May 2000: Don't Stop This Twain

A visitor to our web site decided to "Come On Over" and ask: "Shania Twain's hair. How does she keep it so healthy and how would you explain her cut?"

We searched for answers by calling the Canadian singing star's hometown. "Lucille," who owns the Designer Looks salon in Windsor, Ontario, calls it a matter of genetics. "She has great hair to begin with," Lucille told us. "It has beautiful texture. It has nice weight - not too fine, not too thick, good density." The use of good products, such as shampoos and treatments, provide support for her styles.

Lucille notes an explanation of Twain's cut is not a simple matter, because she can wear her hair in several different ways:

This may be the most enticing look we found.... with a breeze pushing some strands within millimetres (as Canadians spell it) of her eyes. A strong, yet bendable curl keeps the hair out. Lucille says Twain uses large velcro rollers to create that curl.

(This picture also indicates the hair has a couple of different layers - chin length or so in front, longer toward the back. Twain occasionally displays bangs as well, as in the top picture.)

Twain sometimes goes for a more glamorous look, such as this style. Lucille told us a curling iron is used, with a spiral. But in Lucille's opinion, Twain's hair looks best when she wears it up - either with some height on top, and completely off the neck expect for a few strands.

Under our site's definition, Twain does not qualify to be Super-Hair. There's too much footage of her hair falling across her eyes during concerts -- even when she ties some of it back. She could prevent this in a couple of ways: by either keeping the forehead bangs and cutting them deeper, or combing the long hair back and protecting it with a headband.

SUMMARY: Man, she looks like a woman -- with attractive hair any man would want to clutch. But Twain could do more to keep the style in place, and get "hair fans" even more interested.

Our thanks to bmac and his web site loaded with Twain pictures. Many more are available there for your passionate perusal.


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