Super-Hair Wars - The 2011 Finals



There's nothing like an inter-city or in-state rivalry to stir up passions and emotions. Baseball has New York v. Boston. College basketball has Duke v. North Carolina. And the world of Super-Hair had a doozy to begin 2012, as top hairstyles from Indianapolis and Savannah went full-throttle and all-out in the 2011 Finals. After 15 intense days, the Hoosier heartland prevails - as TV anchor/reporter Jenny Anchondo is your choice for Champion Hairstyle of the Year!

In an epic struggle not seen on this site since the 2002 finals, Anchondo and Savannah's Meredith Ley gave it everything they had. Our voting filter was on from start to finish, yet we wound up with 3,057 votes -- about 900 of them coming in the last 24 hours! The smoke finally cleared at 4:30 p.m. U.S. ET with Anchondo coming from behind in the final hours, winning by 193 votes for a 53-percent margin of victory. But let's retrace this race from the beginning....

DAY 1: Ley jumps to an early lead. One voter comments: "Meredith! Simply amazing!" But another concludes Ley "uses too much product. Jenny looks more natural."

DAY 2: Anchondo is first to appeal for votes on her Twitter first: "The hair war is ON. Apparently this is Indy vs. Savannah and we need to represent." Sure enough - by day's end Anchondo has a 67-percent lead. Voters write, "Her hair and smile are her trademarks.... The other photo took effort to get everything just right."

DAY 3: "Ley lovers" fight back: "Meredith's hair is so full and beautiful.... Funny how all Jenny's comments are in block like one person is flooding the post...." Meanwhile, both finalists receive Crown Award nominations.

DAY 4: Ley begins her own P.R. campaign on Twitter: "Hi everyone! I need your vote for Hair Style of the Year! Thx!" This tweet even appeals to national TV personality Giuliana Rancic. A voter notes as of 4:00 p.m. U.S. CT the finalists are in a 50-50 percentage deadlock. We respond by noting the total vote count is above 400.

DAY 5: "I'm losing now! Boo!" Anchondo admits in a tweet. "Hey Meredith, your hair looks fantastic!" a voter comments.

DAY 6: The fight seems to turn state-versus-state, after Anchondo admits she's still trailing: "Hoosier pride, nation wide!" writes an Anchondo fan. "Southern beauty rocks!" a Ley fan responds - but another admits she has "Farrah Fawcett hair."

DAY 7: "Have you voted today?" Ley asks supporters via tweet. A couple of producers at her TV station join in the vote drive, which now totals more than 750. But an Anchondo fan writes she "probably has to spend a lot less time getting her hair to look super. Hers is a more natural look."

DAY 8: An Indianapolis TV viewer alerts Anchondo via Twitter she has "a piece of hair sticking out on your right." And a voter calls fans of the #7 seed "Anchovies." Hmmm....

DAY 10: "Everyone knows Southern girls have the best hair!" Ley contends on Twitter. She also appeals to friends in her native metro Atlanta, who have voted for her throughout her Super-Hair Wars run. Our vote count now tops 1,000 - and we decide to stop revealing the numbers online, in case some math majors are trying to figure out the margin.

DAY 11: For some reason we still don't quite understand, Anchondo turns her Twitter avatar upside-down. "I call it artsy," she explains. But you can't really see her hair that way -- much less whether it stays in place.

DAY 12: Anchondo admits to a viewer she's taken her hair "a tad darker." But she also admits, "I'm losing a war."

DAY 13: Anchondo notes via Twitter she flat-ironed her hair. (Perhaps to help turn the trend around?!) "I'm starting to feel like Rick Perry," she adds in a reference to the U.S. Presidential campaign.

The comments section begins to show a bit of negative campaigning. A Ley fan argues, "Meredith's hair is like spun gold!" But from the other side: "Who in their right mind wouldn't like to run their fingers through Jenny's hair as compared to getting all tangled in hair spray."

DAY 14: Anchondo appeals again: "Someone just told me you can vote on the hair war every 4 hrs." That's news to us - the instructions for our voting filter don't include that. A Ley fan clicks multiple times on the comment: "Meredith was destined to win this." And we post a note asking everyone to "stay classy here." (We won't repeat what led to that.) We go to bed with Ley ahead by about 150 votes, out of about 2,190 cast.

DAY 15: Down the stretch they come! "The hair war is TIED!" Anchondo proclaims at 9:52 a.m. ET. Even Ley's supporters admit she's fallen behind "this chick from Indianapolis." One commenter calls the contest a "sham," because many people are voting "from one computer." This apparently refers to a radio host who suggested on Facebook using Wi-Fi to change IP addresses. But we also read: "Everyone has the same opportunity to vote."

All in all, it was a final round which showed how enthusiastic and passionate Hair Fans (even the more casual ones) can be. Thanks to everyone who took part, voted and spread the word about us!

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