Cutting-Edge Hair News, 2012


Right photo courtesy E! Online

Many movie buffs watched Bonnie Wright grow up - but unlike plenty of other child stars, she didn't do it with the shenanigans which put her on the front page of tabloids. Wright focused on being a friend of Harry Potter, in the successful movie series. And her long red hair impressed Hair Fans enough that she came close to representing England in EuroCup 2012. But after reportedly shooting a follow-up "mini-movie" for a theme park, Wright displayed a noticeable cut. British hair-watchers called it a "bob," even though the hair touches her shoulders.

Wright wrote on Twitter she wanted a shorter style, and had close cuts when she was in elementary school. But most of our voters don't consider it the "Wright stuff," as 61 percent in our one-week poll preferred the long look (11-7). Since no one left a comment, we're going to lean toward the majority. More length actually appears easier to control, as Wright can throw hair behind her ears or shoulders for protection.


Vanderbilt University has a reputation for being the most academic school in the Southeastern Conference. Big "winners" there might come from the debate squad. But Vanderbilt also is located in Nashville, where great hair is important (ask most country music stars). Put those two facts together, and we present to you Amanda Mitchell - a junior cheerleader who majors in biological sciences, and has long flipped curls that she's revealed on Facebook can last through two days of high humidity. That strength was impressive enough to win this season's "Elite Eight" contest, among college women in our Best Manes on Campus section.

We reached eight B.M.O.C.'s earlier than ever this term, which put our one-week contest in December "bowl season" as opposed to January. That may have reduced the vote count , and resulted in a closer race. But Mitchell prevailed with 36 percent of your votes, edging Tulane's Katherine Crabtree at 27 percent. Third place was a tie between Houston's Brittany Booker and Jackson State's Jenna Siddiqui at 18 percent each. Hmmm - does this prove Southern colleges have the best hair? We'll leave that debate for ESPN-U.


The Hair Fan's e-mail was jokingly confident: "I know you miss my picks for great hair." Then he/she recommended a woman we apparently missed - MSNBC morning host Chris Jansing. "I always go with fullness and shine," the e-mail explained, adding Jansing "has all that." But then the Hair Fan added: "It's shorter now...." Indeed, we've noticed Jansing's styles for several years -- but the cut was a change we've missed. The emphasis seems to be on layers and shaping now, with hair stopping a touch below the shoulders instead of extending lower for several inches.

Which Jansing look is better? We don't know which way our e-mailer voted in our one-week poll, because no matching name was left as a comment. The shorter style impressed more Hair Fans, as it received 55 percent of the vote (16-13) -- but both of them brought praise for being "more stylish" with no further explanation. The picture sent to illustrate Jansing's latest look certainly is closer to her eyes, and at increased risk of falling. But to quote that e-mail again: "You can't improve perfection." If Jansing & Company (as in her stylist) can keep the left side in line, we'd certainly agree.


Right photo courtesy National Post

Who could have imagined a hairstyle adjustment in Britain could start a chain of events affecting lives on two continents? Consider what happened in the week we posted a poll on Britain's Princess Catherine. She went into and out of a hospital. Buckingham Palace confirmed she is pregnant. An Australian radio morning show pulled a "crank yankers" stunt, contacting a hospital nurse. Then the nurse sadly was found dead, apparently from suicide. And as we post this at poll's end, the Sydney DJ's are off the air in "intense counseling" with their future employment very much in doubt.

Our original question was going to be which came first - the princess learning she was pregnant, or the addition of "bangs" to what has become Britain's most-watched and admired hairstyle. Catherine's cut on both sides of her face actually seemed too long for us to define them as bangs, so we also referred to them as layers in our poll. They quickly became a hit with British women, causing a run on salons -- and our Hair Fans agreed, with 58 percent supporting the change (14-10).

But curiously, the comments left during our poll leaned toward the old Kate Middleton look. "New is a bit too 70s retro," one voter wrote. In fact, one person who alerted us to the cut compared the current style to Hair Fan's Hall of Fame member Jaclyn Smith in her prime. But another voter called it more a "montage.... Not a major change, though." And one comment correctly pointed out the two "Kate cuts" look quite similar at first glance; the 2011 style (at left) has long hair curved back and sprayed near the left eye.


The CW series Gossip Girl is leaving the air in mid-December - yet actress Leighton Meester already has left her role behind, along with plenty of her hair. Shortly after production ended on the final episode, Meester turned her character's mid-length dreamy waves into a bob which stops around her shoulders. In one interview, she explained it "was time for a change" -- but she admitted the waves "got a lot of mileage."

Meester says she loves her new look. But Hair Fans clearly have a different view, as 73 percent of them rejected the change in our one-week poll (16-6). No one left a comment explaining why - and we'll admit our picture of the shorter cut looks "fresh and wet," which may have swayed some voters. But we recall a great line from Meester's character on Gossip Girl in 2009, which we placed on our home page: "Only my boyfriend touches my hair." The waves almost call out for Hair Fans to touch them -- and in terms of sturdiness or softness, we think there's much more to explore. How high-mileage are they, really?


"I have no idea who Lucy Hale is," a Hair Fan admitted after we posted her photo on the night of the 2012 American Music Awards. We'll take part of the blame for that, because someone suggested her to us for a poll earlier in the year. Hale is an actress who changed her hairstyle for the latest season of Pretty Little Liars, as did co-star Ashley Benson. We were told Hale did a "chop" from long hair reaching to the middle of her back. But she apparently grew it back - and did it well enough to be voted our best style of the AMA's.

Hale jumped to the lead in our one-week poll, then barely escaped the onrushing Taylor Swift to win by 33 to 27 percent. Swift gave her long locks a sweaty workout in a "rocking" song, complete with hair flips which won praise on Twitter but almost got her blocked from our ballot. Surprise presenter Stacy Kiebler (transformed from wresting "diva" to girlfriend of George Clooney) finished third at 20 percent, while Gloria Estefan and Kelly Rowland tied with an unknown "Other" at seven percent.


The "natural hair"movement has advanced in some ethnic communities for a few years. But perhaps it's jumping a great divide, and spreading to the "white-bread" world of country music. Shortly before the 2012 CMA Awards, Miranda Lambert posted this Twitter picture of her hair at shoulder-length with elongated bangs (albeit with a sneaky plug for husband Blake Shelton's TV singing contest). Apparently it was a haircut - but the bigger story was that Lambert is forsaking extensions. She joked to one reporter (we think) about having a "funeral service" for them.

Regular visitors know we want real Super-Hair, without extensions or add-ons. But we decided to ask Hair Fans if Lambert should stay on the short side. After nine days of voting, they said no by a 59-percent margin (13-9). But one comment was in favor of Lambert adding bangs, because "she has a VERY big forehead...." Another voter expressed hope "she will grow her hair, rather than relying on the fake stuff." If you're relying on us to tell the difference, you may be asking too much - because sometimes celebrities admittedly fool us.


Carrie Underwood used to be a regular entry (and winner) in our contests for the top hairstyles at awards shows. But things changed in the last couple of years -- as she chose songs which made her move so much that even strong preparation couldn't prevent them from dropping in her eyes. But Underwood came back strongly at the 2012 Country Music Association Awards. In fact, her blonde hair held fiercely during a song about "All the Wind in Oklahoma." That beautiful hold won her our prize as top CMA style, for the third time in four years.

Underwood won a tight race over about eight days, pushing ahead of Nashville star Connie Britton by 42 to 29 percent. One voter said the top two was a "very close call" - but decided, "when in doubt, go with the redhead." Another even speculated both might wind up in our Hair Fan's Hall of Fame (Underwood actually missed the Hall by one vote in 2010). Yet current Hall member Faith Hill received no votes in our poll; country newcomer Jana Kramer topped her with 17 percent, as did Kimberly Schlapman of Little Big Town with eight percent. And to the voter who argued, "All their hair looks the same" - do Schlapman's curls really look that much like Kramer's long brunette style?


Right photo courtesy InStyle

So which woman has been on the wilder career roller coaster ride in our new millennium -- Britney Spears or Lindsey Lohan? Both have dealt with ups and downs, with hairstyle changes following with them. Spears transformed herself from teenage medium-long blonde to bob wigs, and even that "bald period." But things seem to have settled down a bit for Britney in 2012 -- well, if you ignore a trial which has her in court. She's a judge on the U.S. version of X Factor. And the only major hair change may be the addition of bangs, which were spotted during a stroll outside in Los Angeles.

Bangs are a change of pace for Spears, so we asked what you thought of them. A one-week poll found 55 percent of Hair Fans liking the change (11-9) -- but the comments were another matter. "The bangs make her look more of a mess. She needs to look clean and polished!" wrote one opponent. Another noted all those style changes and concluded: "Bangs or not bangs, it's all extensions. Why is this news, people?" In fact, a different Spears style made news during our poll - because a magazine apologized for a cover which looked too much like a wig.


Courtesy Us Magazine

If you watched the old TV series Sister, Sister, be honest - could you tell the difference between Tia and Tamera Mowry? The identical twins were prime-time stars for years playing teenagers. Now they've made a grown-up comeback on cable, with their own "reality" series beginning a second season. And once and for all, we can tell the Mowrys apart by their hairstyles. Tia followed the lead of Rihanna and cut her mid-length locks to a tight pixie-style look.

Tia admitted to a magazine she cried when the big trim was made. But the reaction of Hair Fans was mixed; our one-week poll ended with a narrow 53-percent majority preferring the longer hair (10-9). One voter doubted either style was real, "but the shorter probably is her real hair." (The left photo is from an event sponsored by Curls.Biz - so why would she dare wear extensions there?)

And as a public service, we offer this current photo from Twitter of the other Mowry. Tamera is married to Adam Housley of Fox News - and with careful study, hopefully you'll soon be able to tell one twin from the other.


The problem with wearing hair extensions is that some women make the addition too obvious. We watched with amazement one morning years ago as Jessica Simpson moved from talk show to talk show, adding inches to her Hall of Fame hair as she went. But we presumed a veteran actress such as Parks and Recreation star Amy Poehler would know better. Yet careful viewers of the 2012 Emmy Awards caught her with her usual shoulder-length sidepart on the red carpet, followed less than two hours later by hair several inches longer in the back.

Poehler never mentioned the change of length, so it clearly wasn't a joke. But it raised a question: should she have longer locks all the time? Our "Poehler poll" of nearly a week found 81 percent of Hair Fans say yes (9-2). No one left a comment either way - but we may have opened the door for Poehler to display multiple hairstyle changes a la Carrie Underwood, when she co-hosts the Golden Globe Awards in January 2013.


They're giving prime-time speeches during the nominating conventions. They're campaigning from coast to coast. They're even taking turns co-hosting morning talk shows. So we have to ask: why don't the spouses of U.S. Presidential candidates hold their own face-to-face debate? After all, aren't they indirectly part of the "ticket" voters consider on Election Day? While we don't have clout over that, we can bring the spouses together in our own area of focus - so we asked you which potential "first lady" has better hair: Michelle Obama or Ann Romney?

We held two weeks of "early voting," due to a vacation and the upcoming awards show schedule. And with all respect to Ohio and Pennsylvania politicians, that didn't help the Democrats at all. The Republican Romney gained a 67-percent landslide, over Mrs. Obama's 29 percent (16-7). One "Ann Fan" speculated the challenger "spends less time on her hair and it's more natural." The incumbent first lady has tried several hairstyles over the past four years, and Hair Fans voted down one change.

(We should note an unnamed "Other" received one vote. Did someone think Sarah Palin is on the ballot?)


On the cable TV drama Homeland, Claire Danes's mane apparently can be a mess at times. A short clip shown during the 2012 Emmy Awards showed bangs blowing across her forehead, even as she wore a ballcap outside. But breezy and blistering conditions in Hollywood were no problem for Danes on awards night. Not only did she win a prize for Best Actress in a Drama - she also was the winner of your vote for Best Hairstyle of the 2012 Emmys.

There were plenty of strong contenders for our ballot this year. But Danes's glamorous flexing waves were never in doubt, and Hair Fans quickly confirmed it. A poll shortened to four days by our scheduling requirements ended with Danes dominating at 67 percent. Mindy Kaling of the new Fox comedy The Mindy Project claimed second place with 20 percent. Christina Hendricks of Mad Men and Julianne Moore of the TV-movie Game Changer split the red-headed vote, taking seven percent each -- leaving nothing for Jessica Lange.

While no one left comments during our poll, we found one interesting explanation for Danes's divine 'do on Twitter - "pregnancy hormones." She's expecting, and hopefully will not feel a need to adjust her hair for that.


Right photo courtesy Huffington Post

The last few years have brought the emergence of pop music chameleons - singers who change their hair color and style more often than they release albums. We've documented several changes by Katy Perry here. Nicki Minaj seems to have a different-colored wig for every outfit. Then there's Rihanna, who's made multiple adjustments in both hair color and length. In September 2011, she was in a "red period" with large looks below the shoulders. But the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards brought Rihanna's latest change: a tight pixie-style cut reminiscent of Halle Berry.

Based on what we've read online, the short style brought positive reaction from the public. Even our Hair Fans agree with it, as a week-long poll found 62 percent supporting Rihanna's change (13-8). One backer called it "more natural," as opposed to "weirdly colored extensions." But we admittedly find the longer look more visually interesting. And an opponent of Rihanna's short cut warned she had "better find love in a non-hopeless place...." Our thanks to search engines, for confirming that is a play on one of her hit songs.


Olivia Culpo has impressed us like few others to wear the crown of Miss USA. Her long hair can take a curl, lock it into perfect position as if she's had it all her life, then make it last as long as necessary. If not for a couple of disappointing photo shoots, Culpo would be a cinch for our Top Ten Tresses list. She clearly impressed voters in Super-Hair Wars, gaining three wins in a row - but then she puzzled Twitter followers during New York Fashion Week. First Culpo posted a photo with new added bangs, then another photo where they either were missing or extremely well-hidden.

With the Miss Universe 2012 pageant curiously delayed due to "location problems," Culpo may be trying out different styles for that event. We put these two before the Hair Fans, and a week of voting found 63 percent supporting the bangs (15-9). One put it in mathematical terms: "Bangs > butt cut." Another chose a more literary format: "The without bangs and center part is breathtakingly beautiful. The bangs merely cover up her incredible beauty." And based on the picture, we doubt they're deep enough to keep Culpo's cut from blowing into her face on a windy autumn day - although her strong waves certainly could come to her rescue, anyway.


The headline was a little hard to believe. Singer Celine Dion did a photo shoot - topless? This seemingly happy mom, who's settled down to do Las Vegas shows? Indeed, Dion did it for V magazine. And in the process, the woman who once presented a "Taking Chances Tour" tried something new with her well-known long blonde hair -- adding bangs, which are fully displayed only in a few shots.

Since we try to keep this site G-rated, we handled the pictures with care. But we wondered if the bangs are good for Dion. Hair Fans responded to our weeklong poll with a strong non, as two-thirds opposed the change (8-4). One voter expressed our overall view well: "Dion doesn't need to look edgy!" Another asked about another hair adjustment by Dion, to "some short bleached look." That actually occurred a few years ago - and she admits it didn't last long, because it brought an even more negative response.


Robin Meade has the Crown Awards and the six-hour morning newscast. Nancy Grace has the no-nonsense mouth and an occasional bit of controversy. And in between them, HLN (the former CNN Headline News) has an evening talk show hosted by Jane Velez-Mitchell. It used to be called Issues, but now it simply has her name. And that's not the only change in recent months, as Velez-Mitchell has turned a tight shoulder-length shag cut into a longer, wavier and softer-looking style. (It's a change parent network CNN apparently hasn't noticed; we found the old picture of Velez-Mitchell on that network's "bio" page.)

Has Velez-Mitchell pleased Hair Fans with this change? We had a hunch how they would vote on this one, and we were right - the longer look grabbed a huge 86-percent majority (18-3). "No more mullet! Hooray!" cheered one voter. The shorter style admittedly looked messy on camera at times, as the bangs appeared to drop in Velez-Mitchell's eyes more than once. The new approach admittedly is even riskier in terms of hold. But with a curling iron and spray (which she seems to use in the right photo), it can stay in place stronger - and we might want to test it even more.


Courtesy Daily Mail/Colorsport

Teenager Gabrielle Douglas became a sensation at the 2012 London Olympics -- even in a way she probably never expected. She won two gold medals for the U.S. in gymnastics. But she may have brought some Hair Fans out of hiding, because they took to social media to criticize how she wore her hair during the competition. That brought a backlash from people who said Douglas's success at the games matters far more, and accused some African-American people of being too preoccupied with hair.

Subscribers to our monthly newsletter The Herald know our opinion about this controversy. But when we saw this picture of Douglas with her hair loosened, we could understand why some Hair Fans might prefer watching it. So we asked in a poll if Olympic gymnasts should be required to do at least one routine with their styles unpinned. Former U.S. Olympians Mary Lou Retton and Kerri Strug would have jumped at the chance to show their strong-holding short hair. But our voters turned down the idea by a 77-percent margin (10-3).

The only comment in our poll actually was about another Olympic gold medalist, and apparently was mixed with our previous "Rank the Top Ten" poll. "Can we finally kick Sue Bird and her flat, thin, pin straight hair off of the top 10?" Perhaps Douglas should call Bird about that - since Douglas now is in consultation with a celebrity stylist about making her look even better.


Perhaps their background as college athletes helped them build incredibly healthy heads of Super-Hair. Heather Cox played volleyball at Pacific, then became a reporter on that sport and others. Ashley Morrison played tennis at North Carolina State, then started watching the serves and volleys of news events for CBS. Cox and Morrison couldn't wind up tied on their courts, but they're tied at the end of our annual contest to rank our Top Ten Tresses.

Cox stood all alone as #1 hairstyle in the world, when we conducted this one-week poll in 2011. She hasn't changed her successful wavy "at the edge" sidepart, and her percentage of the vote actually increased this year. But Morrison matched her at 37 percent, fueled in part by husband and New York news anchor Rob Morrison retweeting a mention of our contest. (One person e-mailed us stating a preference for Morrison; we advised that Hair Fan only votes in the poll itself count.)

Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer of The Fresh Beat Band was our #1 style when voting opened; she finished third with 16 percent, and praise from a voter for "thick and gorgeous hair with awesome body!" Crystal Egger of the Weather Channel was fourth at 11 percent -- and to our surprise, that was it. Six members of the Top Ten received no votes at all. None for Sue Bird and Carol Massar, who had support in years past. None for international candidates Lauren Gibbemeyer (playing volleyball overseas, but a U.S. native) or Lisa LaFlamme. And none for Mara Schiavocampo and Teresa Tomlinson -- both now 0-for-2 years.


Some of our Hair Fans are excellent "talent scouts," when it comes to spotting great up-and-coming hair. We'd never heard of Disney Channel star Selena Gomez until she was offered for the 2007 Crown Awards. She won Newcomer of the Year - and has gone on since then to develop potentially the world's greatest hair breeding match. But while she's only dating Justin Bieber at this point, Gomez may be trying to match his fame for captivating hair. She posted a new thick banged cut in the summer of 2012, admitting it was prepared for a movie.

Are Hair Fans going for Gomez with bangs? Our one-week poll proved they are, as 81 percent support the change (13-3) -- far better than former Hannah Montana rival Miley Cyrus did the week before. No one left a comment, save for a member of our message board who said she "rocks" them. We consider them absolutely seductive - but sadly, we've already found one photo where the long hair still drops in her eyes.


Right photo courtesy People Stylewatch

It seems fair to say the Hannah Montana period is over for Miley Cyrus. She's approaching 20 years old. She's engaged. And tabloid websites even have spotted Cyrus smoking cigarettes. So a hairstyle change may be only logical and natural - and a Hair Fan notified us Cyrus's hair now is shoulder-length and blonde. It's not as light and bright as the wig she wore on the Disney Channel, but reflecting a summer shade for southern California.

We asked Hair Fans what they think of Cyrus's color change, and they were divided. A 56-percent majority want her to go back to brunette (10-8). But the only comment was a bit more personal: "If she doesn't care what she looks like, what she does.... or about the fact that she used to be a role model for so many, why should we care?" Cyrus apparently does care a little - because during our week-long poll, she posted a Twitter photo of a tight muscular stomach.


For reasons we can't fully explain, you can count the number of successful African-American hairstyles on this website with one hand. When they're offered in polls, they tend to fare poorly. Yet singer/filmmaker Alicia Keys is an exception - as she was the runaway winner for top hairstyle at the 2009 Academy Awards. Keys has made good use of stylish waves with long hair for years. But in July 2012, she made a big change -- and posted a set of pictures to prove it. Keys cut her hair all the way to the nape of her neck, calling it part of her "AK New Day" (borrowing from a song).

Are Hair Fans delighted by Keys's cut? Our one-week poll found 70 percent prefer the shorter style (14-6) -- but the only comment came from the disappointed side: "She went from one in a million to one of a million." Keys may be hoping to disprove that, as she posted a set of photos on Twitter which include a curly version of the short look. There's even the potentially most provocative picture for Hair Fans -- showing a section of Keys's hair on the salon floor.


If you don't wander around the cable or satellite TV box very much, the teen drama Pretty Little Liars may not be familiar. But that series on the ABC Family Channel has helped turn Ashley Benson into a star - so big a star that she has more than one million Twitter followers. But Season 3 has brought a big change for Benson. We don't mean her love interest in the series, of course - in her hairstyle. One of our Twitter followers (we're pitifully far below one million) reported Benson cut her long blonde hair to around shoulder-length.

"I don't like it at all," the Twitter message said - and our one-week poll found most Hair Fans agreed with that view. An overwhelming 65 percent prefer Benson's hair longer (13-7). In fact, one voter asked: "Are those pictures 20 years apart.... it sure looks like that cut aged her big time (and not for the good of it)." The short answer is no, because Benson is only 22 as we post this. Perhaps the cut was made because her character is supposed to be the most popular in high school, so she needs a more sophisticated style. Based on the pictures we've found online, it's probably stronger in terms of hold - but if we asked for her holding secrets, would she lie to us?


Julie Chen is one of the more enduring faces at CBS. Of course, scoffers say that's because she's married to network President Les Moonves. But she's hosted the U.S. version of Big Brother for more than a decade, while co-hosting morning shows and becoming moderator of The Talk every afternoon. In the process, Chen has gained a following among some Hair Fans for plush hair with bangs that drop in her eyes from time to time. But she's kept it trimmed at the shoulders until recently, when she surprised us by letting it grow out below the shoulders - so much that she sometimes throws it behind the shoulders for safety.

Has Chen's change made a good impression with you? Our one-week poll found 79 percent of voters like the longer look (19-5). "She has amazingly thick hair," one Hair Fan wrote, "and the length just adds to its beauty!" Another called the new look "sultry.... less of the 'Chen-bot' look." We never thought of her as a robot - and she may have to be more flexible to keep the longer style in line.


Courtesy Glamour, People Stylewatch

Cheryl Burke may have been the first female dancer to have success on the U.S. edition of Dancing With the Stars (finding hair success with us as well). But Julianne Hough was the first woman to turn dance partnerships into a breakout solo career - first as a country singer, then in movies such as Rock of Ages. Hough even developed a tabloid-style romance along the way, with Ryan Seacrest. It was on Seacrest's On Air radio show where she admitted undergoing a big cut in her usual long blonde hair. She's filming a movie in North Carolina with hair barely touching the shoulders.

Hough seemed to "try out" this shorter look in the fall of 2011, and Hair Fans voted it down then. With the cut now official, they spurned it even more; only two late votes during our one-week poll saved her from 100-percent rejection. The final margin for longer hair was 89 percent (17-2) -- but from the pictures we found, Hough's hair can be unruly at any length. Maybe that "wild side" needs to be kept secret?!


Talk about a meeting of great hair minds! Bonnie Bernstein posted this picture on Twitter in 2010, showing her alongside Jennifer Lopez. The fashion and beauty community has showered praise on Lopez and her sense of style for years. Yet regular visitors to this site know Bernstein is considered a Super-Hair superhero - while the "J-Lo" more likely to be mentioned by Hair Fans is a meteorologist for the Weather Channel, not the singer and American Idol judge.

While Lopez has kept her hair on the long side over the years, there have been variations. She showed a pageboy-esque curl-filled cut in June, as her Latin American concert tour stopped in Chile. We asked Hair Fans what they thought about this change (posted at Web Pro News), and 89 percent of them preferred the longer look (16-2). One wrote the shorter style "looks sticky and stiff." (In fact, we wonder if it's permed.) Another called the new look a "bird's nest" - and indeed, it appears a windy winter evening in Santiago may have pushed the curls into her face. Of course, style-watchers have been speculating about something else: whether Lopez wore extensions all along.


Right photo courtesy Celebuzz

Is it fair to say the TV "talent contest" wave has come full-circle? Kelly Clarkson was proclaimed the first American Idol in 2002 - and in 2012, she was a coach/judge for other budding singers on Duets. But Clarkson's cuts (speaking hair-wise) haven't gained that much attention over the last ten years. She won a head-to-head poll here over Justin Guarini, during the week when both were Idol finalists. She occasionally made our ballot for top style at awards shows. But Clarkson made a big change during a summer trip to the British Isles - as her traditional brunette hair suddenly became bright blonde.

One Twitter user actually used the phrase "hair chaos" to describe what Clarkson did. And while this color change isn't on the order of a Katy Perry or Rihanna, our voters clearly agreed with that description. A massive 95 percent called for Clarkson to go brunette again (18-1). The curious thing about this decision is that Clarkson apparently was a blonde all along! She said so to Entertainment Tonight in a 2002 interview, admitting she darkened her hair. While others may have forgotten that comment, we posted it as a home-page "hair quote" at the time.


Right photo courtesy Yahoo A-Line

Portia de Rossi was a sultry and stunning young star from Australia - with voluminous blonde hair to match. She could add curl and spray to make it extra-thick and luxurious. She did that at the 2004 Emmy Awards (left) and almost won our poll for the top style of the night; then she made the Crown Awards ballot months later. But then de Rossi made stunning moves no one expected. She came out of the proverbial closet, became the "spouse" of Ellen DeGeneres - and for summer in the U.S., she cut her long hair into an easy-maintenance short bob.

We gasped when we spotted this change, and we had an idea about what Hair Fans would think of it. Sure enough -- de Rossi's big cut was voted down by 82 percent of our visitors (18-4). "Are you kidding me??" one opponent may have gasped. "She had such beautiful hair! It set her apart from other people." Another voter apparently still thinks de Rossi stands out: "I just love her new short hair." But that Hair Fan was outnumbered by those who call it "the biggest disappointment of the year," and even suggesting DeGeneres lengthen her hair in response. Somehow we think she's more likely to endorse Republican political candidates.


In case you haven't stopped by Paducah, Kentucky in a while, the great "Jen fight" of 2010 officially is over. TV news anchor Jennifer Horbelt moved on to Colorado, leaving co-worker and meteorologist Jennifer Rukavina as the undisputed local hair queen. A recent road trip allowed us to watch their 10:00 newscast, and notice Rukavina attempting to build on her success. A collarbone-length bob has been grown out, and now semi-curls bounce all around her shoulders.

Has Rukavina put more distance on potential competition, by making this change? Our one-week poll found three-fourths of Hair Fans like it (30-10) -- expanding on her approval rating in a 2010 poll. "I didn't think she could look any cuter," wrote a supporter who praised "this beautiful longer look." Another preferred the shorter style, which you can still admire in our Super-Hair Q&A section. But one voter suggested any length will work because "her radiant smile is still there!!" (Sorry, but we're more into hair than teeth.)


Left photo courtesy NYC Newswomen

Few sideparted styles have seized our attention in this century quite like Diane McInerney's. The Inside Edition host/reporter developed hair that could have a range of variations and lengths, yet keep seemingly invincible hold under all circumstances and challenges. We even documented that strength for several months in a 2005 Hair Watch. But after a lengthy period with very long hair, McInerney made a big trim - not exactly to a short style, but cut to slightly below the shoulders.

The 2012 look probably is easier to manage, but is it a better style for "Diane Mac?" Most of our voters don't think so, as 73 percent preferred longer hair (16-6). "Not a fan of the feathered look," one Hair Fan wrote, "but longer looks to have more body." The right picture indeed seems flat for her, with only a few "strips of flip" around the left eye. But a supporter of the change told us, "She did need to take it up some." And another voter suggested, "Her hair needs to be much shorter." She's shown hints of that at times - and her history suggests a short cut might be even more power-packed and tougher to muss.


When she was first nominated for our website in 2007, a writer told us actress Cobie Smulders was "smoldering hot." That may be part of the reason why How I Met Your Mother became one of the most popular comedies on television. Smulders gained fame for loose, thick mid-length hair. But in recent months, that changed. Perhaps because Smulders now is a wife and mother in real life, she trimmed her style to shoulder-length. There's still a lot of hair on display - but is the new look better?

Many of our recent polls have gone against celebrity cuts - but not this one. The one-week question ended with Smulders' short look preferred by 55 percent of voters (12-10). "I just love her short hair," one comment said simply. But another declared longer locks make Smulders "much more alluring and eye candy." It seems to us both styles would be a challenge to keep out of her eyes - but we think the shorter look would be easier to control, and tougher for hungry Hair Fans to tear apart.


Courtesy Yahoo TV/ABC

Even though several women shared the starring roles, Eva Longoria realizes Desperate Housewives made her a famous name. Never mind the marriage to basketball star Tony Parker -- she gained an endorsement contract with L'Oreal. She continued the history of tremendous hair from Corpus Christi, Texas, following Farrah Fawcett and Selena. Yet while Longoria won numerous awards in Hollywood, she's never won a Crown Award (only one nominated) and missed the 2005 Super-Hair Wars playoffs despite winning a round.

As the Housewives left ABC after eight seasons, we asked which of them had the best hair. Long-time visitors may recall we asked that same question in 2005 -- and the answer didn't change with time. Longoria came rushing back from a weak start in our one-week poll, and led again with 38 percent of the vote. Marcia Cross and Felicity Huffman tied for second at 25 percent, making big jumps from years ago. But one voter suspected Cross added extensions: "If that's Marcia's real hair, I'm the King of Siam." Former runner-up Teri Hatcher dropped to fourth place at 13 percent.

If you think Longoria's locks always looked as luscious and perfect as that photo above, consider what we found in our archives -- a "catfight" scene inside a church sanctuary, when a nun put her in a rear chin lock! Longoria didn't comment on it in a 2006 TV Guide article. But opponent Melinda Page Hamilton revealed it was a six-hour shoot, with Longoria doing almost all of it without a stunt double. "There was hair pulling," she admitted - adding, "Eva's pretty fast." Thanks to YouTube, you don't have to dream about how strongly Longoria's hair held (or didn't).


Courtesy US Magazine, NBC Tonight Show

Cameron Diaz has struck us for years as an actress with the potential for great hair, but never fully realizing it. Sloppy and droopy moments have abounded, from an Oscar presentation to her most famous movie There's Something About Mary. Yet Diaz apparently prized having long hair, until a friend misunderstood a request and gave her a big cut at the end of 2011. She admitted to talk show host Jay Leno she "burst into tears" at the neck-length trim. "I started crying. I felt so vulnerable."

We don't know how many women with long hair can relate to Diaz's moment of emotion. But when a Hair Fan posted this interview on our message board, we wondered if the massive cut actually was an improvement. Voters in our one-week poll assured us it was not; 81 percent preferred Diaz's do on the longer side (17-4). "Her short hair is so lifeless and uninspiring," one moaned. But we think Diaz actually pinned her style back for her appearance with Leno, so hopes for a "grow-out" may not be completely lost.


In all our years of head-to-head hair contests, this was a first. When we prepared for EuroCup 2012, we placed tennis champion Maria Sharapova in a four-way field to represent Russia. And we were prepared to post this photo, with her usual long hair in a recent public appearance.

But only 24 hours before qualifying opened, we suddenly read online about this photo. Sharapova posted a picture on her Facebook page with much shorter hair, asking friends what they thought of it. "I kind of love it," Sharapova wrote. Since it's our policy to use the most current photo we can find of a woman's hair in competitions, we tracked it down and adjusted our EuroCup page. It was there when Russian qualifying opened 18 April....

....and only after that poll was posted did we discover we'd been fooled! Sharapova had posted other pictures on Facebook the night before, proving her hair still was long! "I never actually said I cut my hair!" Sharapova wrote - explaining she put on a wig as part of a photo shoot.

Sharapova apparently never expected to touch off an Internet sensation, but she did. It caused confusion, as we decided to keep the shorter look we had posted in the Russian qualifying semifinal (see our message board for the full story about why we did that). Sharapova wound up losing that match to fellow tennis player Anna Chakvetadze. And when we asked Hair Fans for their opinion about a possible change, the margin was two-to-one for a longer style (12-6). We never tell our Cup contestants in advance about their entry in tournaments - but after this last-minute "Facebook fake-out," maybe we should from now on.


When NBC announced its lineup of new shows for the fall of 2007, Chuck caught our attention. Not because of the guy playing Chuck, of course - because of his co-star. Australian actress Yvonne Strahovski was new to us, but showed medium-length blonde hair which had the potential for good "style drama." She played a knowledgeable secret agent, so the series could reveal if she had beauty smarts as well. Yet somewhere in the course of the series's five years, Strahovski decided the wise move was to chop her hair. The final episodes showed her with a slightly flared chin-length cut.

So was Strahovski better at the beginning or the end? Our one-week poll found 60 percent of Hair Fans wanted her hair kept long from start to finish -- but one voter made it sound like the choice was a coin flip. "If you like serious and older, pick the short. If you like youthful and fun, pick the longer." To be honest, we didn't even realize there was a choice until Chuck had its final episode and a Hair Fan alerted us. That's because Strahovski's hair fell in one of her eyes at the end of the first segment of the premiere episode. That's how quickly a "style drama" can end.


Right photo courtesy Splash News/New York Post

Actress Anne Hathaway has fooled Hair Fans before. She pretended to have a bob in one scene of the 2008 movie Get Smart -- and Hair Fans told us they didn't like it. Then Hathaway apparently put on a short-hair wig in the 2011 film One Day, and Hair Fans again disapproved. But what Hathaway showed on a Saturday night in London in April 2012 appeared to be her real hair - and a really big change. Media reports indicated she cut her Crown Award-winning long hair, for a role in the movie version of the musical Les Miserables.

Would this pixie look finally win over skeptical voters? Alas for Anne, they remain consistent - and even more opposed than before. Our one-week poll ended with 81 percent against the big cut (17-4). "Pixie cuts rarely look good," one Hair Fan wrote. "A woman has to have elfin features to pull it off, and Anne doesn't." Another voter wondered why Hathaway showed this cut in public in the first place. "Clearly for media exposure.... I know it's for a movie, but she wants the spotlight; otherwise she could wear a wig." But wouldn't Hathaway have to show a change like this eventually -- somewhere?


Miss America is supposed to reflect wonderful wholesome values, right? But to be honest, in recent years we've felt cheated by a couple of the winners. Teresa Scanlan revealed she won the crown wearing a wig -- and we suspect Carissa Cameron wore extensions, since a shortening of her hair during her reign brought no media mention at all. But Miss America 2012 renewed our hopes. Wisconsin's Laura Kaeppeler showed medium-long hair which she seemed to take seriously. Yet after three months of great styling and perfect hold, she visited Chaz Dean's celebrity salon and emerged with a shorter, soft-looking collarbone-length cut.

We assume Kaeppeler had no choice in this matter, as Dean's Wen Hair Care is a Miss America sponsor. But did Dean's 'do do her a favor? We asked Hair Fans, and they were unusually unanimous: nooooooo. Every last voter in our one-week poll opposed the change (20-0). "She made a HUGE MISTAKE having her hair cut," one moaned. Another called it a change "from sexy hair to drab. It wouldn't be a big deal if beauty wasn't part of her job description." Yet to her credit, Kaeppeler seems to have adjusted so far to keep a potentially riskier style in place. And until (if?) this head of Super-Hair grows back out, some Hair Fans still can dream about reaching for her tiara, if not her tresses.


Call it a case of "keeping up with the Underwoods." Carrie Underwood has become known for displaying numerous hairstyles and outfits at the Country Music Association Awards. So in 2012, Reba McEntire apparently decided to follow that example while co-hosting the Academy of Country Music Awards. The photo above is the first style she showed -- bustline-long, straight and with bangs. Before the three-hour show was over, McEntire's hair was curled, shorter and even pinned up. Some viewers even asked on Twitter if she was wearing a wig. But that didn't stop Hair Fans from awarding her the prize for best hair of the ACM's.

Our five choices led to a very competitive race -- but "Reba rallied late in the week to finish first with 29 percent of the vote. Beth Behrs of 2 Broke Girls followed up her Crown Award win with a glamorous curled style, which finished second with 21 percent. Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum was third with 17 percent, followed by Grace Potter with 13 percent and Kelly Clarkson at eight percent.

We shouldn't overlook the 13 percent for "Other" -- one of those votes going to Carrie Underwood. "Her hair always looks amazing!!" a fan exclaimed. Indeed it did again at the ACM's -- but as it has several times recently at awards shows, Underwood's bangs dropped into her eyes as she sang to disqualify her from our ballot. We wonder if the other "Other" Hair Fans liked was Taylor Swift, whose long hair with bangs appeared on stage moments after we posted the poll in the last 15 minutes of the show.


Right photo courtesy Red Carpet Fashion Awards

If we were preparing a totally-personal "Project 20/10" list in 2012 of the greatest hairstyles in the Super-Hair era, Olivia Palermo would be there somewhere. When she was simply a New York debutante, her thick long hair stunned us. It held so well that she rocketed into our Top Ten not once, but twice. We wanted to see her style's every move (whether or not it did). But now that Palermo is more of a designer than a model, we wonder if her flawless thinking is changing. She appeared at the Gala Spa Awards in Germany showing what looks like a big cut for her: hair stopping at the shoulders.

Has the "hyper-groomed" Palermo committed a faux pas? Our one-week poll found most Hair Fans think so, as 77 percent want her hair longer (17-5). One put it artistically, yet bluntly: "The longer hair is a Picasso, while the short hair is grade school art." We prefer the longer locks on Olivia, too - but we wonder if this new cut will be even more challenging to keep in place. She uses low curl for strength in our photo. Strong hair in dramatic situations definitely will keep our attention.


Right photo courtesy Twitter/Bob's Red Mill

The story of Elizabeth Kucinich ranks among the most unusual of all Crown Award winners. She was born in Britain, then had a whirlwind courtship with Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich. He ran in vain for President in 2008, yet she wound up with the Crown for Best Hair in Government/Politics. She took a job in Washington with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine - yet back in Ohio, Kucinich became a victim of redistricting. He lost a primary in March 2012 to a fellow House veteran. And at some point in that campaign, Elizabeth chopped the long hair which endeared her to Hair Fans around the world. One of them noted during a Crown Awards chat she changed to a bouncy-looking sidepart which clears her shoulders.

We aren't really sure which came first: the campaign loss or the cut. But Hair Fans seemed sure of one thing: it was a mistake. Kucinich's longer look was preferred by 73 percent of voters in our one-week poll (19-7). "Biggest hair disappointment of the year," mourned one voter -- going so far as to call it a "hack job." That's almost how her husband described his primary opponent's campaign tactics.


Right photo courtesy Fox News/X17 Online

Lindsey Lohan has been through a lot -- without going into details, a lot. For instance, our left photo above is a police mug shot from 2007. Lohan is a free woman as we write this, and free to change her hair color from a "blonde period" to her original red (perhaps even a shade darker than her teen movie years). A Hair Fan pointed us to the adjustment, and we naturally wondered if Lohan should have gone "back to basics" even with her hair.

Our six-day color poll found red gaining a robust 81 percent majority from voters. Only 13 percent prefer Lohan blonde, while six percent chose a mysterious different color (13-2-1). No Hair Fans left a comment, so we'll leave it to the winner of the "Best Blonde" prize in our Crown Awards. Beth Behrs wrote on Twitter: "It says something about our society that Lindsey Lohan changing her hair color back to red is such big news."


Left photo courtesy Yahoo Movies

The movie Bridesmaids struck us as a "chick flick," and a bawdy one at that. So we didn't pay the money to see it - and in the process, we apparently missed a great hair find. Australian actress Rose Byrne waltzed like Matilda to the Crown Award for Best Hairstyle in a Movie. But at least one Hair Fan groaned during the voting about a major cut Byrne made in recent months. The change was so marked that when we looked for her among the cast on Oscar night, we didn't recognize her. Byrne's short banged bob impressed us, and could have made our Oscar ballot - but we ran out of time trying to confirm who she was.

So does this change have Hair Fans, well, Byrne-ing with excitement? Our eight-day poll (extended by a day due to problems with our web server) found 77 percent of voters oppose it (23-7). "She was so stunning with long curls and no bangs," one voter complained. "Mess with perfection and you get less than perfection." Well, hold on - both styles have a lot going for them. And we think Byrne's shorter style is more likely to keep its perfection under windy or high-pressure conditions, because of those bangs. One drunken dance with long hair could be disastrous, in many ways.


By her own admission, it was her first time at the Oscars. And it was the first time we'd mentioned her in the world of Super-Hair. Yet for model and actress Milla Jovovich, both events probably were long overdue. She's appeared in a wide range of movie roles for 20 years. And she's impressed us for more than a decade with how well she keeps hair looking risky, yet out of her eyes. The two elements came together marvelously at the 2012 Academy Awards, as Hair Fans declared Jovovich the star style of the night.

The native of Ukraine received a late surge of support to finish our one-week poll with 38 percent of the votes. Jovovich's perfect sideswept style topped Maya Rudolph, who displayed cascading curls which one voter called "amazing. Perfect style and bounce." After Rudolph's 28 percent came Angelina Jolie with 19 percent -- and admittedly more talk about her right leg then her long loose hair. Penelope Cruz surprised many people by displaying a short style, which earned her fourth at ten percent. And five percent was an "other" vote for actress Ellie Kemper of Bridesmaids -- who put the emphasis on bangs, but we think had a pinned-back look disqualifying her from our survey.


CBS seems to change the lineup of its morning show about once a year. We suspect plenty of Hair Fans were disappointed when Betty Nguyen was replaced, not long after she won a 2010 Crown Award. But in her place came Ultimate 50 member Gayle King, and a news anchor we didn't realize once made the "50 Most Beautiful People" list. Erica Hill was at the CNN networks then, but has moved from Anderson Cooper 360 to 7:00 a.m. duty - and to start 2012, she cut her mid-length straight hair into what a Hair Fan described to us as a "sexy professional bob.... a new sleek style."

Do other visitors consider Hill's change sleeker, or a stinker? Our one-week poll was close, but ended with the old Erica prevailing by a 53-percent margin (16-14). The change had more favorable comments, including one voter who declared the bob has "more style and pizzazz than her old scraggly look." We tend to agree with that view; Hill's new cut has more drama to it for us. But another Hair Fan shrugged shoulders and admitted, "Never been impressed with her hair. She's no Kiran Chetry or Robin Meade."


She's one-half of the current "power couple" of country music. But for some reason, Miranda Lambert was paired with Dierks Bentley to present an award at the 2012 Grammys -- not husband Blake Shelton. (Maybe CBS was punishing Shelton for being a judge on The Voice on another network.) Yet that short presentation was enough to impress Hair Fans, who declared Lambert's medium-long wavy hair the best style of the show.

Lambert dominated our one-week poll, which began while Nicki Minaj was, uh, doing what she was doing. Lambert wound up with 37 percent of the vote. NCIS star Pauley Perrette loosened her braids to take second at 22 percent, followed by big Grammy winner Adele at 19 percent. Yet the comments by Hair Fans were reserved for the women who tied for fourth at 11 percent. "Hillary Scott was the most memorable," one wrote, "with.... classic silky straight hair...." Another was struck by Jennifer Hudson, and not for her tribute to the late Whitney Houston. "It looks like she shave her head, put on a wig, and the wig started to slide backwards." We don't even think some cynics on Twitter were that tough.


Courtesy Marie Claire, Hollywood Life

Actress Olivia Wilde first grabbed our attention when she was the star of a controversial TV series called Skin. Perhaps it was too controversial, because it disappeared after only a few weeks. But Wilde has found, uh, tamer roles in series such as The Black Donnellys and House. And in the process, she enhanced her long brunette hair with bangs which could be tenacious when necessary. But Wilde apparently decided it was time for a chop at the start of 2012. The bangs remain (even though she sometimes sweeps them aside), but the hair now stops at her shoulders.

Are Hair Fans walking on the "Wilde side" with this change? Our one-week poll found ratings about as low as that breakout TV series, as only 21 percent prefer the shorter cut (6-22). The only comment we received recommended Wilde's hair "as Quorra in the Tron Legacy movie." That cut was even shorter, and it undoubtedly held much better than anything else she's shown in the last decade.


Some Hair Fans select one woman with great styles, and follow that woman for years - for better and for worse. One visitor to our site has done that with HSN shopping hostess Colleen Lopez. We first posted Lopez here in 2005, when she faced two tough challenges in Super-Hair Wars -- upsetting actress Eva Longoria, before losing a close contest to Crown Award winner Eva Mendes. But the Hair Fan sent us a collection stretching from 2002 to the present (look for some of the photos at our message board, Let Your Hair Down).

The writer tells us Lopez endured a "carried away" big cut in 2008, to develop the "attractive bob" shown at left. These days the hair is longer, "and recently appears to have highlights.... Very stylish for a middle-aged woman." Our voters agreed, as Lopez's longer look won 80 percent of the votes in a week-long poll (24-6). But one supporter had a suggestion: "She needs to lose that side sweep that falls into her eyes." If it does fall, we haven't seen any pictures to prove it - and for some of us, that's what real hair drama is all about.


Reality TV "stars" can come and go at the whim of a judge or a bachelor's rose. But the young adults from MTV's Jersey Shore have lasted several seasons, thanks to.... uh, well, uh.... perhaps you can explain it to us. Some Hair Fans have been drawn to Nicole Polizzi, better known as television's best-known "Snooki" since Your Hit Parade. She made the Crown Awards ballot in 2010 for adding bangs to her long bumped-up style. And as 2010 ended, she posted a new look on her Twitter feed - declaring she's turned "mega-red" (although we're not sure where the bangs went).

Has Snooki snared your attention with this change - and in a good way? Our one-week poll found votes unimpressed, with 67 percent preferring Polizzi's brunette locks. Only 27 percent support the change to mega-red, while seven percent liked our third option suggesting she go blonde (10-4-1). "Strawberry blonde is a good color for hair," one voter wrote, "but strawberry brunette is NOT." C'mon now - we think someone like "J-Wow" still would want to get in a wrestling fight with her.


For the woman who plays a New Girl on Fox, it was a new kind of hairstyle - and some viewers of the 2012 Golden Globe Awards didn't quite know what to make of it. At least one fan speculated on Twitter Zooey Deschanel had put on a wig. Another asked if she'd made a big cut of her long hair. The latter guess seems closer to it for us -- and it was good enough for Hair Fans. By a narrow margin, they decided Deschanel had the best hairstyle of the night.

Zooey's cut reminded us immediately of That Girl -- the oval-shaped well-banged cut Marlo Thomas displayed on TV in the 1960s. It gained Deschanel 37 percent of the votes in our one-week poll. Salma Hayek's overflowing long curls made for strong contrast and competition, but fell short at 33 percent. Julianne Moore's thick long locks settled for third at 23 percent, followed by Laura Dern and an unknown "Other" at three percent each. (If you pick an "other," please write in a name; Super-Hair often can block us from reading minds.)


Her university's football team couldn't win a bowl game in New York. The men's basketball team is playing well, but not quite beating the best. Yet Iowa State University gymnast Caitlin Brown is ahead of them all. Only days after her first collegiate meet, this freshperson has won the poll to be our top-ranked campus hairstyle - leading the annual "Elite Eight" contest among Best Manes on Campus.

Brown's specialty is the balance beam, and her well-balanced approach to long hair impressed Hair Fans enough to take 28 percent of the votes. She also received the only comment of support, for "one of the prettiest hair colors I've seen and great sleekness and good thickness." Brown outstretched a three-way second-place logjam involving Armstrong Atlantic State, Tulsa and Nebraska: Jessica Gardefjord, Anna Proffitt and Morgan Smejkal tied with 17 percent. Then came a late surge by Savannah State's Ariel Brooks to take fifth place at 11 percent, and Jennifer Kuroski and Allison Morris tying with six percent.


She used to be known as a "wild child" of Latin American pop/rock. But Shakira seems to have calmed down, since becoming a worldwide music star -- and we consider her hair a good gauge of that. A messy mane of long blonde hair became smoother (although still naturally wavy) and well-controlled in recent years. But then in December 2011, Shakira pulled a surprise by having much of that hair cut. One Twitter photo from a dressing room in Tokyo showed her almost ready for a night of ballroom dancing.

Shakira's had a small but loyal following among Hair Fans here, going back to our first Cup of the Americas in 2003. We weren't sure how they'd take to this change -- and sure enough, a one-week poll ended with 76 percent crying nunca, or never (16-5). While one voter admitted he/she "just love(s) short hair," another went all the way to the other side and called this the "worst change ever. From iconic to nothing." And one comment almost bitterly asked, "When did she become a soccer mom?" Well, Colombia IS a big soccer country.


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