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December 2001: In Defense of Helmet Hair

We did an online search recently for "helmet hair," and were a bit surprised by the results. Almost every reference to this phrase was negative, and some were downright mocking. Yet with proper preparation and care, we contend a helmet can be a quite attractive hairstyle - and it can come in several varieties.

Tammy came from a town in the wind-blown Plains States, with a hairstyle that seemed custom-designed for the conditions. We rank it among the most perfect helmet cuts we've ever seen. Why?

* The shape - precisely rounded, with nothing sticking up or out.

* The lines - no noticeable strands going in a wrong, unsymmetrical direction.

* The half-curl - added at the ends, possibly with two functional purposes: allowing extra bounce when the hair is in motion, yet giving a bit of extra strength for wind resistance.

* The bangs - curled as well, covering the forehead strongly and flawlessly. Regular visitors to this site know we prefer thick bangs for styles like this, and this hair has that.

* The "corners" - where the bangs officially end and the longer hair begins. Some helmets make an abrupt jump to the long strands, making it too easy for those strands to get in the eyes. This cut is more gradual -- and when the curl is added, it seems impossible for loose ends to clip a corner of the eyes.

But of course, this was prepared for a studio photo shoot....

This outdoor photo shows a bit of wind testing Tammy's tough tresses. The curl gives the helmet some "breathing room" - so it can give a bit to the breeze, yet stay remarkably in line. Note how the hair on her left side flexes back, yet the bangs refuse to budge. This helmet has remarkable precision, even under pressure.

Nancy lived in a suburban area, and developed her own fabulous helmet while in her teens. The lines are every bit as precise, and the bangs cover the forehead very well. But note a couple of differences:

* She has a side-part - yet the hair can be grown and combed to have a symmetrical look.

* Her long hair is straight, with a bit of a blunt cut. The tips can be brushed in towards the face, giving an appearance of motion - yet they can keep their position when the head turns.


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