July 2000: There's Hair on our Spears

Since this site began, we've received more questions about one woman's hairstyle than any other. Considering how popular Britney Spears is, it's not surprising. But she's displayed so many hair lengths and variations that you may be puzzled about exactly what her real style is. So let's answer some "FAQ's" about this singing superstar.

* How long is her hair -- really? A major change apparently occurred on Tuesday, March 28. Allure magazine's June issue reports on that day, Serge Normant "spontaneously chopped Spears's golden hair (with her permission, of course)" for a cover story.

The picture above, from a TV Guide online gallery, accurately reflects her current style. It's trimmed rather bluntly, a bit above the shoulders. On the day of the cut, she reportedly called it "sassy and sophisticated." But Spears recently was quoted in Germany's InStyle magazine as saying she's unhappy with the shorter look.

* One writer asked us, "How does Spears get her ends looking so full and bold?" (Apparently this refers to the old length.) We called Spears's hometown for guidance, but folks in Kentwood, Louisiana seemed so protective of their star that they offered no help. We were told her local stylist is "Kelly Melton," but she's not listed in the phone records.

As it happens, Spears was the celebrity "style of the month" at a Memphis stylist's web site. (Our thanks to the e-mail writer who called this site to our attention.) George Caroll suggests tapering the ends of the strands, rinsing the hair in cold or cool water for extra body, then blowing the hair dry.

* Does Spears wear extensions? At times, yes. She told the June Allure about shooting the video for "Oops!.... I Did It Again," and getting back to her hotel at two in the morning. "I had to take all the extensions out of my hair," she revealed.

* Does Spears have Super-Hair? Under our definition, no. While she has an impressive ability to keep it out of her eyes through most of her fast-moving routines on stage and videos, plenty of pictures exist with her hair covering her face. (Of course, in a real Super-Hair War, she might move too fast for anyone to pin it down.)

Perhaps if she combed it back in a "teasing" way or used an extra-firm mousse or gel, she could avoid these messes. We should note, though, that Spears's video moves are a good advertisement for how well extensions can grip and hold.

* Is she really engaged to Justin Timberlake? Sorry, wrong web site.

SUMMARY: Lovely to look at, but not that much hold. We should note Spears's autobiography, in which she says she's not trying to set fashion trends - but encouraging young women to set their own.


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