Former Top Ten Tresses, H-N

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These pages are a record of all women who were on the Super-Hair Top 10 list at least once, since the first list was posted on the Internet in December 1999. Included is when the style was listed, and an explanation of why it dropped off the list.

LISA HALUSHKA -- December 1999 - March 2000. The mid-length, feathery style of this Michigan prosecutor gained fame when she argued the Nathaniel Abraham murder case. She could return to the Top Ten, but she's been out of the spotlight for awhile.

DANIELE HAMAMDJIAN - March-June 2014. Taking long risky locks to world hotspots made this reporter for Canada's CTV News impressive. She won our 2013 AAA Cup, as a native of Egypt. But she was a dud in Super-Hair World Cup IV - and weaker daily looks eventually seemed to do her in. During a June report on a London skyscraper, a small messy section seemed to cross into her left eye.

DOROTHY HAMILL -- April 2000 - November 2001. The wedge is quite an award winner: a Super-Hair Wars undefeated champion; a Crown Award winner; added to the Ultimate 50 on 7 May 2K; and a Gold Award honoree. But hard as it was to do it, we dropped her because her hair looks thin, tired and weak in recent commercials for Vioxx. To be honest, the hair doesn't really move at all, so it's more perfect -- but it's simply not what it used to be.

MARIE HARF - June 2014-January 2017. The medium and long styles of a U.S. State Department aide have displayed (to use her word) "nuanced" control for years, even when brought full-forward in front of her shoulders. She survived Obama Administration critics to earn a Platinum Award for two years on the list. She's still unbeaten in our view, but her party leaving power is moving her out of the spotlight.

KAMALA HARRIS - March 2006-March 2007 and January-February 2017. We beat the political trend by posting her first as San Francisco's District Attorney. We brought her back with Gold Award tenure after she joined the U.S. Senate. But in between, she served as California Attorney General - and a Hair Fan found an oceanside news conference where even pins were not enough to keep her thick waves from being blown into her face.

KATHERINE HARRIS -- December 2000-July 2001. As Florida Secretary of State, her extra-large pageboy hung in place and bounced incredibly well. She's still unbeaten and could come back -- but she did a major modification to get elected to Congress, and doesn't get the attention she once did.

SAMANTHA HARRIS - February - August 2006 and September 2006 - January 2007. The entertainment reporter gained national fame as a co-host of Dancing With the Stars. Our polls rated her the best style on the show, and suggested she have straight locks instead of waves. She's kept both unbeaten well, but a red carpet interview on YouTube shows her seriously fighting for hold from only a light breeze. She won, but that was too close for us.

COLLEEN HASKELL -- September-October 2000. Her tight, short cut was a five-week "Survivor" on a Pacific island. We've never seen it fall, but it's become plenty messy. We dropped her for something more precise, but she could come back.

JENNIFER HEDGER - November 2022-September 2023. A veteran sports anchor on Canada's TSN whose blonde hair holds its own night after night in the studio. But one celebration day in Fort Frances, Ontario brought a strip of hair in front of sunglasses outside. No more "street curling" for her.

JILL HENNESSY - September 2001. The waves of this "Crossing Jordan" star are drop-dead (pun) fabulous, and move as an amazing unit on TV. But "Entertainment Weekly" published a photo with stray strands across her right eye. Yup, we did jump the gun on this one.

STEPHANIE HERSETH SANDLIN - January-May 2007. Perhaps the first member of the list from South Dakota, this U.S. House member was a 2006 Crown Award winner for developing a long helmet-like style. But a windswept tour of a farm in May seemed to outfight it, as a couple of bangs slipped below an eyelash in a picture on her Congressional web site. It's a "fine print" loss, but still a loss.

DEBORAH HERSMAN - December 2011-January 2012. Short shapely hair often kept close to the eyes made us interested in the National Transportation Safety Board she chairs. But we found a 2010 speech where a messy strip of bangs went down the bridge of her nose, even though she had glasses on. It didn't crash in the eyes completely, but that's not hair safety to us.

JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT - June 2006. She won a 2005 Crown Award for her bangs on Ghost Whisperer, then made a controversial short cut which we liked (even if voters in a poll here did not). But for all the hold and control she shows now, too many pictures lurk online of how messy and defeated her long locks were then.

SHANA HIATT - January-March 2007. She's considered the real reason why most people stay up after 2:00 a.m. to watch Poker After Dark. Her medium-long hair looks great there -- but big bad Stuff magazine dared to put her in a photo shoot with locks practically in her left eye. We don't think it's a full "flop," but she's crossed our "river" for now.

CAROLYN HUGHES -- August 2001-April 2002. This newscaster's beautifully solid style came from nowhere (just kidding, El Paso) to cause a Super-Hair Wars firestorm. She won the 2001 regular-season title, and made the playoff finals. We dropped her only because her old TV station stopped cyber-casting, making it impossible for us to see her. But Fox Sports Net has given her a Sunday night show, so that could change. Read our exclusive interview!

DARLENE HUNT -- September-December 2006. This character actor made her prime-time TV series debut in a comedy about a support group called Help Me Help You. But the show didn't gain enough public support, so ABC put it on "hiatus." Her nice long hair must go there as well, because of this -- but it's undefeated, and we like it.

ALBANY IRVIN - March-June 2014. She sells all kinds of items on the shopping channel QVC. And she sold Hair Fans on her long red hair, as she scored a clean sweep in Super-Hair Wars. But strips on the sides can came loose at times, and one appeared to drop into her left eye as she sold yoga equipment -- but only after the workout.

HALLIE JACKSON - July 2015-May 2017. An NBC News reporter was a breakout star of the 2016 U.S. election. Her shoulder-length hair can look both natural and tough, which earned a Gold Award for one year in the Top Ten. But a live report from the Vatican for Today had surprise wind gusts from behind her, which finally brought the sturdy style down.

JAMEELA JAMIL - March-June 2019. The 2018 Crown Award winner for Best Bangs uses them as a tool to keep lush long locks in a Good Place. So why did she insist on posing for a celebrity photo shoot pulling her own hair, and with a strip covering her right eye? That's no comedy - that's a sad mystery.

CAREN JANSSEN - January-March 2006. Perhaps the only redeeming thing we've found in the Natalee Holloway case is the wavy pageboy hair of the Aruba Attorney General. It holds surprisingly well in Caribbean breezes, and is undefeated in our view. But a dreadful performance in the 2005 Crown Awards puts her out for a while.

REBECCA JARVIS - July 2017-May 2018. An ABC business reporter who's made several length adjustments over the years, but keeps her styles simple. Her hair has held through a lot - but a Hair Fan directed us to a live report in February where a Wall Street breeze went across her face, blowing a few strands across.

AMBER JAYANTH - July-August 2018. Long, daring and absolutely perfect outdoor hair raised this TV reporter above the rest in Cincinnati - so much that we made her #1 in the world. But a Hair Fan found a clip from another station, where a breeze made a strip on her short side move just enough to flip across an eye. A shame, we say.

BRITTANY JEFFERS - July 2010-October 2011. She wowed Hair Fans as Miss Nebraska, then as a TV news anchor in Lincoln. She reached the Super-Hair Wars playoffs, hit #1 in the world (twice) and earned a Gold Award for a full year on this list. But when she moved to Tulsa and began reporting outside before dawn, her fabulous thick shoulder-length style faced Oklahoma's notorious wind -- and one fall morning, the wind won. Despite her most valiant effort, hair blew into her face.

FAITH JENKINS - October 2015-April 2016. TV's "Judge Faith" has not only legal wisdom, but attractiveness learned from being a finalist at Miss America. Her soft hair reached #1 in the world, but then a Hair Fan directed us to a 2012 Fox News appearance where the left side of the style slipped into an eye. Sadly for her, our bar is set high.

WEIJIA JIANG - September-November 2018. U.S. President Trump once called this CBS News correspondent "obnoxious." We called her long hair with bangs outstanding - tough enough to be almost windproof at times. But it was not enough on a morning in late November. Despite a head-tilt from the start of a live shot, a strip of bangs sadly blew across her left eye.

FELICITY JONES - August-November 2015. This award-winning actress has styles which can be attractive and perfect, or messy and edgy. We fear one photo shoot was too edgy, and showed bangs a touch too long into her left eye. But she knows how to keep the hair out at other dramatic moments.

LISA JONES - February 2008-January 2009. This judge on a Southwest Georgia juvenile court may not have national fame, but Hair Fans seem to agree with us that her carefully-placed medium-long hair is both cautious yet attractive. We have no evidence of any flaws, but a lack of public appearances forces us to set her on the "sidebar" for now.

NORAH JONES -- July 2002-February 2004 and May-June 2005. Forget this singer's comments about being nerdy. Her care with long waves is smart, strong and impressive -- good enough to merit a Gold Award from us. She's unbeaten and could come back anytime, but a Cup winner pushed her to #11 for now. (Courtesy Honolulu Star-Bulletin)

ANDREA JUNG -- April-May 2000. This top executive of Avon has the best hair we've seen in the "long hair with side part" trend. It seems to stay put well, but she was dropped from the Top Ten after losing a "knockout round" to Lisa Ling in Super-Hair Wars.

LAURA KAEPPELER - September 2012-January 2013. Miss America 2012 goes down as one of the few we can remember to keep undefeated hair throughout her reign. It held on through a few close calls in speeches, and even a sponsored haircut which Hair Fans opposed. She moves off the list solely because she gave up the crown, putting her out of the spotlight.

MELINA KANAKAREDES -- October 2004 - January 2006. We accuse the series CSI: New York of toying with Hair Fans, by showing extreme artsy close-ups of this investigator's extraordinary natural curls. She won a 2001 Crown Award for them, and she earned a Gold Award for one year in the Top Ten. But the 1 February episode pushed the envelope to the absolute brink, with a strip of fringe curls falling across the forehead. They were surprisingly NOT long enough to fall, but they were literally an eyelash from defeat -- so consider this her "holding room," while we keep her under surveillance.

NIKU KAZORI - July 2020. Stuck between a San Antonio traffic reporter's job and a move to Japan for love and marriage, this woman with atunning Texas-sized long hair became a Super-Hair Wars undefeated champion. But we didn't know that sports mascots wanted to bring that hair down on camera. She fought them off several times, but one morning left her hair two-thirds covering her right eye. It's awfully close to call her defeated, but the fact that she might not return to TV hurts her in this case.

BRIANNA KEILAR - September 2013-December 2014. Through a wide range of hair lengths and a variety of Washington assignments, this CNN "Senior Political Correspondent" has kept her styles attractive and very strong for years. They earned her a Gold Award - but did she have to post a Facebook dressing room photo with hair halfway in her left eye? She did, and that cost her a spot. (Courtesy Hi-Def News Caps)

JACQUE KESSLER -- March-June 2003. The court reporter on "Judge Joe Brown" actually goes out in the elements to interview plaintiffs and defendants. While her sidepart stands up strongly there, on 26 Jun bangs plopped down almost in her left eye inside the courtroom. She's still technically unbeaten -- but as the judge would say, "The Court's condolences."

KENDY KLOEPFER - July 2017-June 2018. Hair Fans are sold on this veteran Evite shopping host. Her long blonde hair has stayed in line for years, and earned her a Crown Award nomination as well as a #1 ranking on our list. Yet of all things, a moment caressing a baby goat in April seemed to drop her well-prepared right side in her eye - which means she's not quite, you know, the GOAT.

ALISON KOSIK - February-July 2012. A CNN financial correspondent impressively uses waves to keep her shoulder-length hair fiercely under control. But the heat and humidity of Independence Day proved a tad too much, and hair from her right side seemed to bounce in her eye while reporting on the Coney Island hot dog eating contest. It's arguable, but we think it fell.

DIANA KRALL -- February-June 2002. Canada's crown jewel of jazz has long blonde hair that's grown more attractive with time, and works well either straight (our preference) or wavy. But the cover of her "Live in Paris" DVD finds her hair dipping much too close to the eyes at the keyboard. We lean toward calling her defeated, but we could be persuaded otherwise.

CHELSEA KROST - September-November 2016. She's a big name on talk shows when it comes to millennials, with amazingly big long hair to match. We admired her control with it for months - until we found a short "promo" clip where wind dramatically pushed it into her face.

MICHELLE KWAN -- December 1999 - March 2000. When she cut her hair this short, it had dynamic strength even while in motion. But she's let it grow out (we dare her to do a skating routine unpinned at its current length), so she was taken out.

LISA LaFLAMME - November 2011-March 2014. The woman over Canada's CTV National News seems to keep her "anchor hair" strong even while touring the world. Interesting right-side flips gained her a Platinum Award for two years in the Top Ten. But her hair was surprisingly loose and bouncy when she won a Canadian Screen Award - and it appeared to bounce into her right eye on stage. That messy moment forced us to put a colleague who's a big SuperHair winner ahead of her.

TOMI LAHREN - March-April 2017. As she came under fire at "The Blaze" for sounding too liberal, we chose to focus on this commentator's strong stance for carefully perfect hot-blonde hair. But a Hair Fan pointed us to Instagram pictures where she let it drop in an eye - so even there, she waffled a little.

MARY LANDRIEU -- July-August 2003. The Senator from Louisiana takes good precise care of her blonde hair, and she's even won a Cutting-Edge poll on our web site about it. But someone had to go, to make room for a "Hall of Fame" style -- and a poll ranking the Top Ten left her knocked out.

JENNA LEE - October-November 2008. The Fox Business Network morning anchor arranges a long sidepart in many different and attractive ways. Some days it shows remarkable strength and hold under TV lights. But we found a YouTube clip where she walks the sidewalks of New York comparing Starbucks shops, and a breeze seemed to make the hair droop in her left eye.

ALENA LEONOVA - December 2009. The 2009 world junior figure skating champion reminded us of Dorothy Hamill, with bouncing yet precise short hair. Yet a bad performance at the Grand Prix finals ended with her flipping longer hair from one side into an eye. She either needed a trim, or some well-placed mousse.

JOY LESLIE - October 2007. Her long drop-dead perfect hair impressed us when the video show Online Nation premiered. But The CW canceled the program so fast, she couldn't draw a following -- and that's the sole reason why we dropped her. That network can keep the "Top Models," too.

ANANDA LEWIS -- January-June 2002. This talk show host does a masterful job of keeping natural, wavy long hair in position through any situation. How disappointed we were to find a cover of "D&W" magazine with one strip of hair across her nose, and another well inside her right eye. When will champion cuts learn to just say no to this?

MOLLY LINE - September-October 2017. A Fox News Channel anchor and reporter has found ways to keep medium-long hair under control for years. But a Hair Fan pointed us to a YouTube video labeled "bad hair day," where she hung tough but gusty winds were a few lines tougher.

LISA LING -- May 2000-February 2002. Whether bouncing above her shoulders or chest-long (our preference), her hair was kept so close and so strong that she was an impressive Gold Award selection. But when we viewed "The View" 2/12/2, she went on a trip to Disney World without tying her style back. That quite-rare mistake cost her, as a roller coaster ride threw Ling's lovely locks into her face.

LEA LITTLE -- March-August 2004. Bangs + sprayed layers + occasional glasses = a long-lasting, face hugging look which wows us when watching "Shop at Home TV." She's still quite unbeaten, but Hair Fans didn't seem interested at all when they ranked the Top Ten in August. Read our exclusive interview!

JENNIFER LONDON -- 2004 (month being checked) - November 2006. She's wowed us for years on the NBC networks with long hair which stuck in place through West Coast assignments. Her work in wildfires led us to rank her among the best. But ironically, what NBC's web site called "powerful and erratic winds" pushing a wildfire finally pushed her hair into her face 4 December -- even though she had a ponytail seriously wrapped around her neck.

JODY LOWERY - February-November 2014. As a news anchor in Shreveport, Louisiana, her thick blonde hair won a Crown Award - and she even wore a crown on Facebook to celebrate. She's still unbeaten in our view. But a drunk driving arrest apparently cost her a job, and left her too far out of sight for us to leave her on the list.

REBEKAH LYONS - June 2017. The Christian program Life Today introduced us to this speaker and author. She's great with short perms - but a Hair Fan pointed us to earlier straight looks which plopped down on occasion.

MARTHA MacCALLUM -- December 2006 - September 2007. The woman at Fox News Channel's Live Desk grew out a chin-length bob while keeping sideparted bangs at the brink of disaster. She tied for first place in a 2007 Hair Fan poll - but then it appeared to us that a few bangs finally gave out in early October, and fell across her eyes. We could be wrong, but the burden of proof is on her. (Courtesy Reporter Caps)

KATELYN MACMULLEN - January-June 2021. A young star on General Hospital gained a Crown Award nomination for short styles which seemed to outlast the veterans. But a birthday video posted by a fan revealed what we suspected - a little wind can sweep her loose locks into her face. Weep for "Willow."

NICOLE MALLIOTAKIS - November 2020-April 2021. When she was elected to the U.S. Congress from Staten Island, her shoulder-length styles seemed to win any hair challenge they faced. But when she stepped outside the Capitol for a spring clip opposing Supreme Court expansion, a breeze blew hair across her face in seconds. That was an easy ruling to make.

ALICIA MALONE - March-June 2019. Unless you watch Turner Classic Movies, you may not know about this redhead with stunning short styles. We first saw her looking stellar at the 2019 Oscars - but a Hair Fan backtracked us to the Sundance Film Festival, where a mountain breeze pushed right-side hair into her eye for a moment. Strangely, she didn't edit that out for YouTube.

SANNA MARIN - January 2021-March 2022. Finland's liberal Prime Minister impressed us with conservative long hair. Even though a big cut raised questions, she earned a Gold Award. But at an emergency summit meeting in France, persistent swirling wind did her shoulder-length look in. Does that make her hair a wartime casualty? (Photo courtesy Reuters)

TONI MARSH - June 2009-December 2010. A popular weathercaster on New Zealand's TV-3 has impressed viewers for years with strong medium-long hair and eye-catching bangs. She earned a Gold Award for one year on our list, then disappointed many by leaving the air for a "maternity break." She's still quite unbeaten, and we hope she returns soon.

CASIE MASON - July 2020-May 2021. A veteran TV reporter became the Nashville City League champ thanks to long hair that seems molded into place like country stars of old. But when a water park opened for the summer, she apparently went there without any spray on her hair. Before her long wet slide down an incline, a breeze put a couple of strands across her sunglasses. Arguably out, but we feared the worst.

CAROL MASSAR - July 2010-February 2014. The veteran Bloomberg correspondent displayed both strength and bounce for years with a variety of short styles. She deserved her Double Platinum Award for three years on our list. But a trip to the headquarters of Chipotle included a moment where a turn/toss of her hair from a bowed position seemed to cover her right eye for a moment. It was a brief and rare moment, but one which led us to conclude it was down -- arguable though it might be.

NATALIE MAST - March 2009-February 2010. We've found an incredible amount to admire in this former college softball star at Concordia-Minnesota. Smart enough to graduate near the top. Fast enough to be nicknamed "Deer." Curls naturally strong and unstoppable -- worthy of both the nickname "Noodles" and a Crown Award nomination. AND she nearly beat Suzy Kolber in Super-Hair Wars! We absolutely don't want to drop her -- but a lack of new pictures as she enters nursing school force it. Too bad.

DR. LISA MASTERSON - April-September 2009. One of The Doctors on TV pulled an upset in many eyes, by winning a 2008 Crown Award for Science and Meteorology. Her long hair usually has good control and shape - but the development of dangerous long bangs which came to the brink of her eye led us to move her to the waiting room.

MIREILLE MATHIEU -- July 2004 - June 2005. The French singing legend won our 2004 EuroCup title for having perhaps the greatest bob ever cut. It bounced sensationally and perfectly in its prime, and these days is known for amazingly tight hold. Yet we found a couple of old record covers where it appeared a couple of strands fell across her eyes. They're from the 1960's, though -- and more than three decades of undefeated hair is something we still greatly admire.

DEBBIE McCORMICK - April 2003 - March 2004. We never heard of her before she skipped the U.S. team to the 2003 world women's curling title. Her confidence in wearing shoulder-length hair loose in matches was impressive -- and its hold even more so. The style is still very unbeaten; she's dropped only because she lost the 2004 U.S. finals in North Dakota, and will be out of public view.

KARA McCULLOUGH - May 2017. Miss USA 2017 brought back "big pageant hair" in the form of jaw-dropping natural curls. But sadly, we found a photo shoot where she let those curls plop across her right eye. You'd think a nuclear chemist like her could find a solution to that..

KALEIGH McENANY - May 2020. Newly hired as White House Press Secretary, she sometimes had strong blonde styles that could top her boss on some days. But the heat of a May briefing proved to be too much, as it drooped into an eye even though it was curled.

SUSAN McGINNIS -- April 2002-April 2003. We'd like to think Hair Fans helped this woman become CBS Morning News anchor. She's won four Crown Awards for the Best Bangs, and added the "Best Short Hair" title for 2002 -- not to mention a Gold Award for a full year in our Top Ten. But on 6 May, we apparently caught her just before trim time, and a few bang strands dipped below her right eyebrow, perhaps a millimeter from her eye. She's technically still unbeaten and her style is very strong, but if we drop Ana Maria Canseco for this, we have to drop her as well. Read our exclusive interview!

ROBIN McGRAW - November-December 2003. The wife of TV's "Dr. Phil" has an underrated, flexible helmet-type cut. But her off-the-eye bangs weakened too much on one early December show, with a few falling across the bridge of her nose. They didn't fall in her eyes completely, but we've seen stronger bangs than this.

MARIA MENOUNOS - November 2002-January 2003 and February-April 2003. She's made a big splash on "Entertainment Tonight," and her long hair has definitely been worth watching. We dropped her once when the locks seemed too close to the left eye, but brought her back when Super-Hair Wars made her an undefeated champion. But the last straw came when we found photos on FHM's web site with "pin-up poster" hair straight down in her face. Shame on this magazine.

ANDREA MEZA - June-August 2021. Mexico's Miss Universe has long locks that can both hold safely and be unleashed skillfully. She executed a hair flip so slow-motion perfect that we put it on our Twitter feed. Yet as Hair Fans voted her into a tie for #1 in the world, she posed for a picture near the Statue of Liberty with a strip of hair covering her left eye. We simply don't understand.

MARILYN MILIAN -- May-November 2002. Presiding over "The People's Court," she easily has the most attractive hair behind any legal bench. Her risky round-brushed look is still undefeated from what we've seen -- but it's had some awfully close calls as she's seemingly grown it out. We fear she'll lose the case before long.

ALICIA MINSHEW -- May - December 2007. She's been given star status on All My Children, and received attention from us for great curls which befit what she calls a "perfectionist" character. They held through breezes and collapses to the floor - but a steamy moment of anguish with her rival's boyfriend (don't ask us to explain that far-fetched plot) led to a strip of hair shaken into her face. One small slip in months of action is still very impressive.

SIMONE MISSICK - December 2019-July 2020. The judge on the TV drama All Rise has us applauding a great blend of natural curl and soft-looking hold. But she's also appeared in action movies - and we found a trailer for Iron Fist where a bit of curl seemed to dangle in her left eye. An "iron" might have saved her there.

JENNIFER MORGAN - April 2021-January 2022. She left her job as co-CEO at SAP and now is "head of portfolio operations" at Blackstone, as well as a UKG board member. Her skills with layered loose hair are quite fashionable - so much so that a 2015 "fashion profile" of her included a moment with a stylist. The hair was pulled back the wrong way for us, barely dropping in an eye.

RIYO MORI -- June-July 2007. Miss Universe 2007 upholds the Japanese tradition of meticulous hair care, refusing to let her style collapse during "photo shoots" where many others did. Her waves had us rolling. But then the Miss Universe web site posted a "flash" video with strands barely scraping across her right eye. Why, we have to ask -- why?

ASHLEY MORRISON - July 2012-April 2014. Solid long blonde styles in the middle of the night made her a hair star at CBS News, and made her #1 in the world twice in our votes. She loosened up the looks after leaving CBS, yet still kept them well enough to gain a Gold Award for one year in the Top 10. But on a sunny April day, she posted a Facebook photo with a couple of strands in front of her sunglasses and clearly covering her eyes -- a shocking but rare flaw, for someone clearly skilled in beautiful hair perfection.

DANI MOSTROM - June-September 2016. Playing college volleyball at Wichita State made this Missouri native a Super-Hair star. Her athletic extra-long curls made her a City League champ, a Super-Hair Wars undefeated champ, and even "world #1." But a picture we thought was a narrow escape thanks to an angle was challenged by a Hair Fan, and no one came forward on our message board to stop this "kill."

CARA MUND - November 2017-February 2018. Miss America 2018 reached the top of our chart by displaying risky big long styles. Her years of handling North Dakota winds served her well, and kept the hair out of her eyes. But stunningly, a Hair Fan found a sweepback with her hand in an indoor Facebook Live chat that didn't work. A mass of hair dropped across her right eye. There she was....

SHANISTY MYERS - January-May 2010. She won the Birmingham City League title for keeping short hair sharp at 5:00 in the morning. But outside the studio, it was a different story -- and her TV station posted a clip from a golf tournament where not even pins stopped wind from bringing strands down.

YULIYA NESTERENKO -- September 2004 - February 2005. She was Belarus's 2004 athlete of the year, for winning the Olympic 100-meter dash. The world's fastest woman has a carefully-cut unpinned Super-Helmet, which lasts through her blazing top speeds without completely collapsing when she stops. But she dropped out of sight after Athens, and a failure to run indoors led us to steer her aside for now. (Courtesy CNN)

RACHEL NICHOLS - February-June 2018. Her long hair is red, and its perfection is often on fire. The ESPN host won a Crown Award for it. But we were pointed to a live Super Bowl report in her Turner Sports years where a gust of wind mussed it too much.

KRISTI NOEM - November-December 2010. In the wake of this woman winning a U.S. House race in South Dakota, declared she has a "much-admired shag haircut." We think Slate followed a Cutting-Edge Hair News poll, where she was preferred over a Crown Award winner -- but a strip of bangs across the bridge of her nose in an opening-day TV interview sends her to the back benches.



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