The Hair Fans' Hall of Fame:

2003 Introduction:

In 2002 the Hair Fans were tough - inducting only one of the five finalists for their Hall of Fame. In 2003 they were at least kinder, and at most more enthusiastic by what they saw. Four new women and their great styles received the two-thirds majority required to enter our Hall!

We opened the Hall of Fame for your nominations during the summer, then reduced the list of candidates to five finalists based on a combination of factors, including undefeated status of the style, awards won in prior online votes and overall hair quality. When three weeks of voting ended August 2, here's what you decided:

*** THE 2003 NOMINEES ***

KRISTINA ABERNATHY -- INDUCTED. The Weather Channel meteorologist never was under a cloud of doubt, with a high of 93 (percent). It's the highest yes vote ever for an inductee -- and supporters waxed poetic about her hair:

"Mix gold, silk and light, and you'd get Kristina's hair!"

"Kristina's soft, simple style will stand the test of time."

"Jealousy is the only reason I can imagine people are voting no."

"The cutest bangs on TV!"

"Such a classic look!"

CRYSTAL BERNARD -- INDUCTED. The actress on Wings seemed like an out-in-left-field choice to us, yet she quietly amassed 85 percent support from voters. There was some debate about her from voters, however:

"There's no personality to her hair that makes it stand out. The Hall should be reserved for the best of the best."

"Her style may not be totally original, but her hair is soooo luscious."

"Gertrude Stein would describe Crystal's hair the same way she described Oakland, CA -- there's no 'there' there."

"With hair that thick, long and soft, she doesn't need any fancy styling."

NATALIE ALLEN -- INDUCTED. The ex-anchor at CNN proved we have at least one of the Ultimate 50 correct, as she obtained a 85-percent majority. The comments here turned more toward the photo we originally posted on this page -- which displayed a style which in our opinion showed her hair at its best:

"That photo you use must be at least 10 years old. Her latest styles [see above] were much more up to date and attractive."

"Just from her picture, Natalie's hair is blah."

"If you'd have seen her on her last days at CNN, you'd certainly vote yes. Her thick, soft, dark brown hair is so very lovely."

"I miss Natalie on CNN. She was the best they ever had!"

DEBRA MESSING -- INDUCTED. The Will and Grace star and multiple Crown Award winner never stumbled, on her way to a 77-percent majority. As one adoring voter wrote: "What man has been born who can resist her abundant mane of lush, free, flowing curls?.... Debra's locks will never grow old."

JACLYN SMITH. For the second year in a row, a Charlie's Angels original falls short. She received only 54-percent support, well short of two-thirds. One supporter complained: "Absolutely no appreciation for the REAL Angels."

VOTE TOTALS: Abernathy 242-18; Bernard 126-23; Allen 120-22; Messing 120-35; Smith 67-56

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