The Fallen


Many women strive to keep their hair in great shape, precise placement and perfect position day after day. But sometimes the best Super-Hair effort gets overwhelmed -- and, alas, some women don't really seem to care.

This section of the web site is a record of celebrity styles which are defeated under our Super-Hair definition. We will use pictures to prove the case, as we have them. We post not to mock or scorn, but to show which heads of hair are "out of the running" in terms of our web site.

NOTE: This section is not complete, but a "work in progress." We add photos as we receive them, and time permits us to post them.

ADDED IN 2022:

Left-Right: Sam Boik, Camila Cabello, Avery Collins, Michelle Marie Colon.

Left-Right: Kallyn Hobmann, Sanna Marin, Elizabeth Stanton, Jennifer Zamparelli.

ADDED IN 2021:

Left-Right: Billie Eilish, Florence Griffith Joyner, Nicole Malliotakis, Andrea Meza.

Left-Right: Kylee Miller, Kristen Skovira (right), Maria Taylor, Zendaya.

ADDED IN 2020:

Left-Right: Sonia (Isabelle) Baghdady, Kelly Cass, Laura Dern, Gal Gadot.

Left-Right: Karen Gillan, Ariana Grande, Emily Ratajkowski, Roxana Saberi.

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If you have photographic evidence that a head of Super-Hair has fallen, please let us know:

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