The Ultimate 50

28. Paula Cinko


BORN: 12/14/50

PROFESSION: former singer/dancer

HER BEST STYLE: A classic helmet, with bangs across the forehead. The most attractive look was a bit rounded and soft. Our photo comes from the Bob Hope book The Last Christmas Show, in the midst of an Asian tour where conditions may not have been the best; that could explain the flatter look.

HISTORY: If you're asking, "Paula WHO???," it's understandable. Hair Fans need long, deep memories to recall her from the "Golddiggers" who performed with Dean Martin in the early 1970's. She was the tallest performer at 5-10, the one who said "good night" with an infectious smile at the end of their summer series - and the woman with the strongest "cap" cut of her time. It had remarkable hold, as her bangs barely budged through the most fast-paced dance routines.

WHY SHE'S RANKED HERE: Your Webmaster "came of age" watching this style in action, so it seemed historically inappropriate to leave her off our list. We think her helmet would easily outlast Christiane Amanpour, and she'd have the skill to outdo Donna Kelley. But similar cuts are coming that seem even stronger.

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