwood became a regular contender for the top style at music awards shows -- winning our poll for the first time at the 2006 Academy of Country Music Awards. She's adjusted the hair at times with bangs and longer locks, which some suspect are extensions. Yet Underwood has won four Crown Awards for Best Hairstyle in Music, and three more for Best Blonde. It all earned Underwood the #5 position in Super-Hair's Project 20/10 list of top styles of a decade -- proving small-town girls can become phenomenal in more ways than one.


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