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She's considered one of the steamiest actresses around. But who expected Megan Fox to turn "red hot" with her hair? She did in early September, perhaps to beat the changing autumn leaves. But that's not the only change Fox made with her mane. Her famous long locks got the chop from stylist Dimitris Giannetos - all the way to her shoulders. The change was so drastic that Giannetos felt compelled to add the social media hashtag: #NotAWig.

Of all the magazines, Cosmopolitan called the new Fox look "shocking" in a headline (but not the article). Ths "red velvet bob" certainly didn't make our voters throb: 71% told us in a one-week poll the hair should stay longer (5-2). "Terrible," one voter simply wrote. Yet we're wondering - would some spray on this style (which Giannetos seems to use in one photo) actually make Fox's hair hold better? Enough to one-up boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly?

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Members of royalty ought to have the kind of Super-Hair that makes everyone else jealous. After all, they probably have handlers preparing them for every public moment, including what trials their styles might face. Princess Catherine (Middleton) of Britain has impressed on a regular basis since entering the spotlight dsuring the 2000s - especially since she wed Prince William in 2011. But "Princess Kate" really turned heads when she went to France to watch England in the 2023 Rugby World Cup. She displayed what might be described as long beach waves.

Catherine's cuts have tended to be shoulder-length or a bit below with a tighter curl. So is longer better for a princess? Our Hair Fans said no, with 62% preferring the shorter approach in a one-week poll (5-3). No one left a comment, but we agree with the online hair-watchers who say the princess looked years younger at the match. The style looked a lot riskier as well. But careful royal viewers probably noticed Catherine growing her hair out in recent months. If she gets to the waist, that will make royal headlines.


When Jennifer Love Hewitt was voted into your Hair Fan's Hall of Fame, it was 2006 and she was only 27. A medium-long style with bangs led to the honor. But if you check her Hall of Fame page, you'll find one of the photos has a bob. Hewitt has not been afraid to change lengths through the years - and she did it again in August. Hewitt already had brightened her shade. Now stylist Nikki Lee took her dark red with a chin-length cut, with Hewitt declaring on social media: "Ready for fall."

But are Hair Fans ready for Hewitt with this cut? They clearly are not, as 75% of them in our week-long poll preferred Hewitt's hair longer (6-2). "The new cut is God awful," one voter declared. Our voters apparenrly were not alone; so many people raised questions tht Hewitt released a statement during our poll. "So many people said I look different," she wrote. She denied she had a brow lift, but admitted having "microblading" done. "Be good. Be kind. Spread love," Hewitt added. OK - so can we kindly ask for a lift in the hair around the crown? We love it more when Hewitt's style doesn't flop in her face.


For TV viewers of a certain age, Bob Barker may have been the best game show host of them all. Through five decades hosting Truth or Consequences and The Price is Right, he had a quick wit, a good sense of humor - not to mention teeth which could have inspired the "Guy Smiley" puppet on Sesame Street. Barker's hair usually looked flawless, too - and he survived a "no more dye" moment on the show. Yet Barker's death in August 2023 may have led Hair Fans to think about the women he helped make famous. "Barker Beauties," as they were called, often had perfect hair as well - making viewers wonder what sort of "Showcase" might knock them out of place.

As a tribute to Barker, we asked you which model on TPIR had the best hair. After a week of voting, we had something the game show never would have... a THREE-WAY TIE! Anitra Ford, Holly Hallstrom and Janice Pennington (left-right above) deadlocked at 25% each. (We can have a tie-breaker, if there's interest.) The tight contest was followed by Dian Parkinson and write-in Brandi Sherwood at 12%. That left Kathleen Bradley with no votes - which is curious, because she was high on our Ultimate 50 list. We think her cut lasted longer, but she wound up going over the game-show "cliff.".


Right photo courtesy Rozhair

As the strike by Hollywood writers and actors drags on, what can stars do without walking picket lines? Some of them may be going back to coronavirus thinking from 2020. They make news by changing hairstyles - only in 2023, they don't have to do it at home. For Emma Stone, it meant a trip to see the founder of Rozhair. Mira Roszak turned Stone's iconic red shade into late-summer blonde. She also trimmed Stone's hair into a bob, which one website called one of her shortest lengths ever.

Stone reportedly received "15 individual extensions," so her scalp does not get damaged. But what about that color? Our voters want that to be temporary as well; 80% in our week-long poll said they preferred Stone red (4-1). Stone made a similar switch in late 2017, which also did not thrill our voters. But here's the big surprise - Stone is naturally blonde! She says a darker shade helped her get her first movie role. So our voters may not be traditionalist, after all - they simply know stardom when they see it.


You'd think the summer of 2023 would find Phildelphia in hair heaven. After all, TV reporter and LaSalle University alum Kerri Corrado was voted into the Hair Fan's Hall of Fame. But when we went for a browse around X/Twitter, we actually found some turmoil in Philly. The reason involved a TV anchor at Corrado's competition. On 11 August, Alex Holley decided to let her mid-length mostly-straight style go all the way out - with braids almost to her waist. It wasn't a "casual Friday" one-day special, either; the braids came back throughout the following week. "It's actually about culture," she X'ed in response to one skeptic.

We wondered what our Hair Fans thought of Holley's adjustment, which we've noticed other Black TV anchors doing during spring and summer. Our one-week poll ended with 62% of them supporting the long look (5-3). "Longer is more natural," one voter commented. While some people might suspect Holley has extensions, braid-centric websites will tell you it's all hers. Another voter looked at Holley's hair and declared, "Corrado must be p****d!" Now hold on - before the battles start, the current City League champion in Philadelphia is someone else.


For once, it appears we got one right - at least on part of the website. In the wake of her Crown Award for Best Hairstyle in Science/Meteorology, we added Stephanie Mead to our Top Ten Tresses list in June. Her impressive styles on Detroit television (and before that in Indianapolis) sllowed her to move up quickly, reaching the top of our list as our annual "Who's #1" contest began. The voters backed our decision, and declared Mead #1 in the world in 2023!

We didn't bother to mention it, but this year's vote was filter-free. We don't know if Mead's fans noticed that, but she wound up with 50% of the votes from our one-week question. Second place was a surprise: university researcher and part-time actress Suzan Fakhoury, at 45%. Photos of her have become so hard to find that we'd considered dropping her.

Adriana Diaz of CBS News was third with 8%. And that was it - as no one else in the Top 10 received a vote. Perhaps the biggest surprise in that was Kerri Corrado. She was inducted into the Hair Fan's Hall of Fame during the vote - yet she struck out here?!


Photos courtesy E! Online

Blonde to brunette? Brunette to blonde? Those color changes for celebrities are standard; we've seen plenty of them do it, even in 2023. But a more subtle color switch still can get your attention. Emily Ratajkowski did that for summer, by trasitining from brown hair to red. Not as red as the model's lipstick is at times, but what Glamour magazine called "glazed amber." There's apparently a "go-to" stylist for this color; Jenna Perry has prepared it for other stars.

Has "Em-rata" embarrassed herself with this switch? Actually, Ratajkowski's red may have been too hot for our poll to handle! It went in and out during a week of voting, but seemed to be on long enough that every voter who made a choice approved of the glazed amber look (4-0). We should note Ratajkowski has a history of style changes; our voters said no to a blonde change in 2020, after she toyed with a bob in 2017. Since she's told people off in the past for "telling women what to do with their hair," we will NOT email these results to her - good though they are.


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