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November 2003: The Sidewalls

Our last Style Profile examined how to use a curly twist to keep long sideparted hair in line. But for shorter styles, that can look awkward -- so some women build a "wall" of sorts on the side of their head, to keep hair from flopping into the eyes.

MARY McCOMBS probably has to do this on a regular basis. She's a one-time TV journalist in western New York (apparently now off the air), who won a round of Super-Hair Wars early in 2001. Her hair is thick and heavy -- and from this picture, it appears she sprays it from the top of the head down to cheekbone level to build a wall.

This side view, although a bit lost to pixellation, shows one approach McCombs takes. It's as if there's a thick "ball" of sorts around the left shoulder, where the ends of the hair are concentrated. We suspect a lot of spray goes on there, after some round-brushing and/or curling. The result is a style that looks "on the edge," but is strong at its core. Try to push that "hairball" (what a poor choice of words) forward, and you'd probably find it very difficult.


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(Vidcaps this page courtesy Feathered Back)

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