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The 2003 Hot List

NAME: Jackie Guerrido

WHO IS SHE: Meteorologist on Univision's Despierta America, as well as local television in Miami

HER STYLE: Contrary to the old picture the Univision web site displays, it's medium-long, normally straight and in two layers - the hair closest to the eyes being trimmed around the chin, then curled or sizzled back and probably sprayed for hold. (We prefer the softer look of the curl.)

WHY WE LIKE IT: You really have to see this style from the side to appreciate it. It's a cut built to stick in position, and it does so day after day. We found a photo or two online where the hair was angled very close to her eyes, yet the preparation ensures nothing comes loose.

The clincher for us came when some colleagues saw her on TV for the first time. "People aren't watching her for the weather," one said. We hope Hair Fans can focus on both her style and her forecast at the same time.

SUPER-HAIR? As long as the curl or sizzle is strong, this is unbeatable hair. Undo those locks near the eyes and -- well, we can leave the rest of that story for the playground of your imagination. Team her with the other women on Despierta America (one of whom made our Top Ten awhile back), and we can understand why U.S. Hair Fans are taking morning Spanish lessons. [Posted 12/22/3]

NAME: Amy Lambert

WHO IS SHE: Gospel singer from North Carolina

HER STYLE: A long sidepart that we think looks best when completely brushed to the side, as in the photo above from her web site. Her current look, which we saw on the TV show "Swan's Place," is a few inches longer than the photo.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Her hair is shapely, yet very sturdy - and she accomplishes that through as many as three lines of defense. She can curl the left side away from the eyes, then spray that curl into position.

The third protective tactic becomes evident in this photo - bangs that can be hidden to the side. (Our apologies to Darrell Waltrip for trimming him out of this picture.) She can bring them down for variety, yet they can also serve as a warning of sorts on the forehead that the left side is weakening and needs adjustment to get back in line. We believe on the telecast, the bangs even were curled back a bit.

SUPER-HAIR? Long-term success for this style will depend on how deeply the bangs are cut, to keep longer strands away from the eyes. But so far, so good -- and despite the critics of "big church hair," good and godly can go hand-in-hand. [Posted 12/9/3]

NAME: Jennifer London

WHO IS SHE: Reporter for MSNBC; formerly with Tech TV

HER STYLE: A no-nonsense medium-long sidepart, usually tucked behind both ears; curls can be added at ends on occasion

WHY WE LIKE IT: Unlike Petra Nordlund below, this woman reports outside a lot -- in recent weeks from places such as wind-swept Colorado and the California fire lines. Yet she's skilled at keeping a longer look under control. While she throws hair back behind her shoulders for safety often, the key to success obviously is her right ear. Hair placed there tends to stay there, no matter what seems to happen.

This vid-cap from TV appears to show a wind coming from behind the style. It's always a tough test -- yet the right side digs in and sticks solidly at the ear. If that hair falls off, the breeze could blow it completely down into her face.

SUPER-HAIR? We haven't seen it much, but we're impressed by what we see so far. Web site regulars know we marvel at hair which stays strongly behind the ears -- especially when the style is under attack from unstable weather. We never vote in our polls or lobby one way or the other, but we ask: could this woman be a Crown Award contender? [Posted 11/26/3]

NAME: Diane McInerney

WHO IS SHE: Reporter for the program Inside Edition

HER STYLE: A long sidepart which dares to live dangerously. While our photo shows a straight and processed look, most of the reports we've seen have shown loose and almost random-looking waves.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Look toward her left eye and you'll see the answer. She wears her hair thisincrediblyclose to defeat - yet it doesn't fall in that eye, even when the style bounces a bit. The wavy approach actually may help her, as she can "mix" strips together for some sneaky extra control.

We thank a Hair Fan in the Northeast for providing vid-caps of McInerney's style at other TV jobs in the New York area. As a news anchor at "News 12 Long Island," she kept the hair very close to the left eye as well -- undoubtedly secured by a strong spray.

And here's an unusual back view of her style, as she covered a story outdoors for New York's "Fox-5." It looks natural and carefree from this angle - and even the critical section (on your left) shows no sign of extra processing, though it does seem curled back a bit.

SUPER-HAIR? From what we've seen on the air, it's Mega-Super, if that's possible. The clincher for us came 12 November, when she showed how you can get travel and dining upgrades for next to nothing. A couple of head shakes saved her from collapse at times - and even a sitting plop-down on a soft bed in the Waldorf Astoria hotel couldn't flex the hair into her eyes.

McInerney is showing bouncy hold which almost defies belief -- and to us, she looks a bit like another woman with a similarly remarkable head of hair. Norah O'Donnell, we may have found a challenger for you. [Updated 11/24/3]

NAME: Eve Troutt Powell

WHO IS SHE: Associate Professor of History at University of Georgia; recipient of McArthur Fellowship for 2003

HER STYLE: We think her best look is the one shown above -- almost shoulder-length, with a thick sidepart kept as far back as possible. A soft "body curl" is especially evident near the left eye. Spray and teasing seem to combine to keep the right side in place.

WHY WE LIKE IT: The fullness of her hair impressed us first. The wave wowed us second. This one-two punch of thickness and strength can result in a good, long-lasting look -- and if the curl is positioned properly, the hair can stay off her eyes even if a crosswind blows the style in.

SUPER-HAIR? We wish! We like thick tempting styles like this (imagine Kim Delaney a few years ago, with a soft wave) -- but an online photo search found one picture where her hair was much flatter, and a few strands limped down to partially cover the left eye. We commend her, though, for proving college professors can have hair as good as the students. [Posted 10/21/3]

NAME: Amber Shipman

WHO IS SHE: Miss Montana 2003-04, who competed at the recent Miss America pageant; college student

HER STYLE: The Hair Fan who nominated her (and sent the nice vid-cap above) describes it as a "short bob.... with short wedged layers in the back and daring length in the front."

WHY WE LIKE IT: We'll quote again from this Hair Fan, whose description we can't top: "In the recent Miss America pageant, Miss Montana Amber Shipman had an exciting look that offers both beauty and risk. This short bob held up to movement and kept its classic shape...." kept that way thanks to the layers.

As for the front, "daring" truly is the word. Think of the windblown reputation Montana has, and you'll realize it's a high-risk style for that kind of weather. The photo at left seems to reveal a secret to her control: added curl at the tips, hidden amid the overall straightness of the hair.

SUPER-HAIR? Our Hair Fan certainly knows what gets us going. But let's be real here - how could this style survive a crosswind? It seemingly wouldn't take much for hair to cover her face.

To be honest, we personally weren't thrilled by this look when we saw it on the night of the finals. (Miss America's web site did not post it in advance -- and by the way, why doesn't some cable channel show preliminary nights of this pageant?) This sort of style strikes us as forced and awkward-looking. But our visitor defends it well, and we thank him for the nomination. One fun thing about Super-Hair is that you can have friendly, spirited discussions about it. [Posted 9/30/3]

NAME: Marina Harrison

WHO IS SHE: Miss Maryland 2003; third runner-up for Miss America 2004

HER STYLE: A shapely neck-length style with a good bit of bounce to it. Hair around the eyes appears to be round-brushed back, then the entire style is rounded (and perhaps sprayed in front).

WHY WE LIKE IT: She won the Miss Maryland pageant with a tight style, but dared to grow her hair out for Atlantic City. We support that move, because the longer look offers both more beauty and risk.

This photo from a preliminary talent competition shows how much bounce the style has. The hair in back falls back in line with impressive quality, while the strands up front (we can't really call them bangs) have some give to them.

SUPER-HAIR? She had us cheering hard for her on pageant night, especially after Miss Indiana was eliminated. But in the talent competition (as she ironically sang Alicia Keys's "Fallen"), a few strands came too loose and fell in the right eye. She quickly shook them out with a back-tilt of the head, but it was too late -- and that's too bad.

She wins our "best hair" prize for the pageant, if only because she dared to go for it all. Miss America 2003 Erika Harold displayed a teased "side wall" of hair and won. We'd like to take this opportunity to apologize for giving Harold too little attention here -- because her style could have taken on any of this year's top contenders and prevailed. But wow, Miss Maryland would have made the contest worth watching. [Posted 9/21/3]

NAME: Petra Nordlund

WHO IS SHE: Newscaster for Sweden's TV-4

HER STYLE: Straight, sideparted, a bit beyond shoulder-length and carefully positioned. She's apparently grown her hair out from a perceived "professional" teased neck-length look, and now throws it back most of the time. A few wisps might be combed forward on each side for face-framing attraction.

WHY WE LIKE IT: This natural, high-risk style hides nothing, showing you her keys to success or failure. The shoulders matter, in providing extra defense (though the locks would stay in place better if she added a few inches). But the ears matter more, in keeping strong control for the hair.

Here's a look at how she adjusts for long hair in front. The tucked-back strip behind the ears narrows, but it still sticks in position. Get the hair off her ears and she obviously is in trouble -- but it would be difficult to reach for those strips with longer hair covering them.

SUPER-HAIR? We root for styles like this -- and in fact have prepared a complete Style Profile about it. We haven't seen this completely collapse yet. But we haven't seen this woman in action very often, and would appreciate feedback from European Hair Fans about it. Overall, though, Sweden may have found a hair champion to succeed the women of ABBA. [Posted 9/17/3]

NAME: Sharon Davis

WHO IS SHE: Wife of former California Governor

HER STYLE: A tight blonde helmet, with bangs that seem to have some flexibility on the forehead. (We've seen some pictures with them in different positions, at least.) The goal with her longer hair seems to be to keep the tips in back of the ears as much as possible.

WHY WE LIKE IT: This style may not seem to take much effort, but we think that's deceptive. Thanks to the side view in our MSNBC photo (there's full video of her at that web site, too), you can see what looks like some curling of hair close to the eyes. We suspect she gives it all a coat of spray at the start of the day, to lock down longer strands and keep them out of trouble.

SUPER-HAIR? We haven't seen it much, but it appears to be. This is a style that's built to hold through long days of vote-seeking. We can only imagine the marathon hair-mussing contests she could have with her husband. [Posted 9/8/3]

NAME: Andrea Stassou

WHO IS SHE: Anchor on ABC "World News Now"

HER STYLE: We now have a vid-cap from one of her newscasts (thanks to "TWWL: The Women We Love" for providing it) -- about an inch shorter than her days at a TV station in Boston. It's an off-center part that's basically straight, but strengthened with a bit of curl at the tips and a bit of pouf (sprayed or sizzled) at the crown. She can tuck it back behind the ears, as shown above, for more high-pressure situations.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Her style stays solid under TV lights - but she won us over on the night of the Northeastern U.S. power outage. She spent the entire night in Times Square, with no added product on her hair. Using only her ears for defense, it stayed in line quite well -- even with a light breeze blowing.

SUPER-HAIR? From what we've seen so far, it is. We're not ready to put her style on the level of predecessor Liz Cho, but we'd rank it with Lisa McRee among this newscast's best-looking heads of hair. [Updated 9/17/3]

NAME: Holly Marie Combs

WHO IS SHE: Actress in the TV series "Charmed"

HER STYLE: Bust-line long and mostly straight; can be waved on occasion for a bit of extra body, or teased back for control.

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Hair Fan who nominated this style raved about wanting to get their hands on it. (Given her show's theme, this fan may be aligned with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.) There's a good bit of thickness here, and she seems to make a concerted effort to keep the forehead clean so the hair stays off her eyes.

SUPER-HAIR? We don't think so, because we vaguely recall seeing this hair in her eyes at some point. But we review so many styles that we can't honestly recall where or when it happened -- and from the photos we reviewed online, we could be talked into changing that opinion. Given the big hair chop Alyssa Milano just made (how quickly they forget Keri Russell), she may have the most "Charmed" style left in the cast. [Posted 8/10/3; picture courtesy WB Network]

NAME: Nigella Lawson

WHO IS SHE: British cooking host and author; latest book is "Forever Summer"

HER STYLE: Falling thickly to the shoulders or a pinch below; we say it's at its best with some slightly tossed waviness. Could be tucked behind an ear or two for variety, but we don't really think that's her best look.

WHY WE LIKE IT: This style is making Hair Fans on several continents slowly rise to a rolling boil. She leaves it out to firm, and it becomes well-set in texture and control. This style seems to stand the heat of her kitchen (not to mention the "telly" lights), even when kept quite close to the eyes.

SUPER-HAIR? While it often looks great, it's sadly had moments when strands slipped into an eye. Nonetheless, we'd love to read the "domestic goddess's" styling recipe. [Posted 7/22/3]

NAME: Anne Peterson

WHO IS SHE: News anchor/reporter in Kansas City, recently "released" from her station

HER STYLE: A helmeted sidepart, which has changed over the years. It once relied on a sizzled flip with spray above the right eyes for its unshakable hold; more recently, she's had trimmed bangs on the forehead needing no ironing at all.

WHY WE LIKE IT: In a word, it's rock-solid. This style has held its ground on the air for more than 20 years, no matter what the situation -- from collapsed sports arena roofs to long hours at the anchor desk. We don't recall any cases where this style even drooped close to trouble.

SUPER-HAIR? By all means -- but now that her station seems to be dropping her, her future in public sadly is in doubt. Kansas City used to be a very competitive hair hotbed, and she ranked among the best. Now she becomes the fifth top-quality cut to disappear from TV in recent years. (Sigh....) [Posted 7/13/3]

NAME: Denisa Kola

WHO IS SHE: Albania's delegate to 2003 Miss Universe pageant

HER STYLE: Shoulder-length and a bit flared at the tips; pulled back at the roots and probably sprayed

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Hair Fan who nominated her didn't give a reason why. The hair seems to have good thickness to it, but the key to this style's control is in the teasing on top.

SUPER-HAIR? Sorry, but we can't go "Kola nuts" for this woman. Check the photos posted by the pageant, and you'll see one with her hair covering her left eye. (In fact, several top contenders this year had weak styles.) But thanks for the suggestion, which may be one to keep in mind for our "EuroCup" in 2004. [Posted 7/2/3]

NAME: Jewel

WHO IS SHE: Singer and poet; latest album is "0304"

HER STYLE: Medium-long always, but beyond that there's variety. She can part it down the middle or to the side, and can wear it straight (which we think is her natural texture) or with added waves (our preference).

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Hair Fan who nominated her didn't give a reason. But from what we've seen, she makes a good effort to keep her hair out of her eyes -- mostly through light spraying and modest back-combing.

SUPER-HAIR? The straight way, no; photos with her locks in her face are easy to find online. The wavy way might be, because it has some added muscle -- but she doesn't show those waves too often. Maybe the "steamy new look" being hyped for her latest album will change that. [Posted 6/19/3]

NAME: Amelia Vega

WHO IS SHE: Miss Universe 2003; Miss Dominican Republic 2003

HER STYLE: Elbow-length and mostly straight, making extensive use of the shoulders for control (tuck-backs behind ears don't seem to work as well). Waves seem to appear on occasion.

WHY WE LIKE IT: When we saw this woman's picture in the days before the Miss Universe pageant, something told us she was bound for victory. She has a great smile, for one thing - but her hair seemed a notch or two above other long-haired contenders, such as Brazil and Greece. A bit more thickness seems to make the difference in keeping her hair in line. The locks seemed to weaken a little in the final half-hour on television, but she adjusted well to keep them from bouncing too far.

SUPER-HAIR? On the night of the pageant, it was. But other pictures from the Miss Universe pageant show this style slipping into an eye on rare occasions. It's too bad she learned about her after the Cup of the Americas started, because we think she would have done well. [Updated 8/31/3; photo courtesy Reuters]

NAME: Chantille Boudousque

WHO IS SHE: College student in New Orleans; female champion of the reality series "Are You Hot?"

HER STYLE: Armpit-long and normally straight, with well-cut bangs for the forehead; can be sideparted or a bit wavy from time to time

WHY WE LIKE IT: If you considered this series silly and self-centered, we can understand. But the judges made a great selection, when it comes to a hot hairstyle. This basic cut can take a variety of looks: in front of or behind the shoulders; side or center-parted; bangs hidden to a side or across the forehead; and even a moderate perm. Many fashion models have this look, but her hair holds far better than most -- as it's apparently thick enough or carefully sprayed enough to keep its position. (If it's sprayed, she disguises it quite well.)

SUPER-HAIR? From what we've seen, it is. Most of the time on TV, she was displayed in controlled indoor situations. We'd delight in seeing how her style would fare on a windy day. Are there any City League challengers in New Orleans for this woman?! [Posted 5/29/3]

NAME: Marcia MacMillan

WHO IS SHE: Meteorologist for Canada's "Weather Network"

HER STYLE: A shoulder-scraping sidepart, seemingly with a few layers; note the shorter strands next to her right eye. She's worn this style about two inches (oops, five centimetres Canadian) longer than our photo shows, but we think shorter is better for her.

WHY WE LIKE IT: A Hair Fan nominated her for our Cup of the Americas -- but she's so unknown outside Ontario, that person had to send us a "vid-cap" of her picture on the air. Countless others are glad that person did, because she's become the biggest early surprise of the tournament.

One voter praised her for being "smart and sexy." The closeness of this hair to the eyes may account for some of that. We're guessing the locks stay out through some spray, a bit of round-brushing -- and especially through careful placement of her glasses, to block any falling strands.

SUPER-HAIR? She scored a Super-sized upset by thrashing World Cup I champion Jill Hennessy in Canadian qualifying, ending Hennessy's seven-match unbeaten streak. But after looking through 12 vid-caps sent by our Hair Fan, we doubt this hair can stay in place over the long haul. Sometimes the hair is so close she has to seriously lean to keep it off the right eye. We'd enjoy seeing her network send her outside on a windy afternoon, to settle this question. [Posted 5/15/3]

NAME: Vanessa Marcil

WHO IS SHE: Actress best known (and most recently seen) on the daytime drama "General Hospital;" will appear this fall in the prime-time drama "Las Vegas"

HER STYLE: We say her best length is shoulders or a bit below, but she's varied that over the years. She can wear it straight as our photo shows, slightly wavy (in her case, a little steam is sufficient for us) or fully curly. In fact, that flexibility brought her to our attention....

WHY WE LIKE IT: The web site visitor who suggested her wrote: "I love her hair! She can do anything to it." That's certainly true, and it reflects on a head of hair that seems to be very healthy. She's displayed a variety of eye-catching styles over the years, and she often flexes her locks (especially when they're relatively straight) seemingly to show them off. We found a website with plenty of photos illustrating that variety, in the "interactive" section.

SUPER-HAIR? The styles doubtlessly are attractive, but if anything they flex too much. We've seen her hair in her eyes several times - including, if we remember correctly, a hair color commercial. Thanks for another great nomination, though. If she met our highest-rated "Ultimate 50" daytime star in a Super-Hair War, Annie Parisse probably would win - but Marcil would give her all she could handle. [Information updated 7/2/3]

NAME: Hope Falcon

WHO IS SHE: Pop singer; first album is "Breakable"

HER STYLE: Neck-to-shoulder length, center-parted curls, seemingly all-natural

WHY WE LIKE IT: The mother of a teenage girl nominated her, saying, "It's a cute look for a young person, and seems to be somewhat versatile." We'd agree with that assessment. It looks like it could be tied or pinned in several creative ways -- though from the photos we've seen, she prefers to let it go au natural. When it's in place, it's invitingly close to her face.

SUPER-HAIR? Based on the photos at her web site, it could be -- but we honestly have our doubts. How much did she have to adjust her hair, to survive those wind-blown shots? She could have at least used her ears for support, since the hair seems long enough. If she had a Super-Hair War with Norah Jones, the longer locks of Jones would be a heavy favorite -- but thanks for a good nomination. [Posted 4/14/3]

NAME: Christiane Amanpour

WHO IS SHE: Correspondent for CNN and CBS's "60 Minutes;" #35 on the Ultimate 50

HER STYLE: Neck-length, tight and tough; center-parted with bangs across the forehead. Flared tips show every once in a while.

WHY WE LIKE IT: This style is always ready for action, and she's sure seen a lot of it over the years -- reporting from war zones as diverse as Iraq and Serbia. Strong winds may blow the long hair around, but usually not down. And her bangs hold so well on gusty days, they sometimes seem armor-plated.

SUPER-HAIR? For years, it has been -- but the desert breezes of Operation Iraqi Freedom have proven its surprising undoing. One report from Basra in March showed a desperate style wrapped around the neck toward the right shoulder, barely in control.

Then came 1 April -- one of the worst days for Super-Hair we've seen in years, as CNN colleague Daryn Kagan's hair fell and Ana Maria Canseco's almost did. A tricky Basra cross-wind finally shoved a few of the longer strands into Amanpour's left eye. The wonder probably is that it didn't happen sooner. This hair veteran is still worthy of full honors -- and Jane Arraf, the torch apparently is passed to you. [Posted 4/2/3]

NAME: Rym Brahimi

WHO IS SHE: CNN reporter, recently booted from Baghdad

HER STYLE: Shoulder-length waves, emphasizing a clean forehead. While our photo seems to show the hair straightened with a round brush for shape, we tend to prefer the looser approach with waves in multiples she's shown on the air lately.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Deep-down, we suspect many Hair Fans dream of getting their hands on a headful of waves and toying with them. This would be a great head for trying it. The hair usually is tight and well-controlled, and thrown back behind the ears and shoulders to stay out of trouble. While fellow journalist Jane Arraf uses bangs for safety, she dares to use a longer, riskier approach.

SUPER-HAIR? We were hoping so, but then Saddam Hussein kicked all CNN personnel out of Iraq. When she did live reports from Jordan 24 March, the hair put up a good fight for awhile against a moderate breeze - but the long locks eventually lost, flying in her face. At this network, Christiane Amanpour remains battlefront hair champion until dethroned. [Posted 3/24/3]

NAME: H.M. Rania Al-Abdullah

WHO IS SHE: Queen of Jordan

HER STYLE: A sidepart with lengths from the shoulder-blades to the heart; normally straight and single-length, but occasionally with steamy waves and bangs.

WHY WE LIKE IT: This generation cries out for a new Princess Diana -- a member of royalty with stylish beauty to match. We believe this Queen qualifies, with hair that at its best tempts us to change our citizenship. She can throw the style behind the shoulders for formal occasions, but usually wears it loose and attractively. Bangs have surfaced on hot desert days, to keep the hair under control.

SUPER-HAIR? We placed her on our top ten list because of the risks she took and the skill she had. A tour of Petra she gave Katie Couric, with waves fighting the breeze and winning, impressed us a lot. But on "Good Morning America" 14 March she stepped out of a car for an interview -- and the Queen's left side hair was too close and drooped into an eye. That's too bad for her, but we challenge you to find a governing family today with hair that's better. [Posted 3/14/3]

NAME: Mandy Moore

WHO IS SHE: Singer and actress; next movie is "Saved"

HER STYLE: Currently a short sidepart, with a few layers to the right side. Our photo shows some hair is long enough to set behind an ear for security. From other photos we've seen, we'd guess she adds mousse for control as well. (And yes, she'd rather be brunette than blonde.)

WHY WE LIKE IT: She's been the hottest search on our web site in recent months -- perhaps because people like the carefree appearance of this style. The hair is cut so "warning bangs" (the shortest layer) fall across the forehead, if the style is in danger of collapsing. We'd compare it to Selma Blair, whom we posted last year - only this is a bit longer and looser.

SUPER-HAIR? We honestly don't think so. Her old longer look fell in her eyes often, and this seems to have the potential. We'd give Blair the edge, if their similar styles had a Super-Hair War. But Moore gains respect with us for posting a photo on her web site showing the back of the long style. She obviously knows what Hair Fans like. [Posted 3/6/3]

NAME: Lisa Johnson

WHO IS SHE: Lecturer; author of the book "How to Snare a Millionaire"

HER STYLE: A neck-length sidepart, cut a bit bluntly in progressive layers. The shortest "teases" us at the forehead, while longer strips are rather loosely assembled near the right eye.

WHY WE LIKE IT: She claims more than 80 millionaires have proposed to her (no, she's still single) - and we think that means a lot of wealthy men are Hair Fans. The way her bangs are brushed in toward the face, this style almost dares you to touch the right side and "finish it off." Yet when she stepped out to find men on Dr. Phil McGraw's talk show, the layers closest to the eye refused to budge. The hair bounced a bit, but with control. (And she thinks it's her eye motions attracting guys - ha.)

SUPER-HAIR? From what little we've seen of this style, it is. There's obviously high risk here, yet the hair is attractive and seems capable of sticking tightly when necessary. Hmmmm - how about a sequel book: "How to Snare Some Super-Hair" ? [Posted 2/19/3]

NAME: Hope Solo

WHO IS SHE: Soccer goalie at University of Washington; top draft choice of WUSA Philadelphia Charge.

HER STYLE: Medium-long and center-parted, straight and fairly thick; seemingly dependent on tuck-backs for control.

WHY WE LIKE IT: When we glimpsed at her on WUSA Draft Day, you could have knocked us over with a yellow card. We've honestly never seen a female soccer player with hair this nice-looking - especially with this much length. (For example, compare her style with top draft pick Aly Wagner.)

Hope apparently helps prep her hair for special events by wearing it tied back a lot. When she's playing goal, a ponytail is understandable - and the locks are as hard to beat as she is.

SUPER-HAIR? This was our only view of it, so it's hard to say. If it sticks behind the ears (she could do better on her left side in the photo), it well could be. If you see her promoting women's pro soccer, do us a favor -- and ask her to wear her hair down with a headband during the season. Good styles like this should be on display. [Posted 2/4/3]

NAME: Tiffany Scott

WHO IS SHE: Half of U.S. pairs figure skating champion team

HER STYLE: A short sidepart trimmed no longer than the nape of the neck. Can be feather-layered on the long (right) side, or moussed back for extra control.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Unlike some other women, this is a case where going shorter works better. She trimmed her hair and removed a pinned bun this season, leaving a style with great natural (well, maybe sprayed) hold. Not even a couple of falls in the U.S. finals could knock the layers loose; this photo has her touching the ice with her hand after a toss from her partner.

SUPER-HAIR? At this length, it is. Any skater who performs with hair unpinned wins Hair Fan votes. (Do we have your attention, Sarah Hughes?) She's rising to become the top style on U.S. ice - even if it's admittedly by default. [Posted 1/22/3; photo courtesy Reuters]

NAME: Kienji (last name not known)

WHO IS SHE: Singer with the R&B group "LuvHer;" 2002 Crown Award nominee for Best Curls

HER STYLE: Shoulder-length curls, probably as full as any you've ever seen. They bounce too well for us to call this an "Afro," since historically those styles are much stiffer. And they seem to be cut with well-hidden bangs, which show up when the hair falls forward.

WHY WE LIKE IT: So what if you've never heard of this group and can't name any of its songs? We couldn't either, until we came across photos of this woman -- and then we didn't care. This head of curls is remarkable for its volume, springiness and flexibility.

What's more remarkable is the control this hair seems to have. Look at what happens when a breeze tries to blow the style forward. The curls simply absorb most of it, so she needn't worry too much. Yet we know from other photos she doesn't fear to wear them near the eyes.

SUPER-HAIR? From what we've seen, it is -- and we're sure rooting for it to be. These curls are firmer and better organized than those of former Top Ten member Michelle DeSwarte, and she seems to have the extra thickness to keep them in place. LuvHer, indeed. [Posted 1/9/3]

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