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April 2004: Hair With a Flare, Page 3

JANN CARL has displayed a flared look with length from time to time, on Entertainment Tonight. What's noteworthy in this picture is how the flares are a bit longer, and softened to look more like a blown-dry wave. She was in a studio here, so we're not sure how well the tips can last in humidity or wind.

KIKI SHEPARD surprised long-time viewers with this style, when she began hosting Live in Hollywood. You can't see them well here, but we'd refer to this in terms of a "spiky" look as opposed to flared. That's because the tips come up practically at random in the style -- but they seem to stay in place just as well.

(Notice both women have bangs on the forehead, and long hair closest to the eyes is brushed back. Tips close to the face seem out of the question.)

SUMMARY: Flares can add some fun to otherwise flat styles -- but they can also add strength as well, to keep down flyaway strands and keep hair in line. If you plan to add muscle to the tips, we recommend doing something to add weight and control to all parts of the hair shaft. That way a style has no weak points which a challenge (from weather or otherwise) can exploit.

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