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Some people have been frustrated by the outcomes. But even they must admit: our Challenge of Champions sometimes can be very dramatic. Victoria Warren had narrow escapes in it several times in recent years. But in early 2023... it ended! After winning 14 Challenges in a row (every year since 2009), the Boston medical public relations specialist finally lost - and to a former TV co-worker at that. Philadelphia reporter Kerrie Corrado wins Challenge of Champions XXII!

Watching the day-by-day numbers was fascinating, as Corrado had a strong lead through the first 10 days. But the Warren backers started mounting the comback on the final Tuesday night, getting very close on Thursday. But one more Corrado vote overnight sealed it: a 53% victory over "Queen Victoria."

We've used the Challenge to try out new voting sites - and admittedly in part to prevent claims of supporters fixing the vote. This time, we used We regret no comments were allowed. But someone wrote in "Wars '23": "Can everyone... vote for Corrado just so Warren and her fans can finally go away???" We'll see if that happens - but for now, the anti-Warrens have their wish. Corrado will be the defender in Challenge of Champions XXIII.

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