Top Ten Tresses

Our Top Ten styles in the world were last ranked by Hair Fans in a Cutting-Edge Hair News poll during August 2023. Current as of 18 Jun 24:

#1 - KRISTA ESCAMILLA. The champion of the "Tall City" of Odessa, Texas is a TV news anchor and entrepreneur, with styles that seem to stick through anything. Now will she please take off those headphones during podcasts? (Was #2)

#2 - MONIKA PLAHA. This is not your "Queen Mum's" BBC News presenter. Her flowing long hair covering Britain's East Midlands put the U.S. reporters to shame to win a Crown Award, as well as a place in EuroCup '24. (Was #1)

#3 - RILEY GAINES (BARKER). The Kentucky activist's hair isn't always "straight," but it's often larger-than-life and always staying in line. She won a Crown Award for Newcomer of the Year. (Was #5)

#4 - URSULA VON DER LEYEN. Running for reelection as President of the European Commission, her short cut rarely shows signs of weakness. The person TWICE dubbed "the most powerful woman in the world" now has a Triple Platinum Award as a four-year Top Ten member!

#5 - JASMINE CROCKETT. Representing Dallas in the U.S. House with daring long hair. We would note Marjorie Taylor Greene called her eyelashes fake, but not her hait. (Was #3)

#6 - SABRINA SINGH. Daring bangs combine with sleek layers to make this woman worth watching U.S. Defense Department briefings. The real drama comes when "trim time" is close. (Was #7)

#7 - ELLE DUNCAN. Her long styles are making ESPN's early evening SportsCenter and women's basketball shows great again. But we think she really takes hair chances when she gets emotional on her talk show. (Was #6)

#8 - CAITLIN HUEY-BURNS. The "Caitlin" we're really watching, on the campaign trail for CBS News with professional and perfect mid-length looks. Sorry, Huey Lewis, but this woman is the news to us.

#9 - KELSIE KASPER. When she isn't leading health training classes in Indianapolis, this great and strong long hair is on the sidelines reporting on Indiana Fever basketball games. Caitlin who?!

#10 - REBEKA FUCKA. You may laugh at her name and her most recent college (Fairleigh Dickinson), but her volleyball skills are serious and her hair very strong. The former City League champion of Myrtle Beach has made Italy a top contender in our EuroCup '24.

WHO'S NEW: Rebeka Fucka (#10).

WHO'S OUT: Mandeep Dhillon (#10).

Check our gallery of 304 former Top 10 styles (in three sections).


NOTE: This listing is updated twice per month. Nominations are always welcome; challenges to the names on this list will be considered based on photographic evidence submitted to the Web Manager.

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