April 2010: Meteorologist Jennifer Rukavina

When Hair Fans go on vacation, do they really go on vacation? Admittedly we're always on the lookout for great new styles, even when we're away from our home computer. An overnight stop during a 2009 road trip led to us one, at a Kentucky TV station.

JENNIFER RUKAVINA is the chief meteorologist for the top-rated station in Paducah. On the night we saw her, she displayed this well-rounded sidepart -- a cut which seemed to rely on spray for hold, but she refused to let drop in her eyes under the heat of television lights. Jennifer was "more than flattered" to be placed on our Hot List, but she revealed to us she'd grown out the look a bit in recent months. She sent pictures as proof (see them below), then agreed to answer our online questions:

SUPER-HAIR: How would you describe your current look and style?

JENNIFER RUKAVINA: My current look is medium to long in length with a straight to bodied look. It is parted to the right with moderate layering to avoid a heavy, weighed down look. Naturally, my hair is very thick and wavy.

S-H: From the pictures you sent us, it's clear you're going longer these days. What inspired you to try that?

JR: My longer locks are a result of getting back to my roots! I cut my hair much shorter back when I first started broadcasting, and it was also darker. I grew up with long blond hair, and now I highlight to give it a more natural look. The newest addition to our lead anchor team also had a similar cut and color so we both shot for different looks. This was my motivation to take it back to the "fun" days!

S-H: What's the shortest and longest your hair has ever been -- and did you prefer one or the other?

JR: The shortest was just along the earlobe line and was brown at the same time. The longest is where I am at now. I prefer the blonder and shoulder-length look. I can have more fun with it when going out with friends or spending time with family by letting it air dry wavy or curling it with a large diameter iron. I am also a busy mom, so longer means I can put it up when in a pinch!

S-H: Since you're a meteorologist, we'll consider you an expert on this -- can changing weather conditions really cause "bad hair days?" If so, how?

JR: Without hesitation, YES! The weather dictates how I will style my hair for the day. I must always straighten on humid days, otherwise it does not look as polished and shiny. On very dry (wintry) days, I will often allow for some body to cut down on the fly-aways.

S-H: What sort of routine do you go through, to get your hair ready for a newscast?

JR: When initially styling my hair, I use a good shampoo and conditioner along with a straightening creme to cut down on static. I dry my hair completely before straightening. Thirty minutes before I go into a newscast, I use three large rollers at the crown of my head to give me added height and control by setting them with hairspray and a dryer. I then brush them out lightly to avoid a stiff look.

S-H: What's the biggest challenge you face keeping your hair in place and looking good?

JR: How much hairspray I have to use. I really want to achieve a natural, moving look but I have to make sure my hair does not become a distraction while broadcasting the weather.

S-H: Has your hair ever dropped in your eyes in public -- on camera or otherwise? If so, how did it happen?

JR: It has never really fallen into my eyes while in the studio but when doing live shots on a storm chase or on a windy day, I will tuck behind my ears or use sunglasses as a sort of headband to keep it from becoming a distraction by always blowing around my face.

S-H: What advice would you give women who wanted to copy your look, or develop Super-Hair in general?

JR: Find a stylist who does what you ask them and stick with them, regularly. I get my hair styled every four-five weeks. I get my hair highlighted every eight weeks to avoid showing regrowth on air. I use a shampoo that is sulfate-free to prolong my color and to prevent fading. I also make sure to give my hair a break when straightening begins to show signs of split ends. I also make sure that when drying my hair, I turn the heat down halfway through to avoid heat damage.

S-H: We like to ask women who they consider to have the best head of hair they've seen. Who do you think is best -- in western Kentucky, the "Heartland region" or overall?

JR: I really adore the hairstyle of Cindy Prezler in St. Louis. Overall, Hunter Tylo from the Bold and the Beautiful also grabs my eye!

SUMMARY: Leave it to a meteorologist to offer good in-depth analysis of hair -- and Jennifer offered good ideas we hadn't considered before, for getting a style in shape. We think the thickness of the hair is one of her best assets. And the balanced use of spray makes her on-camera look strong, yet interesting to watch.

We asked about Jennifer's hair in a Cutting-Edge Hair News poll, and Hair Fans encouraged her to keep going longer with her style. We don't know if she's willing to go that far -- but as careful as she clearly tries to be with her hair, we suspect she could keep even longer looks in line.


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