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The 2002 Hot List

NAME: Elizabeth Bermudez

WHO IS SHE: Morning TV newscaster in San Francisco

HER STYLE: Currently a well-rounded shoulder-length sidepart, shaped to have a bit of flip-curl at the tips. There could be some layering on her left side, but we think spray is more the key to success here. The right side seems tucked back a little, but we're not sure why.

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Hair Fan who nominated her likes the grown-out, lighter-brown style she has these days. And what hair fan wouldn't? It's soft-looking, loose-looking, yet likely to dig in and hold when pressed.

This photo from her TV station's web site is a bit old, but shows a style which had a bit more of a reputation in the Bay Area. She once had an ultra-tight short sidepart, sticking strongly around the left eye to ear. (We say the odds of it being moussed were 70 percent.) One web site mockingly suggested Elizabeth had helmet hair because rain "rolls right off."

SUPER-HAIR? Both styles have points in their favor, but we're rooting for the newer 'do because it's riskier and more attractive to us. But we haven't seen it in live action, so we can't really say how "Super" it is morning by morning. Can other Hair Fans tell us how well she holds up? And can someone arrange a contest between her and Julie Luck, the competing San Francisco newscaster we posted here earlier this year? [Photos courtesy NBA/Golden State Warriors; posted 12/28/2]

NAME: Sandra Bullock

WHO IS SHE: Actress; latest movie is "Two Weeks Notice"

HER STYLE: The woman who nominated her specifically mentioned the look Bullock displayed at the movie's premiere -- curled (but we don't think permed) to the nape of the neck, with bangs tossed across her forehead like a fresh salad. Usually her hair is longer and straighter (see below).

WHY WE LIKE IT: "I got to see her in person and she looked great!" the nominator wrote us. We can understand why she thought that. This style is elegant and well-controlled; the curls are well back, and able to absorb any passing breeze that might come up.

SUPER-HAIR? The style at the premiere has possibilities. But to be honest, Bullock's track record has styles all over her eyes. Watch reruns of The George Lopez Show when she acts like a klutz, and you'll see what we mean. [Photos courtesy Entertainment Tonight; posted 12/22/2]

NAME: Mariska Hargitay

WHO IS SHE: Actress starring in "Law and Order, Special Victims Unit"

HER STYLE: Apparently getting a bit longer. The Hair Fan who suggested her praised her style for the new TV season. It used to be short and efficient for police work. It still is, actually -- but it's now rounder, with better developed bangs which can fill the forehead. We think she's switched from layers to more of a one-length approach.

(We had copyright problems showing you face-forward views of the new 'do; try Wireimage for recent photos.)

WHY WE LIKE IT: Her current look reminds us a bit of Ultimate 50 member Lisa Stark. There's length at the sides, but the hair is tight to the head enough to keep its position in normal conditions. Her bangs can be tossed and messy, as in years past, or precise and controlled.

SUPER-HAIR? Historically, no -- as detective work on windy streets tended to blow even her shorter-looking style down. We can't speak to this current look, though. Can any "SVU-HF's" (for Hair Fans) help? [Posted 12/10/2]

NAME: Holly Herbert

WHO IS SHE: Host of TV series "Celebrity Justice"

HER STYLE: A multi-layered, ultra-teased sidepart that hits slightly below her shoulders, reminding us a lot of Pamela Anderson on a good day. This hair seems baby-fine, needing a lot of combing back and spraying to get in the right position -- especially the strip precariously close to her left eye.

WHY WE LIKE IT: The faithful Hair Fan who nominated her told us she "seems to take her hair very seriously." To keep this style in place, she'd have to -- especially in terms of preparation. If you like high-risk hair, this definitely qualifies.

SUPER-HAIR? We have serious doubts. We compared her to "Anderson on a good day" because to be honest, Anderson's hair doesn't have that many anymore. A light crosswind, especially from Herbert's left to right, would be a tremendous challenge.

But to be fair, we're in an area where we can't watch her TV show. We'd welcome comments and vid-caps from Hair Fans who can, about how this style works five days a week. [Posted 11/24/2]

NAME: Liz Cho

WHO IS SHE: Co-anchor, "ABC World News Now"

HER STYLE: Usually it's sleek and straight, stretching a notch below the shoulders. She combs the tips invitingly toward her neck, yet often also has hair combed over the top to sit behind the ears. Lately she's occasionally added sultry waves -- and we're leaning toward that as our preference.

WHY WE LIKE IT: This is an excellent example of creating a hairstyle to match a face structure. The length frames her oval-shaped face very well. And while the hair may point toward her eyes, an active overnight shift tends to jostle the style only slightly.

SUPER-HAIR? Fabulous, yes. Stunning, certainly. But alas, we saw this hair fall across her face a few years ago when she did live reports for ABC from the Midwest. She stood outside on a windy day, and it was no contest. Perhaps the waves would add enough weight to make a difference -- and we'd surely want to watch them try. [Photos courtesy; updated 11/11/2]

NAME: Andrea McCarren

WHO IS SHE: News anchor, Washington, DC

HER STYLE: A thick sidepart which acts as an extra-long pageboy, settling on the shoulders. The right-side hair looks like it's not sprayed at all (though somehow we doubt it) -- and can be tucked behind the ear in emergencies, though there'd be a lot of hair to put there.

WHY WE LIKE IT: A couple of extra inches has done wonders for this style in recent months. Our photos show a nice professional cut has become a more attractive, more tempting (and dare we use the S-word - sexy?) head of hair. A Hair Fan who came close to this would face a true test of will, to avoid reaching for it.

SUPER-HAIR? We seem to recall seeing the shorter style fall a time or two, when she worked for ABC News. We haven't seen the longer look enough to judge it, but we suspect a right-to-left breeze would be quite a test. We'd enjoy hearing from Washington-area Hair Fans about how well she does day-by-day. [Posted 10/26/2]

NAME: Reese Witherspoon

WHO IS SHE: Actress; latest film is "Sweet Home Alabama"

HER STYLE: Well, are you talking about the movie or the red carpet? The film (left, courtesy Entertainment Weekly) displays a sprayed-in-place pageboy that's chin-length. But recent interviews (such as our right photo, shot for USA Today) show a grown-out look with bangs scattered across the forehead.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Our preference is the movie style, because it shows a delicate sort of precision. The right photo is a messier casual look, but the left one is one Hair Fans might want to mess up -- more tempting to the touch, but probably more solid and harder to move around.

SUPER-HAIR? If you think so, you haven't seen the cover of W magazine with her blonde locks combed right across her face. As her character in "Legally Blonde" would say, "What, like it's hard?!?!" [Posted 10/18/2]

NAME: Claudia Jordan

WHO IS SHE: Model on The Price is Right

HER STYLE: A long, straight sidepart, reaching to the shoulders or a bit below. Teasing and spraying are essential on top to make this work, pulling hair to the left side. Note also how there's a bit of lift around the right eye as well.

WHY WE LIKE IT: One of our loyal Hair Fans alerted us to her -- and she captured our attention like none of "Bob Barker's Beauties" had since Kathleen Bradley was fired. It takes careful preparation to get a style in this position, which means it should have strength to last through quite a bit of action under TV lights.

SUPER-HAIR? We were ready to believe it -- until the October issue of FHM came out, showing her good hair in several fan-blown, eye-covering poses. Did she need a paycheck that badly? Oh well, thanks for another good nomination. [Posted 10/7/2]

NAME: Julie Chen

WHO IS SHE: Host of U.S. reality show "Big Brother;" "CBS Early Show" co-host

HER STYLE: This isn't quite the current look, but it's the closest we could find online. It's a tight, short sidepart, only currently with loose bangs across the forehead instead of being so heavy on her right side. Left-side tucking-back is optional; we don't really have a preference either way.

WHY WE LIKE IT: We've received several nice comments about her hair in recent weeks. It certainly looks neater than her old style, which was so lacking in bangs that it drooped in her right eye almost every morning. (In fact, we were a bit surprised when CBS colleague Susan McGinnis recommended her.) Now the bangs get your attention - looking as light as a windchime, able to blow away with the slightest breeze.

SUPER-HAIR? The old style certainly was not. The current style well could be, but she likely needs regular trims to keep the hair off her eyes. Perhaps our award-winning "Bang Sister" can help her with that. [Posted 9/13/2]

NAME: Maria Menounos

WHO IS SHE: Reporter on "Entertainment Tonight"

HER STYLE: Long, simple, and usually straight; waves are added for occasional variety. Our photo shows she's not afraid to let it hang close to the eyes (and she seldom pins or ties it back), but normally the closest strands are tucked behind the ears for safety.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Her show is playing up this new reporter as practically the second coming of Julie Moran. While Moran's strands are thicker, this no-frills style is interesting to watch because it's appearing in a variety of challenging situations. From a rooftop over New York to a Hollywood red carpet, the hair is hanging tough so far.

SUPER-HAIR? She's undefeated in the TV appearances we've seen -- but in the long run, we honestly doubt it. She's had a couple of close scrapes on camera. And the style doesn't appear to have the support necessary for endurance runs on the air or in the wind. But.... we thought the same thing about Lisa Ling, and she lasted in our Top Ten more than a year. Beauty brains can turn average-looking hair into a strong survivor. [Posted 8/28/2]

NAME: Tamyra Gray

WHO IS SHE: Singer; finalist on the talent show American Idol

HER STYLE: Curls to the core, yet consistently controlled. We like it best as shown in our photo: out from behind the buns, wraps and scrunchies, looking strong and natural. (Yet how many of you suspect she's added something -- from spray to Geri-curl?)

Yet Tamyra showed a quite different look 7 August: super-straight to her neck, then a ball of curl at the ends and pulled behind her ears. That style held impressively, perhaps better than the normal curls did. But she wouldn't have been wearing a wig, would she?

WHY WE LIKE IT: We've heard her compared to Whitney Houston, and it seems to go beyond her singing voice. The hairstyle has similarities to Houston in her break-out years -- only these curls are even better trimmed and precisely placed. (Is competitor Justin noticing? He could lose an inch or two.) She's a former Miss Atlanta, and the attention to beauty detail seems to show.

SUPER-HAIR? If we sat in Simon Cowell's chair, we'd say yes. Our only suggestion to her would be not to pin it back so much. You'd need a strong Santa Ana wind to knock her hair loose -- and even then, the curls probably would only fall on the forehead. We can imagine her borrowing from one of her songs and declaring: "I'm telling you it's not going." [Updated 8/8/2]

NAME: Summer Sanders

WHO IS SHE: Former Olympic swimming champion; co-host and reporter of sports programs such as "NBA Inside Stuff"

HER STYLE: Shoulder-length and sideparted. Our USA Network photo from the 2001 U.S. Open tennis tournament shows a quite conservative approach, with the hair pulled behind her left ear. We suspect many Hair Fans prefer it off the ear, displaying the thickness that won her a place in Alberto VO-5 commercials. The visitor who nominated her didn't state a preference.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Dry out the pool water, and she still has a very strong head of hair. The sidepart makes her style risky, as well as tempting to touch.

SUPER-HAIR? This is one of those cases where we open ourselves for criticism. Her hair is thick and great to look at -- but we can't call it "Super" under our definition, because we've seen it get in her eyes a few times over the years.

We're not sure how well the style in our photo holds, but we suspect it would be hard to keep her hair behind the left ear. Women such as Emily Foster do it with extra spray on top, and sometimes extra curl for support at the bottom. This style is crying for at least one of these, to take the next step up from "great." But it's still a great nomination, and thank you for it! [Posted 7/23/2]

NAME: Selma Blair

WHO IS SHE: Movie actress; next scheduled film is A Guy Thing

HER STYLE: Short and what one magazine calls "pixieish." The back is trimmed tightly at the neck, with the longest hair stopping just in front of her ears. It's essentially the Colleen Haskell "Survivor" look, only more compact.

WHY WE LIKE IT: This hair is tight, yet without being boring. What bangs there are have to be pushed to move, but then they don't move much. She's not afraid to experiment with different looks, and not long ago had a risky center-parted bob. Her prep school background no doubt helped her learn how to keep any style in good shape.

SUPER-HAIR? From what we've seen, her current style has to be. She'd have to be locked in a closet for weeks before her hair grew long enough to fall in her eyes. After years of longer looks, she's now on the road to potentially years of Super-status. [Updated for new details 7/23/2]

NAME: Juli Inkster

WHO IS SHE: Pro golfer; champion of 2002 U.S. Women's Open

HER STYLE: Short and well-tapered in the back, yet with bangs long enough to float around the forehead on a breezy fairway.

WHY WE LIKE IT: The bangs look like they could cause trouble, but in all her years on the L.P.G.A. tour we've never seen them get in her eyes. They're cut so well that we've concluded she only wears a visor for the advertising money.

SUPER-HAIR? An absolute "ace," we say -- and her style has been that way for some 20 years. There seems to be no "tall rough" to get in the way of future success. [Posted 7/7/2]

NAME: Dorothy Lucey

WHO IS SHE: Co-host of "Good Day Live" and a Los Angeles talk show

HER STYLE: Combed over from right to left, probably sprayed on top, hanging like a strong curtain on her left side; usually tucked behind the ear on the right side. Currently it has this shape, but it's about four inches longer. (Check the Super-Hair Wars area for a more current photo.)

WHY WE LIKE IT: The web site visitor who suggested her knows what we like. This host can get a bit animated on the set -- which makes her left-side hair bounce around. But the strands seem to stay in a well-groomed line, no matter what the topic.

SUPER-HAIR? While it's great to watch, it seemed to flex a touch too much on the days we saw it - bouncing in and out of the left eye. She doesn't need to do much, though, to restore the style to a proper position. For now, we give her the edge over co-star Jillian Barbarie for overall hair control. Thanks for another good nomination! [Posted 6/21/2]

NAME: Neelam Verma

WHO IS SHE: TV host in Toronto; Canadian entry in 2002 Miss Universe pageant

HER STYLE: A bit below the shoulders in romantically soft waves. She seems capable of adjusting the amount of curliness based on her situation; strong winds seem capable of straightening it out.

WHY WE LIKE IT: This was the style that impressed us most at Miss Universe this year. Miss South Africa had some muscular curl, but also caved in a breeze. The Russian winner's hair was straight and true, but seemed to lack pizzazz. Yet this woman showed a high-risk style that seems deceptively weak, but stands strong under pressure. She gained bonus points with us for tossing her head a bit for the camera -- showing confidence in her hair's control.

SUPER-HAIR? She certainly was a one-night wonder, but we haven't seen much more. We'd like to hear from Canadian Hair Fans about how well her hair lasts day after day. Overall, though, this is a cut in the Jill Hennessy mold -- and "Hair Canada" has struck again. [Posted 6/4/2]

NAME: Rudi Bakhtiar

WHO IS SHE: News anchor with CNN Headline News

HER STYLE: Neck-length, well-rounded and usually side-parted. We'd become used to seeing her style straight, until a visitor to our web site pointed out this rather wavy (maybe moussed) picture from CNN's anchor pages. We personally think this look is better for her.... and....

WHY WE LIKE IT: because some extra weight adds control. Watch her newscasts for awhile, and you'll see she has trouble keeping the straight look in place. Sometimes it's behind the ear; sometimes it drops down (not in the eyes, but down) and looks messy. The heavier look seems more enticing.

SUPER-HAIR? Officially, yes, since we haven't seen it fall in her eyes. Unofficially -- well, it has potential if she uses the heavier look. We fear with the straight approach, defeat is only a matter of time.

She may not have the Ultimate perfection of a Judy Fortin, but she's another reason why Headline News seems to display better-quality cuts these days than CNN. (Exhibit A: Where's Natalie Allen?) This hair is worth watching - and we thank a loyal Hair Fan for another good nomination! [Posted 5/25/2]

NAME: Marian de la Fuente

WHO IS SHE: Co-host of Telemundo program De Mañanita

HER STYLE: Long, straight and moderately thick, stopping between her elbow and waistline. (We say for her, the longer the better.) Can be teased back for control; often worn back behind the shoulders on at least one side, though we enjoy seeing it up front.

The May issue of People en Español, where we obtained our photo, interviewed her about her beauty secrets - but the word "pelo" never came up. Don't ask us why.

WHY WE LIKE IT: When we first saw this woman a few years ago on "CBS Telenoticias," we were stunned. Hair this long never appears in U.S. television newscasts - but hers did, and it looked fabulous. The heat of TV lights and occasional turns didn't seem to cause any drooping. Maybe her hair distracted us from some of the information -- but we really didn't mind.

SUPER-HAIR? The magazine interview was in a section called "Lo Último," and we'd like to think her hair is exactly that. But we admittedly haven't seen this style very much. We'd appreciate hearing from Hair Fans who follow Spanish-language celebrities and news, about how well she does in the long term. [Posted 5/21/2]

NAME: Campbell Brown

WHO IS SHE: White House reporter for NBC News

HER STYLE: Currently a bit longer than our photo -- a sidepart scraping her shoulders. The right side is well shaped with a round brush to have a variety of lines; then that side seemingly is sprayed into place. The left side can be done the same way, or simply tucked behind the ear.

WHY WE LIKE IT: When at its best, this style is well-groomed and high-risk. We first put her on this list in 2001 for solid hold on good days, and minimal movement on rough days. After she endured September 11th without cracking, she made our Top Ten list for a few months. But....

SUPER-HAIR? Not anymore, we're afraid. She had to wrap her locks around her neck to escape defeat on a windy January day. Then on 16 May 2, a tricky crosswind outside the White House proved too troublesome. The right side hair stayed solid, and it's amazingly still unbeaten. But the "off side" strands came off the left ear and blew into her eyes. She had a great run - but now you know why we promoted Norah O'Donnell above her. [Updated 5/17/2]

NAME: Shannon Oliver

WHO IS SHE: Second runner-up on "The Bachelor;" financial management assistant

HER STYLE: Flowing and straight, resting softly on the shoulder and parted slightly off-center. At its best, it seems to be curled at the tips. Hair can be tucked behind the right ear for risky situations. And she has to spray it -- doesn't she?

WHY WE LIKE IT: Before this unusual game show slips away (and we don't expect ABC to rerun it), we wanted to honor the woman we thought had the best hair of the 25 brides-in-waiting. This style sits there, almost daring you to touch it. Yet from what we saw, it stays well controlled -- and she'd stop you if you went too far. (She did with Alex, if you know what we mean.)

The fact that she's hosted a local television show indicates to us she knows how to keep her beauty in position under hot lights. And she's from Texas - a state known for women who take good care to keep hair at its best.

SUPER-HAIR? If only she hadn't turned back to ask Alex why he turned her down. That question on the fifth "invitation night" occurred with a slight breeze blowing -- and the turn put the wind at her back, blowing a few strands into her face. Not many, though, as most of the hair stayed in line. We wouldn't reject her, even with that slight slip. [Updated for last name 5/24/2]

NAME: Laurie Holden

WHO IS SHE: Actress, recently seen in the movie "The Majestic"

HER STYLE: The web site visitor who nominated her specifically mentioned the style she had in the film. A Holden fan's web site has several examples of it -- well-curled and crimped, supported either with pins or lots of spray.

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Hair Fan who suggested her admittedly likes classic styles. This is an example of one, from the 1940s. The curls dare you to play with them. And the sprayed point above the right eye is so vital to the style's success or failure. If it slumps, the hair could go behind the right ear - but the look certainly is in trouble.

SUPER-HAIR? We honestly doubt it. The "period piece" in the movie is well-processed, but obviously a Hollywood production. The picture at left is her "everyday" style, and still seems reliant on spray to keep it off the eyes. If a breeze blew at this straight hair, we suspect she'd have problems. [Posted 4/29/2]

NAME: Eva Chavela

WHO IS SHE: Guitarist/singer in New York alternative rock band, "The Drive"

HER STYLE: Falling politely on her shoulders, with light face-framing bangs which can be combed back or rest on the forehead; long hair closest to the eyes sometimes is pinned back for concerts.

WHY WE LIKE IT: The person who nominated this woman addressed the e-mail simply, "This is hair!" We agree - and not only because of the color. The bangs are cut deeply, allowing for movement when the music gets wild. Yet the photos we checked at her web site show this is also a well-controlled style. It may flex, but doesn't seem to fly off the handle - not even on a windy San Francisco beach.

SUPER-HAIR? From the photos alone, we'd say yes. But we'd love to see her in concert - unpinned, if not unplugged. We'd enjoy hearing from New York hair fans who've seen her and her style in action. And thanks to the one who offered another good nomination! Click here for our exclusive interview with Eva! [Updated 4/26/2]

NAME: Nancy Lee Grahn

WHO IS SHE: Actress on "General Hospital;" #31 on Ultimate 50

HER STYLE: Most recently shoulder-length and straight -- but it's the bangs which make this style. They seem to be cut at two lengths: shorter for the forehead, jaw-bone length at the fringes, around the face.

WHY WE LIKE IT: The risk is high, but the hold for years has been strong. It takes a good bit of shaking to jar the long bangs loose -- but even then, she doesn't have to adjust them much to get back in line. However....

SUPER-HAIR? It was for more than two years, and we've even toyed with adding her to our Top Ten list. But on 23 Apr 2, one of the most daring style shows on TV met its end. A steamy up-close love scene pushed a few of the longer bangs across her right eye. They almost fell on the bridge of her nose, which would keep her officially unbeaten, but not quite.

Despite this defeat, this woman's hair has a strong track record. Our Ultimate 50 2002 Update pages can lead you to examples of this. [Posted 4/23/2]

NAME: Sheryl Crow

WHO IS SHE: Rock singer

HER STYLE: A simple center-parted style, at lengths from the shoulder to the armpits. We believe it's naturally wavy, but she wears it with almost round-brush curves in some videos.

WHY WE LIKE IT: A web site visitor suggested Crow's latest look, telling us she plans to copy it this summer. But Crow's shown several variations lately, so we're a bit puzzled about exactly what the visitor prefers.

Our photo from Crow's official web site hints at one of those great new looks -- with the waves tamed to almost a flare. The strength of the curls remains, only with much more impressive control. And we think this hair's more attractive when she keeps it shorter, as you see here.

SUPER-HAIR? It looks great when it's at its best and she's standing still, but we're afraid she doesn't have the strong hold to match. Fast-moving videos and concerts throw her hair in her eyes quite a bit. Given her counter-culture persona, we really don't think she minds, either. [Posted 4/17/2]

NAME: Julie Luck

WHO IS SHE: TV news reporter in San Francisco

HER STYLE: Short with softness -- sideparted with safe bangs, and flares around the neck so subtle that they seem to be the way her hair naturally falls. (We've seen her hair about an inch shorter, and it had no flares at all.) Our photo makes us wonder if she gives the right-side hair a little extra "lift" at the crown for protection.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Our eyes first opened to this rising star when she presented morning news in South Carolina. Her hair was a touch shorter and tighter then, but still flawless. The bangs were still there, providing a bit of temptation.

The adjustments she's made since then are small, and add to the riskiness of the style. Yet we believe the risk of this hair falling is still quite small, as she takes care in preparing it. Her station "bio" page notes she was a major-college cheerleader, so she must know something about looking sharp in public pressure situations.

SUPER-HAIR? From what we've seen, it is -- but we admit we haven't seen it much. We'd appreciate input from Bay Area Hair Fans on how well her hair stays in line. When it comes to this style, though, we're led to believe "luck" has nothing to do with it. [Posted 4/9/2]

NAME: Cora-Ann Mihalik

WHO IS SHE: TV News anchor, Secaucus, New Jersey

HER STYLE: We thank the Hair Fan who sent us updated pictures. Compared with the photo we posted last year (c'mon, WWOR -- you can update your web site!), this style is a more natural shoulder-length look - a sidepart with a hint of added curl at the tips, a small brush of bangs across the forehead, then tucked behind the left ear just to be safe.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Ahhhh -- now THIS is more like it! It's a much less poufed head that lets the cut do the work of holding the hair in line, instead of plumped-up curl and heavy spray. We suspect a little spray is still used, especially around the right eye. That would keep the right-side hair out, while the left-side strands have a long way to go to get around the ear.

SUPER-HAIR? This look has possibilities, as it's built more along the lines of her great straight style of the 1990s. But we'd love to see this hair tested on a breezy spring day. [Updated 4/8/2]

NAME: Michelle DeSwarte

WHO IS SHE: British fashion model

HER STYLE: We're still trying to find a photo of exactly what we're after -- but imagine the picture we've posted with hair about four inches longer, and straight instead of curled. The thick, coarse base of the hair remained when we saw her at a fashion show in Milan.

WHY WE LIKE IT: If you saw that Milan show, you probably know what happened to her there. She had to walk in four-inch Stiletto heels on a shag-carpet runway. She struggled for balance a couple of times, yet intensely stared ahead without flinching. Finally she fell down -- but amazingly, the hair sitting only an inch on either side of her eyes did not fall. It flexed, yet somehow stayed remarkably in position while perpendicular to the ground. She never even had to touch it back into position!

SUPER-HAIR? When something like this happens, we believe. Perhaps she wore extenders at this show, but the Britney Spears example shows such styles can fly around a little. This hair barely moved at all. We'd like to see more of her in action -- but it appears Britain may have found its "hair apparent" to Naomi Campbell. [Posted 3/17/2]

NAME: Jan Crawford Greenburg

WHO IS SHE: Chicago Tribune Supreme Court reporter; contributor to PBS "NewsHour"

HER STYLE: Shoulder-length sidepart, usually tucked behind at least the right ear, yet not afraid to wear it on or in front of the shoulders. At its best, curls can be seen at the tips.

WHY WE LIKE IT: There's good flow to this hair, as well as a good effort at control. It seems she varies in how much hair on the "vulnerable" side is off the ears, yet the critical strands stay in position. In one TV segment we saw, the pulled-back hair seemed to droop down -- but were so well-rounded in shape that they didn't drop all the way. It looked tempting, but not collapsed.

SUPER-HAIR? It's unbeaten from what we've seen, and she seems to take very good care of it. (We found an old photo on the PBS web site where her hair was short, and sizzled to perfection.) Yet we imagine this must be a challenge to keep out of the eyes day after day. [Posted 3/3/2]

NAME: Marina Anissina

WHO IS SHE: French figure skater; Winter Olympic gold medalist in ice dancing

HER STYLE: Straight and sleek, reaching to at least the middle of her back. "Back" is the key word, as she only seems comfortable when her hair is behind her shoulders. Especially note the hair closest to the eyes -- tucked behind both ears, then tucked back farther behind from there.

WHY WE LIKE IT: She colored her hair red this season -- and in a way we're thankful for that. It helped call attention to one of the most incredible displays of long-hair control we've seen in years. While her long locks fly all over the place on the ice, the hair behind her ears always stays put. (Our photo, courtesy AP/CNNSI, is a great example of this.) It never seems even close to falling off. And she hides it behind the long hair so well that we've never been able to see how she does it; dance moves that throw the hair forward are too unexpected and fast on ice to follow the strands. Read our "Style Profile" page for more on this.

(From what we've seen, she doesn't appear to have any bobby pins behind the ears. We're guessing she has to tie the two sides together somehow. If she doesn't, this hold is even more amazing!)

SUPER-HAIR? Believe it or not, no. Even though the hair behind the ears is remarkably secure, the long hair in back has flown into her eyes during a few routines in Europe. But the hold around the ears earns a 6.0 all by itself -- and we didn't need a French judge to tell us that. [Posted 2/19/2]

NAME: Lisa Ling

WHO IS SHE: Co-Host of TV's "The View"; Top Ten Gold Award recipient

HER STYLE: Lately it's about an inch shorter than our photo -- bouncing off her shoulders, but still with a longish "feel" to it. It can appear at times back-combed, shaped, sprayed and even a bit moussed, yet without looking really goopy.

WHY WE LIKE IT: She's never been afraid to wear her hair close to her eyes -- because it sticks in place so incredibly well, it's not really in danger. A tilt of the head or a light touch around the eyebrows can adjust uncooperative strands back in line. But....

SUPER-HAIR? For almost two years at several lengths, we enthusiastically said yes. But on her 12 February 2 show (which ironically included a hair makeover segment), she took one high risk too many. She showed a taped trip to Disney World with her hair loose and untied. A rough roller coaster ride did what so many threats could not -- throwing her Super-strong style right-to-left across her face.

We frankly were surprised, and now feel a bit sad at seeing this champion come undone. All we can do as give a standing ovation of tribute, honoring one of the most superb runs of risky, top-quality hair on television in a long time. [Updated 2/12/2]

NAME: Myleene Klass

WHO IS SHE: Singer with the British group "HearSay"

HER STYLE: Usually simple and straight, in lengths ranging from the shoulders to mid-chest. We prefer the longer approach, as in our photo, because it shows off what appears to be a good bit of thickness. She can add body-curl better at the ends that way, which she sometimes does; she also occasionally tries the full-curl approach. When her hair is shorter, it looks more blunt-cut and a bit worn down.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Perhaps lots of women wear their hair this way, but she keeps it plush and under control as well as anyone we've seen. The fact that she's in a singing group which makes quick moves on stage makes this more impressive. The hair seems lifted a bit at the crown, providing a bit of room to maneuver and bounce. We're not sure if she adds something to the hair closest to the eyes, to keep things in line.

SUPER-HAIR? She received one of the year's Crown Award nominations for her style. But when Hear'Say added a new member 5 February 2, her fancy curls dipped into her right eye at a London news conference. It's beaten, but still pretty "Klass-y" to watch. [Updated 2/7/2]

NAME: Deborah Gianoulis

WHO IS SHE: TV newscaster in Jacksonville

HER STYLE: Short, thick and quite precise. These days it's a tight sidepart - full enough to have a hint of bangs on the forehead, yet quite tight in the back around the nape of the neck.

WHY WE LIKE IT:  When it comes to quality hair, this woman is a local legend. In the 1980's she had what one magazine compared to an "immovable wedge." She's adjusted the basic style over the years to have a bit of flipped-back curl, then the tighter cap she shows now -- but in every case, she's shown good "quality control."

SUPER-HAIR? From what we've seen of her, absolutely. We challenge you to find a better head of hair on local television -- especially one that's lasted into a third decade as hers has. If any Hair Fans in Florida have older photos of her styles, we invite you to share them with us. [Posted 2/1/2]

NAME: Andrea Evans

WHO IS SHE: Actress on daytime drama "Passions"

HER STYLE: A semi-helmet, semi-shag -- well-rounded at the top with forehead-covering bangs, but with the longest hairs touching the shoulder blade. This photo from NBC's web site shows the style a bit longer than she's worn it on TV recently.

WHY WE LIKE IT: We've been so busy monitoring McKenzie Westmore's cut that we almost overlooked this fine supporting style. The hair looks like it could move around, but it never really does -- and while the longer hair is temptingly close to the eyes, it tends to stay in line. Besides, the bangs are impressively strong.

SUPER-HAIR? From what we've seen on TV, potentially - but the big "if" is whether the long hair closest to the eyes can stay in position. This character needs to head for the town cannery on a windy night. [Posted 1/27/2]

NAME: Heather Locklear

WHO IS SHE: Actress on TV series "Spin City"

HER STYLE: As displayed at the Golden Globe Awards, a center-parted shoulder-length set - curled all around, and a bit feathered back nearest the eyes. We suspect a strong spray is added to, shall we say, lock down Locklear's locks.

WHY WE LIKE IT: It's practically "deja vu" for Hair Fans who first saw her on the police show "T.J. Hooker" years ago. The long hair is curled instead of straight, but otherwise it's the style that first made her famous. This version can bounce, turn and even "spin" - yet refuse to buckle.

SUPER-HAIR? If she's going to wear it this way all the time, it has the potential. But the hair closest to her eyes needs extra reinforcement to guard against wind and humidity. Truth be told, she wears her hair differently on her TV series - and it falls a good bit. [Photo courtesy; posted 1/22/2]

NAME: Carol Costello

WHO IS SHE: Anchor with CNN; former anchor/reporter in Washington

HER STYLE: The visitor who nominated her describes it as a "nice version on a bob." We think nice understates it. It stops just on the shoulders, with bangs lightly edging across the forehead. We suspect the long hair closest to the eyes is combed back with a round brush, then secured with spray.

WHY WE LIKE IT: First of all, thanks to a fellow Hair Fan for another great nomination! This style looks thick, appears quite natural, and rests very close to danger. Yet if it's sprayed around the eyes, it probably could stay in place for a long time -- and even flex a bit at the ends as it does. Beautiful, bouncy and balanced.

SUPER-HAIR? We found a couple of Internet photos where the hair was longer and messier. But we can't really answer for this style, because we admittedly haven't seen it in action. Can any Hair Fans in Washington offer guidance, about how well the hair worked there? [Photos courtesy and; updated 1/22/2]

NAME: Heidi Newfield

WHO IS SHE: Singer with the country group "Trick Pony"

HER STYLE: Think Sarah Jessica Parker, only longer. Cascading curls stretch in back to near her waist -- but the hairs closest to her eyes are cut shorter, to around the chin. At their best, the curls are more like full rings instead of waves.

WHY WE LIKE IT: We saw her for the first time at the American Music Awards, and our jaw almost hit the floor. Hair this long and loose is stunning to see - and she kept it behind her shoulders and off the eyes well enough to leave us wanting more.

SUPER-HAIR? Officially, yes -- and we're rooting hard to make that an unqualified yes. But her group's web site has a couple of windblown photos where this hair is across her face, practically beaten. If it can stay out of her eyes despite this, that would be quite a trick. [Posted 1/13/2]

NAME: Paula Zahn

WHO IS SHE: CNN Newscaster; formerly of Fox News and CBS

HER STYLE: A sidepart stretching neck to shoulder-length, usually with a few scattered bangs. (We prefer it shorter on her.) The longest hair on the "vulnerable" left side could be tucked behind the ear for security -- but from our photo, we wonder if she uses some sort of mousse to keep the strands together.

WHY WE LIKE IT: A visitor to our web site nominated her. Apparently she's impressed with the motion it appears to display. And the shorter version seems easy to maintain, while keeping some control.

SUPER-HAIR? The visitor wrote she was "disappointed" not to find Paula Zahn on our web site. Now we'll explain why she's been missing. While her hair is good, and has made our head turn for years, this current approach simply strikes us as too messy. It falls too easily -- unlike her better-defined short look with more complete bangs, which impressed us years ago. "In-between" styles like this are tough to keep consistently good-looking -- and very tough to keep controlled. [Posted 1/3/2]

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