May 2022: Jineen Glover, Best Silver Hair 2021

Our Crown Awards added a new perspective on hair when we added the "Best Silver Hair" category in 2018. In theory, it allowed older women an opportunity to display outstanding styles. But not every woman with a silver style is as old as you might think. And some have fascinating stories behind their color choice....

JINEEN MARIE GLOVER won the Best Silver Hair Crown in 2021. She's from the Nashville area, and lists "singer" on her Instagram account. But besides being a mother of three, Glover's main job in her mid-40s seems to be "pro aging influencer," as she embraces her natural middle-aged gray color..

Glover promoted her Crown nomination on her social media accounts with success, gaining the highest percentage of any winner. So we invited Glover to share her story. The result is the first woman we've ever interviewed through a text message exchange:

SUPER-HAIR: You show a lot of styles online. What is your current "regular" style?

JINEEN GLOVER: My current regular style is: air dry and add a little hairspray and part it in the middle and go. I have natural wave as well, but in order to keep my grays nice, I rarely use heat.

SUPER-HAIR: Let's ask about that color. What led to your decision to go naturally gray as a model, as opposed to adding colors?

JG: I shaved my head 3.5 years ago for my niece going through cancer, and with five weeks of roots grown out as a very dark brunette. I decided to stay with it and be free of dyeing every week-and-a-half!

S-H: There are several "models" on Instagram and other socal media with gray hair. Are you surprised by how popular they've become?

JG: No.

S-H: Do you have a schedule for how often you post pictures? Or is it whenever the inspiration comes?

JG: Just try to be consistant. Mostly everyday, to keep connected to people.

S-H: You display a range of looks on social media. Do you have a routine for your hair before you post... and what might that be?

JG: I really don't.

S-H: What would you say was the best hair day you've ever had... and what made it that way?

JG: That's kind of a strange question. But I would say at this point, knowing I don't have to dye my hair and I can wear it just as it is and it's healthy and doesn't have chemicals in it, makes it a great hair day every day.

S-H: Do you have any favorite products for making your hair looking sharp?

JG: I wish I did. Haven't really found anything I love at this point, but I've used Clairol Shimmering Lights shampoo and conditioner since shaving my head to go silver.

S-H: What advice do you give to women who want to go gray, as you have - or who want to copy your styles in general?

JG: Just be yourself, and don't be afraid to either shave your head like I did, because hair grows, or go ahead and let it grow out! It's easy to wear hats, headbands and scarves while growing it out! Do what feels true to you, and don't be afraid to embrase wearing color wth silver hair!

S-H: Who do you think has the best head of hair you've seen lately... gray or otherwise? And why does she impress you?

JG: I'd say Annika Von Holdt [Best Silver Hair 2018]. She inspired me and she is very true to herself.

CONCLUSION: Jineen added that she's "happy to be living authentically me." And one of her goals on Instagram is "empowering women." If natural hair is an empowering force, it's working for her. While some people might hide their gray, Jineen has proven there can be success in having it on display.

Thanks to Glover's Twitter feed for some of our photos.


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