The Ultimate 50

36. Lynne Russell


BORN: 11/1/46

PROFESSION: TV news anchor, sheriff's deputy, author

HER BEST STYLE: We contend she looks best when the hair is shorter, rather than longer - though she's kept it well at a variety of lengths. When she first gained national fame at CNN Headline News, it was at about shoulder length, with bangs that could be adjusted to the side or across the forehead as she desired. These days, the hair is much longer - going against the "star-style" trends.

HISTORY: The length has gone up and down, and the amount of curl has gone in and out, but the strength of her hair remains - even through her well-known "sidelines" to news anchoring. She ties it back for Tae Kwon Do (hair fans would love to see her work out with no ties just once), and wears an officer's hat on it for deputy duty. Yet whatever the task, her style refuses to come loose.

People who have visited CNN Center in Atlanta know most employees park in a multi-level lot across the street, connected by an above-the-street open-air walkway. Our Super-Hair was spotted one windy late afternoon, walking on what was a true breezeway. Her style should have blown apart, into her eyes - but it bent only a little, because she happened to carry a piece of cardboard, which she held up with one hand to block the breeze. A great escape by someone truly conscientious about having great hair.

WHY SHE'S RANKED HERE: While she's a perennial in our Top Ten, we'd place her higher on this list if the cut was back around shoulder-length. And the breezeway incident, along with some Internet photos, show this hair can be blown around. That marked her down as well.

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