November 2000: Swing! Swing! Swing!

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When nominations opened for the Crown Awards, we received an emphatic suggestion for "best new hairstyle." It came complete with a photo illustration:

"Heather" of New Orleans is displaying a "swing." The e-mail writer admits the style is not really new, but originated years ago in the Vidal Sassoon salons of London. This is simply the latest update. Through an e-mail exchange, we learned more about this cut - partly from questions we asked, partly from answers the nominator expected us to ask:

Q: Why do you consider the swing the best new hairstyle?

A: It is the best of both worlds -- longer than short, shorter than long!!!!!!!!!! In other words, because the Swing is just below the chin and just above the shoulders, it is a very versatile style. It can be worn under, like an A-Line Bob, or flipped out -- up, or even in a ponytail.

Q: What sort of hair and cut is required?

A: There are two important factors: (1) the style must be worn straight -- to get that stunning swing look and movement; and (2) it must be longer as you go to the front --also to get "that" swing effect.

Q: Who are some celebrities currently wearing the swing well? Are there any trying it who need improvement?

A: Right now a very beautiful young star of ABC-TV's One Life to Live, Gina Tognoni, who plays "Kelly Kramer" [pictured here, and at ABC's web site], has one of the best swings around!!!!!!!!!! [We told you the writer was emphatic.]

Salma Hayek, the lovely beautiful actress, has sported a long swing for almost two years. Cameron Diaz has been trying to grow a swing for two years, but she never lets it get long enough.

Q: At Super-Hair, we prize styles that stay in place. What would you recommend for keeping the Swing out of the eyes?

A: Since the Swing is one length and longer in the front -- and NO layers -- it's quite easy to keep out of the eyes. Wear the style behind the ears, or with a trendy head band.

Q: How can a woman with curly hair develop this style?

A:For heads of hair that are curly, frizzy and or wavy, there is a temporary way to straighten your hair for the perfect swing. That would be a blow dryer or hot comb and some mousse or styling gel (no chemicals needed).... and just wet all of your hair AND BLOW!

(If you have other questions about the Swing, e-mail us and we'll pass them on to the nominator. We don't know their name, but they seem to know what the topic well.)

Just for fun, here's a version of the swing from the mid-1970s. "Michelle" parted it down the middle, not on a side - and curl was added at the ends. The picture doesn't show it well, but the hair closest to the eyes was curled in a different direction to keep it in line. She admitted it took a lot of work to get the style just right. We think it was worth it.

SUMMARY: To borrow from an old soul tune, the Swing has "more bounce to the ounce" than almost any other style we've seen. It's fun to watch in action - but we think would be challenging to keep from falling out of line and into the eyes. We admire the ones who can.


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