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May 2003: Sideparts with a Twist

Many stylists recommend people develop hairstyles based on the natural part of the hair. When that part is on the side, it can be troublesome to keep long styles under control. But in recent weeks, we've seen a great new trick for "hairland security" -- and it's a quite simple one at that.

Heather is a young single woman in Baltimore who was accused of being too flirtatious -- even around married men. On the street, her long sidepart is what we'd call average. It's flowing and thick on her right side, but very vulnerable to falling in her eyes. No doubt she has to do "the tilt" with her head often, to keep the right side clear.

But look at what changed when she appeared in late March on Dr. Phil McGraw's talk show. The darkness of her hair makes it a bit hard to see, but the right side was kept in line with an attractive twist of the closest strands. It doesn't take much - only about a one-inch-wide strip, it appears. But flipping it back and spraying it down can provide extra weight and control.

McGraw (sorry, we don't know him well enough to call him "Doctor Phil") asked Heather to show one of her flirting moves. Admittedly, she's still tilting the head protectively, perhaps out of habit - but the shaking shows her full-curl a bit more clearly. The turn seems to begin a bit below eye-level, and is only one circle of the hair.


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