Super-Hair World Cup IV


One Woman - Third U.S. Cup!

She's never been the City League champion of Boston. Some argue she doesn't even have the best head of hair at the TV station where she works. Yet Victoria Warren and her short styles somehow find ways to hold on and win, when the pressure is on. She's built a loyal following among Hair Fans over the years - and that support pushed her to victory, and brought the United States its third consecutive Super-Hair World Cup!

Warren was placed in national qualifying for World Cup IV in 2014 based on her Challenge of Champions success. She took the U.S. standard from two-time Cup champ Angie Everhart, while enduring critics on both sides -- from people who don't like her styles, as well as supporters who accused this site of trying to bring her down to defeat with terrible photos. Despite being drawn into a "Group of Death" (to borrow from that other World Cup), Warren won her group with large numbers of votes. Then she passed her toughest test, by coming from behind and defeating Slovak Republic beauty queen Jeanette Borhyova in the Championship Final with 58 percent of the vote.

Naysayers said Borhyova deserved to win based simply on her hair, and accused Warren's fans "sabotaged" the voting. But one Warren backer declared she "has no problem pulling off the unwashed bed head look."

The Consolation Final between two actresses went back and forth. But Canada's Emmanuelle Chriqui came through at the end, to top Spain's Penelope Cruz for third place with 53 percent of your votes.

The 16 countries which qualified for World Cup IV were divided into four groups during a live draw in our chat room 16 April. After two weeks of national qualifying and six weeks of group play, things turned out this way....



A morning reporter for WHDH-TV in Boston and multiple Crown Award winner won a four-way qualifying tournament, then used a strong following to survive our "Group of Death."

United States 8 points, Belarus (Victoria Azarenka) 3, Vietnam (Betty Nguyen) 2, Venezuela (Maria Gabriela Isler) 1.



The reigning Miss Slovak Republic 2013 eliminated tennis champ Domenika Cibulkova in a qualifying round, then dominated all comers for maximum group points. But she had to stage a late rally to escape the semifinals, and finally weakened in the final.

Slovakia 15 points, Australia (Delta Goodrem) 6, Egypt (Daniele Hamamdjian) 2, Dominican Republic (Amelia Vega) 0.



An actress from Quebec won a four-person qualifying tournament, then swept her opponents rather easily. Her waves ran out of steam in the semifinal, but she came from behind (perhaps helped by Canada Day fervor?!) to capture the Consolation Final.

Canada 11 points, England (Kate Beckinsale) 7, Ireland (Aoife Walsh) 3, Romania (Lorena Menghia) 0.



An Oscar-winning actress competing in her second consecutive World Cup won an all-"Latina" group. A late rush to win Match 5 prevented a potentially controversial outcome - then she almost pulled off a semifinal upset.

Spain 8 points, Colombia (Shakira) 4, Peru (Daniela Ganoza) 3, Mexico (Ninel Conde) 0.

For a match schedule and complete results, click here.


1. United States 2. Slovakia 3. Canada 4. Spain 5. England

6. Australia 7. Colombia 8. Belarus 9. Peru 10. Ireland

11. Egypt 12. Vietnam 13. Venezuela 14. Mexico 15. Romania

* * * * *

Previous Tournaments: World Cup III (2010) World Cup II (2006) World Cup I (2002)

Borhyova photo courtesy EveryJoe; Chriqui photo courtesy Wireimage

Some flags courtesy ITA's Flags of All Countries; used with permission

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