March 2000: The Simpson Case (Revised 7/11/2k)

A visitor to this web site asks: "I would like to know how to get the hairstyle of Christina Aguilera and/or Jessica Simpson. What are the color tones to it and how do you get the shine? Can you recommend any products and hair color?"

We selected Simpson, mainly because the hair of this rising singing star seems more controlled. Since she's from Dallas, we called that city's Armani Salon for advice. A hair product distributor named Glen happened to be in the salon, and offered to help us.

Glen estimates Simpson is a "7 or 8 naturally" on the color scale. (The lower the number, the darker the hair.) If she adds color, Glen suspects it's an 11 - or what his company calls an "ultimate high lift blonde." (But from the pictures we've seen, we're not so sure she adds any.)

To get that golden Simpson shine, Glen suggests trying a tone and conditioning mousse. He says it's best to use a product with a low-ammonia content, because it's very gentle with hair - it doesn't lift the cuticle as much, and allows more light to reflect off the cuticle.

(Disclaimer: Glen distributes the Schwarzkopf line of hair care products to salons. Other companies may name their brands differently.)

As for the style itself: it appears to us to be blunt-cut at several lengths. The hair closest to Simpson's eyes is trimmed aroundthe chin. Then come mid-length strands, reaching to about the shoulder or armpit. (These shorter lengths don't dominate; each group seems to measure less than one inch along the part line.) Finally, there are the long lovely locks that cover the shoulders, either in front or back.

Simpson's album cover has her hair behind the shoulders. To truly be Super-Hair, this seems to be the best place to keep it. Our pictures show when her style is in front, it's in serious danger of falling. But only recently did we find a photo with her hair in her eyes - when the fan posted magazine "Jolt" caught her in mid-concert with her locks a mess. It was certainly an exception to the rule.

SUMMARY: With the proper placement, and maybe some added curl for high-pressure situations, Simpson definitely has a style worth watching!

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