Cup of the Americas 2003

U.S.A. All the Way!

In the inaugural Super-Hair World Cup in 2002, the United States had an embarrassing showing - winning only one match, and ranking ninth out of 12 nations. Change was in order, and it came when U.S. Hair Fans reached for the biggest gun in their arsenal. The still-unbeatable Bonnie Bernstein led the U.S.A. to undefeated victory in the first Super-Hair Cup of the Americas!

The TV sports reporter raced away after a close early fight, and beat Puerto Rican beauty queen Isis Casalduc in the Championship Final with a 70-percent majority. Both finalists won praises from voters for "beautiful.... gorgeous hair." But one called Bernstein "the total package: hair and all.... an unstoppable beauty." Another predicted, "Tomorrow, Her Bonnieness will rule the Super-Hair world!" (Sorry, the next World Cup isn't until 2006.)

The Consolation Final showed how interest in certain styles was either hot or cold during the Cup. Brazilian supermodel "Gisele" drubbed Daisy Fuentes by a 74-percent margin, leaving Cuba's representative with three losses in a row after four strong wins. This outcome gives Brazil an automatic bid in World Cup II, while Cuba must wait for now.

We searched for the country with the best hair among North America, Central America, South America and Caribbean nations. One woman from ten nations, most of them based on your nominations, entered pool play -- and here are the four which survived to the elimination rounds:


FIRST: UNITED STATES - Bonnie Bernstein.

The only woman with a perfect score in pool play (4-0-20 points) was the woman with the longest unbeaten run in web site history. She regained form after a close call in the qualifying semifinals.

SECOND: BRAZIL - Gisele Bundchen.

The supermodel recovered from an 0-2 start with two big wins, allowing her to advance narrowly via bonus points where she was denied last year.

Bernstein 20 points, Bundchen 10, Marcia MacMillan (Canada) 9, Marianela Mendoza (Nicaragua) 3, Shakira (Colombia) 0.


FIRST: PUERTO RICO - Isis Casalduc.

The island's 2002 representative in the Miss Universe pageant slowly gained momentum each week, stunning Cuba in the final match to win the group. A record Puerto Rican run of no losses in eight international matches ended in the finals.

SECOND: CUBA -- Daisy Fuentes.

The model and actress seemed unmatchable in the Blue pool -- but when Puerto Rico suddenly stopped her cold in Match 5, her rocket fizzled out badly. Yet her qualifying round win ranks as the biggest shutout in Super-Hair history.

Casalduc 16 points, Fuentes 15, Fiorella Fleitas (Uruguay) 10, Salma Hayek (Mexico) 5, Gabriela Sabatini (Argentina) 0.

To check results, standings and the schedule of matches, click here.

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Some flags courtesy ITA's Flags of All Countries; used with permission

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