Former Top Ten Tresses, O-Z

These pages are a record of all women who were on the Super-Hair Top 10 list at least once, since the first list was posted on the Internet in December 1999. Included is when the style was listed, and an explanation of why it dropped off the list.

JACQUELINE OBRADORS -- May-July 2003. She's shown both curls and straight locks on NYPD Blue, and both have looked sharp and strong. But we found a German movie site with snaps from a film where her hair is sidepart-brushed across her left eye. It pains us to drop her for a movie role, but that's what we're doing. (Courtesy MovieWeb)

CHRISTINE O'DONNELL - September-November 2010. She won a U.S. Senate primary in Delaware showing a well-prepared shoulder-length style, which reflects years of care with her hair. But that "I'm not a witch" ad showed a much flatter look, which matched her general election outcome. She's unbeaten, but likely to be out of view.

NORAH O'DONNELL -- January 2002-March 2004. This NBC/MSNBC correspondent has stunned us often with a beautifully soft-looking, yet indestructible pageboy style. She gained a Platinum Award for two years on our list, and was a four-month unbeaten survivor of our Hair Watch. But a tough spring crosswind finally pushed hair from her right side into an eye 22 March 04. Read the dramatic details in the Hot List.

PRINCESS LETIZIA (ORTIZ) - February-June 2004. Her TV news work at Spain's TVE allowed her to develop a shoulder-length loose style which attracted a member of Spain's royal family. But on her honeymoon, a photographer snapped a picture with a breeze from the back blowing across her sunglasses. Que mal.

OLIVIA PALERMO - August 2007-January 2008 and December 2009-June 2010. We noticed this New York magazine employee and socialite well before MTV's The City did. Beauty web sites call her spectacular long dare-you-to-touch-it styles "hyper-groomed" and "ultimate perfection" -- and she's made our jaw drop often. But she dared to put the hair in motion in a promotional clip for a fashion line, and it dropped in her eye several times. Awesome, but not undefeatable.

ORIANTHI PANGARIS - April-June 2010. Hair Fans jumped aboard the "Ori" express, when this Australian rock guitarist became a breakout solo star. She cruised through Super-Hair Wars -- but then curiously flopped in Super-Hair World Cup III. And we found a photo from Beatweek where three or four of her dangerously-long bangs extended a couple of millimeters into her eyes.

ANNIE PARISSE -- February-March 2005. Law and Order brought her in to take on Melina Kanakaredes of CSI: New York on Wednesday nights. Her blown-straight style held strongly for weeks, with help from added bangs. But a turn of the head outside in a New York breeze proved more than even her top-level hair could handle. Review the evidence in her Ultimate 50 pages.

CANDACE PARKER - September 2008-June 2009. The 2008 WNBA Rookie of the Year has medium-long hair that's deceptively strong (good enough to get a write-in vote for top style at the Beijing Olympics). It's still unbeaten to our knowledge. But a Hair Fan offered her for a "knockout round" against Charity Shea, and she was smacked down hard.

CHRISTI PAUL - January-April 2011. The HLN and TruTV anchor has impressed Hair Fans for years with drop-dead perfect, natural-looking blonde hair. It held so flawlessly that we weren't sure anything could bring it down -- but alas, a 2010 salsa dance in Atlanta did. The YouTube video is so steamy and dramatic that we won't say anything more. But wow, did her incredible style go down fighting.

MELANIE PAXSON -- December 2003-January 2004. Glad Bags declared her "the voice of reason," and her dangerously-cut flare style had some impressive early showings on the TV comedy Happy Family. But bigger roles somehow brought less control to the hair, and it appeared to fall in her eyes in early January episodes.

CAROLYN PECK -- December 1999-August 2006. The women's basketball coach was the last of our "original Ten" to fall off the list, and that's only because several Hair Fans panned her in our polls. The woman who places #2 in the Ultimate 50 earned the first Quintuple Platinum Award as a six-year member of our list. That sort of long-lasting hold (from Purdue to Orlando to Florida) still has us impressed enough to keep her close at hand, as an alternate.

NASIM PEDRAD - January-July 2015. After years on Saturday Night Live, this comic's thick long hair has won two Crown Awards, stretching to her Saturday Night Live days. But a beach pyramid with Amy Poehler raised suspicions - and a clip of her taking the "ice bucket challenge" indicates to us the hair fell in her eyes before the water did.

JASMINE PEREZCHICA - November 2022-February 2023. A softball star at Arizona won the 2022 City League All-Star Challenge with high-risk long waves as hot as the Tucson summer. But we found an August Instagram video where she dared to wear wispy strips with a ponytail during practice. Fielding one ground ball led to some fringe falling in her face. E-#1.

VAIDA PETRASKAITE - June 2010-May 2011. As Miss Lithuania 2009, she healthy long hair took her homeland to the finals of Super-Hair World Cup III. But without the crown, she was preparing for a career in cartography. You'd need a GPS system to track her regularly in that career - so while she's still undefeated, she's simply out of our view.

SANDRA PINCKNEY -- February-May 2001. This delicate-looking short style has held well on TV's Food Network and the show "SOS in America." She could come back, but we replaced her with an undefeated champion whose style seems more spectacular.

TERI POLO - November 2003-January 2004. She showed good conservative style control in the movie Meet the Parents, and her waves tend to hold very well on I'm With Her. But she sadly posed for an ABC promotional picture with a bit of curl over her right eye. Her TV teacher boyfriend would know that's not "A work."

WHITNEY PORT - May 2010. The fashion designer on The City kept loose blonde hair out of her eyes so well, we thought she might be a threat to good (?!) friend Olivia Palermo. But the New York paparazzi caught her walking down streets in May and June, with strips of hair blowing in front of sunglasses. So much for that reality-show rivalry.

BECKY QUICK - October 2009-August 2010. The queen of CNBC's Squawk Box climbed as high as #1 in the world, for natural-looking hair with critical spray. But a YouTube video from 26 Aug 10 shows her seriously shaking her head no -- and shakes the hair just enough to cover her right eye for moment. It wasn't "Super-Quick" enough for us to miss it.

DENISE QUIÑONES -- July 2001-January 2002. The award-winning hair of Miss Universe impressed us, especially when curled. When bangs suddenly appeared, she showed beauty smarts. But for some reason, our voters don't like her -- and her straight style seemed to finally fall in a movie from a skating rink. After a frame-by-frame analysis, we ruled her great locks defeated.

H.M. QUEEN RANIA -- January-March 2003. The first member of royalty to make our list, Jordan's Queen has shown impressive moments where her long hair stood up under pressure. But on a rainy March day, she stepped out of a car for a U.S. TV interview -- and her vulnerable left side drooped into her eye.

ANGELA RAYNER - January 2022. While some might call her a "flaming liberal," the red hair on Britain's Deputy Labour Party leader seems to stay strong. Only after we added her to the list did we learn one of her tricks - as the Daily Mail revealed she wears extensions often. No "fake news" here, thank you.

LEAH REMINI -- July 2000-January 2001. Her medium-long hair on "The King of Queens" has shown impressive quality and control. But she dropped some strands too close for a "pinned-back pajama" scene on 1/29/1 -- and from what we saw, a quick turn made it finally fall.

WENDIE RENARD - July 2019-February 2020. A French soccer star has unpinned thick hair which somehow can hold through extra-time matches for France at the FIFA Women's World Cup. But training pictures for Adidas on Instagram proved a back-wind can push her style to the brink - and another seemed to show it falling in her eyes when she lowered her head to place the ball.

CONDOLEEZZA RICE -- October-December 2003. She may have been the U.S. National Security Adviser, but she's quite high-risk with her left-side bangs. On the day after Saddam Hussein's capture, she placed them mere millimeters off the eye -- and bangs behind them drooped, even if the closest didn't. She's still unbeaten and a thrill to watch, but that's too close for us.

ADRIENNE ROBBINS - November 2019-March 2020. We found this reporter's amazing and electric blonde hair in West Virginia. After winning the 2019 City League All-Star Challenge, she moved to Columbus, Ohio. But a March crosswind blew a few strands into her left eye during a live report, as she covered COVID-19. Yes, we suppose you could blame this on the coronavirus.

DANAE ROBERTS -- July 2000-October 2002. When she was elected to Georgia's State House at age 22, we wrote she had "Meg Ryan hair that's better than Meg Ryan's." It held so well she became a Platinum Award honoree for two years on our list. But her style had droopy moments in 2002 -- and with her losing a re-election bid, she's fallen out of public view too much to remain.

MAGGIE RODRIGUEZ - July-October 2009. Her delicate short style usually holds firmly on the CBS Early Show, with little margin for error. But a windy outdoor September interview with 95-year-old Jack LaLanne proved too much, and bangs one inch too long hit her eyes. Yes, LaLanne was stronger than her hair.

TRACEE ELLIS ROSS -- March-April 2005. We discovered the TV comedy Girlfriends rather late, and were impressed by how the daughter of Diana Ross keeps the family's signature curls off her face and out of trouble. But then we saw a rerun where she shook the hair in and out of her face after a late-night party. Next time, she shouldn't stick her head out of the moon roof of that limousine.

LORI ROTHMAN - February 2013-May 2016.. The Fox Business Network anchor gained a well-deserved following for soft yet perfect mid-length styles. She gained Double Platinum Award status - but a blunt cut cost her support among Hair Fans, and we've now seen video evidence that her hair may have finally caved in on the floor of the NYSE.

VANESSA ROUSSO -- May-November 2009. A top professional poker player has strong blonde locks, which we suspect have distracted plenty of opponents. But when European television made her play a game outdoors, not even unusual pinning could keep a strip from "flopping" in her eyes.

CHRISTINA RUFFINI - March 2022-March 2023. She advanced from behind-the-scenes at CBS News to correspondent and occasional anchor. Amazing care with thick blonde hair survived everything from fighting in Ukraine to ballet dancing. But moments after gaining a Gold Award for one year on our list, she reported from Amarillo, Texas on a day with 49-mile-per-hour wind gusts. Her ponytail was too close, and a strip of hair bounced into her face.

KERI RUSSELL -- December 1999 - January 2000. We listed her even after what might be the most controversial haircut of the 1990's. (From the picture, you can tell which style we prefer.) Added to the Ultimate 50 on 10 Sep 2K, "Felicity" had a chance to return to the Top Ten when she grew her hair back out. But for some reason she went to a straight style (not our preference), and a mechanical bull ride beat it in the April 2002 Seventeen.

LYNNE RUSSELL -- December 1999 - December 2000. Now semi-retired, the biggest star of CNN Headline News kept her hair solid at both short and long lengths. Added to the Ultimate 50 on 16 Apr 2K, we were reluctant to remove her after almost a full year on our list. But we applied a "one per network" limit to add the #1 Ultimate Style. Read our exclusive interview!

LAURA RUTLEDGE - June 2018. ESPN's Southeastern Conference sports expert has long blonde hair which gives fans plenty to admire. But a Hair Fan led us to several plenty of examples where wind brought her styles down. Sad to S-E-see.

MARIA SAKKARI - November 2017. A rising tennis star rarely unpins her long hair. When she did, she thrilled voters enough to send Greece toward Super-Hair World Cup V. But a Hair Fan sent us several pictures with her tresses down to defeat, making her a rare Top Ten "one-and-done."

MARIA ELVIRA SALAZAR - March 2008-February 2010. A Miami TV talk show host has shown tremendous beauty and hold for more than 20 years, earning a spot in our Ultimate 50 and a Gold Award here. But she dared to interview an alleged UFO expert outside as a light wind blew -- and while we can't say the hair completely collapsed, it came too close to the brink too often for her to stay.

LISA SALTERS -- June-September 2006. She made the Ultimate 50 at #6 while with ABC News. We turned out to be ahead of the curve, as she moved up in the ESPN pecking order to the 2006 N.B.A. Finals. But we knew Saturday night college football would be this tough helmet-like style's toughest challenge -- and despite a hard fight for control, a crosswind inside the Los Angeles Coliseum pushed a few strands into her left eye.

LAURA SAN GIOCOMO -- December 1999 - June 2000. This medium-long style locks tightly on "Just Shoot Me," but we found Internet photos with hair practically covering one eye. A Super-Hair Wars loss to Jessica Simpson knocked her out.

SUSIE SANTO - April-September 2014. The President and CEO of the "Go Wichita" Visitor's Bureau stunned us, as corporate executives normally don't have hair so awe-striking and plush. She's undefeated, despite keeping her style so close to her eyes. Yet for some reason, our Top Ten voters were not impressed -- and she left the list after a "knockout round" drubbing by a novelist.

JESSICA SCHAMBACH - June-July 2015. A TV news anchor who's displayed stunning hair perfection for years in wind-blown Oklahoma. But one Facebook photo went a fraction too far, showing strands across her right eye - and shockingly, it was while she sat in a car.

MARA SCHIAVOCAMPO - January 2011-June 2017. The "digital journalist" has a history of strong hold with many styles. From NBC to ABC, she earned a quite rare Quintuple Platinum Award - an amazing six-year member of the Top Ten. But then a quitre rare mistake in set-up at a gala revealed a few strands dropping into her left eye. Still quite a run, though.

CAMILLE SCHRIER - July-September 2021. A science experiment helped her become Miss America. COVID-19 let her keep the crown for a second year. But she'd probably admit hair is not her strongest point - and a "knockout round" loss in Super-Hair Wars sends her back to the lab for now.

JULIA SEBESTYEN - November 2006 - April 2007. Hungary's top figure skater has shown tough-holding short hair for years. A strong start in the early Grand Prix season of 2006-07 put her on the list. Her removal isn't due to her hair collapsing (it's come nowhere close), but her record in competitions.

GABRIELLE SENN - August-December 2013. A Hair Fan found this singer/actress on Nickelodeon between episodes of SpongeBob, and her daringly long hair impressed many. She became a Super-Hair Wars undefeated champion, because she knows to keep her styles controlled when she sings. But we found an episode of the web series Haute and Bothered where it bounced toward her eyes on stage a bit too far -- and for our money, she didn't even have the best hair in that series.

KARA SEWELL - December 2014-December 2015. A Cincinnati news anchor whose short styles have been pushed a little and even mock-attacked, yet normally refuse to surrender. She even put on a Supergirl costume, perhaps to reinforce her vote as #1 in the world. But only as she approached the one-year mark did we find some overlooked Facebook "outtakes" where gusty wind actually did drop her hair across her face. We thought this Texas native knew how to stop even that.

CHARITY SHEA - July-December 2009. This actress on The Best Years used tough-looking long locks and bangs to eliminate two Top Ten members, en route to becoming a Super-Hair Wars undefeated champion. But we found a YouTube clip (set to music by Lifehouse) where she flips that perfect hair with her hands, and bangs appearing a half-inch too long are in her right eye. Almost the best, but not quite.

REBECCA SHEEHAN - February-June 2018. An arching tease on top is fitting for this St. Louis TV reporter. It makes her long hair look daring, yet stay strong. But before she worked there, she reported in Alabama. A Hair Fan found a scary moment where she handled a snake - and the fright brought her style down, but only for a moment.

KIKI SHEPARD -- December 2002-September 2003. Her long locks impressed us on the various Harlem "Showtime" shows. But when she moved west to host "Live in Hollywood," she got a serious trim which voters in a Cutting-Edge poll didn't like. She's still unbeaten from what we've seen, but bangs plopping much too close to the eyes October 4-5 forced her to step aside.

MIKAELA SHIFFRIN - February-March 2014. The young woman some have dubbed the "next Lindsay Vonn" won Olympic gold in alpine skiing. The strength of her blonde hairstyles rivals Vonn at her best - but a training video for Sochi seemed to show bangs across her eyes. Yes, you can work out too hard.

TONI-ANN SINGH - January-February 2020. Miss World 2019 hails from Jamaica, graduated from Florida State, and has a range of strong hairstyles which easily impressed us more than Miss Universe. But during a visit with children, her long locks dropped too far. Steadier would be the hair that wears a crown. (Courtesy Jamaica Observer)

JAYMEE SIRE - October 2016. The blonde waves of this ESPN anchor have made sports-minded Hair Fans forget about Erin Andrews. She won two Crown Awards - but not long after she made the Top Ten, we found an old clip where the style went too wild in a baseball clubhouse. Who knew Pablo Sandoval was a hair attacker?

KRISTEN SKOVIRA - March-October 2020. She came to our attention as a TV news anchor in Colorado Springs. Her sturdy medium-long hair became a Super-Hair Wars undefeated champion, then #1 in the world among our voters. So why did she put a video clip on Twitter showing a double-team scare flipping that hair across her face? It was a Halloween horrible moment. Read our exclusive interview!

LINDSAY SLOANE - November 2016-April 2017. She dates the neat guy on the latest version of The Odd Couple. And she's kept her hair neat and precise in a variety of roles for years - but one posed picture with that hair hanging down across her face did her in with us.

IRINA SLUTSKAYA -- December 2001-September 2002. This Russian figure skating champion has displayed impressive control in routines with well-trimmed, flexing bangs. But in pre-season appearances for the 2002-03 season, she seemed to switch to a center part with bangs noticeably hitting the bridge of her nose. She's still officially unbeaten -- and if this new style keeps sticking as well as it has, we could be persuaded.

RACHEL SMITH - April-May 2007. She used natural waves to her advantage, with a steamy look which won her the 2007 Miss USA pageant. But even before she slipped and fell during the Miss Universe pageant, she was photographed during preliminaries with strips of hair across her face. Women with true Super-Hair simply don't permit this (see Susie Castillo).

KRISTEN SMYTH -- April 2004 - July 2005. Her success as Stanford gymnastics coach attracted us. Her nice, mysterious-holding style attracted us more. She gained a Gold Award for one year on our list -- but no updated pictures at all in the 2005 season didn't "vault" her higher for now.

LIZ ANN SONDERS - November 2008-February 2009. The Chief Investment Strategist with Charles Schwab impressed us for years, by keeping sideswept bangs in line with no pins and seemingly no effort. But an appearance in Los Angeles posted online showed a weak look with strands across her nose, even though she wore a side pin. She didn't hit bottom, but close enough for us to bail out.

JACKIE SPEIER - June 2018-March 2019. A veteran U.S. House member from San Francisco lawmaker had stunning hair even as a staff member. She received a Crown Award nomination for a risky shoulder-length cut with bangs. But an opening ceremony in her district included a little breeze that blew a strip across her sunglasses. You couldn't see her eye, but you knew.

KAITLIN STANSELL - August-December 2018. A TV news reporter had a strong wavy blonde cut in Myrtle Beach, then straightened things out in Charleston. But it wasn't a South Carolina breeze that did her beautiful hair in - it was strands flying loose during a live report from New York, even while she wore a winter cap. She seemed to sense trouble, but still had a narrow defeat.

ELIZABETH STANTON - May-June 2022. Her long hair may not be as plush as it used to be, but she's kept it amazingly well-controlled on TV programs like World's Funniest Animals. But ooh, she's grown up - to the point where she posted a steamy "side eye" photo on Instagram with the left eye loosely covered. Fun for some, but not funny for us.

BETSY STARK - December 2018-October 2020. Decades of strength with short styles on television were rewarded here, after Hair Fans voted this journalist the best of our "Ultimate 50" unbeatens in 2018. The Ogilvy and Mather executive received a Gold Award for one year here, but also a lot of critics. A lack of new pictures and a newly-discovered close call at a 2016 conference forced a tough decision to remove her.

ALEXANDRA STEELE -- 2005-October 2010. Many have marveled at this meteorologist, and her "feathers of Steele" which simply refuse to wilt. She won a Crown Award, a Quadruple Platinum Award for five full years on the Top Ten list and a top five position in Project 20/10 during her years at The Weather Channel. But for some unexplained reason, she was laid off -- and sadly, that's the only reason why we're dropping her. May this undefeated head of Super-Hair find new work quickly.

OLIVIA STERNS - November 2014- April 2015. This reporter and anchor with Bloomberg TV stunned us, when she declared she hates big hair. She displayed plenty of bounce and received two Crown Award nominations - but then we found video of a South African wind proving to be too much for her style, even when she wore a safety helmet.

LAUREN STORM - September-December 2009. Her long loose curls may have upstaged Hayden Panettiere's hair in the movie I Love You, Beth Cooper. She became a Super-Hair Wars undefeated champion, but we found a Facebook photo with a narrow strip of hair across an eye. A small drop, but still a drop to us. (Courtesy Just Jared Jr.)

LISA SYLVESTER - May 2008-December 2010. Perfect shoulder-length hair wowed us, first at ABC News and then an CNN. It captured a Platinum Award for two years on our list - and we removed her only due to a prolonged maternity leave. She can come back anytime she pleases.

KATRINA SZISH - August-October 2007. The InStyle magazine correspondent kept a short round style in place so well that we longed to see more. But then she told us of a desire to follow the cut of a fashion model -- and as she modeled coats on her "Style Spy" blog, one picture seemed to show blunt-cut hair across her right eye. It was indeed stylish, but not quite sturdy enough for us.

ROSANNA TAVAREZ - July 2004. Her appearances On-Air with carefully-controlled styles impressed us, at both short and mid-length. But she celebrated a "Superfan" so much 23 July that she had to brush strands off her face (though cleverly with her back to the camera). The cancellation of her host Ryan Seacrest's show leaned us toward removing her, but we hope she's back on TV soon.

MARIA TAYLOR - October 2020-August 2021. She played basketball and volleyball in college. Her amazing long hair passed strength tests at ESPN. But then she lost a head-to-head home-page matchup stemming from a spat with Rachel Nichols - and as she left for NBC, a Hair Fan pointed us to moments on a football Saturday where her style drooped into an eye. Holding UGA the Bulldog at her alma mater, no less.

IDA TEDESCO - June 2018. The Toledo, Ohio City League title may have won this TV traffic anchor a promotion to nighttime reporter. When she goes big with waves, her styles are tremendous. But a Hair Fan found us an Instagram post where she dances on the set, and the hair is all over her face.

MARY TEDESCO - July 2016-August 2018. She may have earned a "PBS Nerd" shirt as an ancestry researcher on TV, but her adjustably-wavy sideparts are smart and timeless. She earned a Platinum Award for two years on our list. But Genealogy Roadshow seems to be gone for good, she received no support in our 2018 public rankings - and it appears her hair fell in a tourist's photo.

AIMEE TEEGARDEN -- February - April 2008. The drama Friday Night Lights has a co-star whose long hair and bangs have survived every bit as much as her show. We we found pictures from a "Maxim Hot 100" party where the bangs seemed missing, and the style seemed to blow down.

JENNA THIAM - February 2022. A Belgian actress and model has hair that might look wild, but is deceptively strong when it needs to be. Yet a pinned-up look in the 2018 movie Capri Revolution has a strip in her left eye - and in an extreme close-up scene at that. Where's the sense of drama?

KELLY TILGHMAN - March 2003 - May 2009. The Golf Channel host and commentator gained a loyal following among Hair Fans after winning a 2003 Crown Award. She became only the second Quintuple Platinum Award recipient for six years on our list, rated at the top of our "rank the Top Ten" list a couple of times -- and she even halfway-mentioned our site in the Los Angeles Times. But a taped report from Pebble Beach finally showed wind flipping small strips of her very strong long hair in her eyes.

ASHLEY TISDALE -- September 2006. Long hair combined with daring positioning and rock-solid hold thrilled us about this Disney Channel star. After we posted her, we wanted to see every photo we could of this sensational style -- but alas, we found summer shots where her sidepart drooped down into an eye. It wasn't a full collapse -- but ooh, how she had us going. (Courtesy Wireimage)

LAURA TOBIN - April-October 2022. She's revealed a styling tesm prepares the meterorologist on Good Morning Britain for her day. She won Crown Awards two years in a row. But we found a YouTube clip where she went "megaboarding" on the set, doing quick 360-degree (F.?!) turns - and a couple of them threw her hair into her left eye, after she settled down.

TERESA TOMLINSON - January 2011-March 2013. The Columbus, Georgia mayor has thick and loose shoulder-length hair which is impressive enough to gain two Crown Award nominations. It held well enough in public to earn a Platinum Award for two years in the Top Ten. But a windy March day downtown finally proved her undoing - and for some reason, she even posted a Facebook photo with a strip across her eye.

DENYSE TONTZ - June 2019. We turned on the steamy drama Grand Hotel for someone else, and discovered this young actress with a hard-fighting shoulder-length style. But a Hair Fan found other pictures online where the Tontz tresses toppled too far.

MEGHAN TRAINOR - April-October 2015. She made the "Most Beautiful People" list for an obvious reason. It's, you know, all about that hair. But the video for Better When I'm Dancing has a moment where a few strands droop into her left eye - barely. So we guess not everything is better.

TAMMY TRENT - October 2007 - February 2008. This Christian singer and speaker knows all about the trials of life, and she's worn short styles near the brink of collapse very well. But at least one of her music videos seems to show her right eye covered up a touch too much -- and with a style like this, the margin for error is almost microscopic.

TWEET - December 2003-January 2004. Soul music's "Southern Hummingbird" has striking long straight hair, which she obviously tries hard to keep in position (consider all the hats she wears). The extensive picture collection of a fan club shows several challenging situations where she escapes defeat - but alas, also a couple where hair covers the right eye in a fashion show. That's too bad, but we're still impressed.

CECILY TYNAN - April 2017-February 2018. The presumed weather authority on Philadelphia television set short hair standards for years, both inside and out. But a group selfie from the Eagles' Super Bowl celebration caught a strand across her right eye. Throw challenge flags if you must, but that was offsides for us.

ELENA URIOSTE - July-August 2018. She tours the world as a guest violinist with symphony orchestras. And daring shoulder-length hairstyles led Hair Fans to accelerando her to a tie for #1 in the world. But a duet at a concert in Virginia found her bangs a bit too long, even with a pinned-up style. They dropped in her eye with ease - ironically, during a "Finale" by Prokofiev.

DANIELLE VAN DE DONK - June 2019. Hair Fans praised the ponytails of the Dutch World Cup soccer team on our Twitter feed. This midfielder who plays for Arsenal in England showed off some hair products she likes on Instagram. But that feed filled with great photos of her untied long hair also has one where strands droop into her eyes, apparently while on vacation. Nee dank u.

SIBILA VARGAS - September 2005-May 2007. Hair Fans voted this CNN entertainment reporter #1 in the world in August 2006, for thick mid-length hair with plenty of strong controlled flexibility. But a windy day in Southern California may have worn down her look, as a few strands on a front layer blew across her right eye for a few fateful seconds. (Courtesy Reporter Caps)

HILLARY VAUGHN - July 2018-May 2019. Another stunning style from the Fox News stable, with bold long hair that spends most of its time on business news. She was a solid #1 on our list, until she had two incredibly narrow escapes during live outdoor reports. The second one at the White House left her hair so messy that we saw no choice but to remove her.

AMELIA VEGA - June-July 2003. The long, straight style of Miss Universe 2003 looked great on pageant night, and she works hard to keep it behind the shoulders and out of trouble. But check the photos at the pageant web site, and you'll find one picture with a few strands across the edge of the right eye. A tiny flaw, but that's all it takes.

PAULINA VEGA - April-May 2015. She was studying business in Colombia. Then she was crowned Miss Universe with long, thick styles which seemed flawless. But maybe our Hair Fans noticed something we didn't, because they voted her down in contests - and then a video emerged where a trip home with s less-processed look seemed to collapse in wind.

SHARON VERSYP - January 2008-July 2009. The Purdue women's basketball coach displays an intriguing and strong helmet-bob style on the sidelines. She earned a Gold Award for one year on our list, and is undefeated in our eyes. But unimpressed Hair Fans voted her out, in a knockout round against Charity Shea.

NICHOLE VRSANSKY - May - July 2007. This Rockford, Illinois news anchor shot to Super-Hair Wars stardom with a deceptively well-cut and strong short hairstyle. She attracted more votes in 2007 Hair Fan's Hall of Fame balloting than anyone else -- but so many of them were against her that we reluctantly had to pay attention. Read our exclusive interview!

ALY WAGNER - July 2018-March 2019. She made sports history as a women's soccer star, then by broadcasting men's World Cup matches. But after climbing to #1 on our list, a Hair Fan dug deep into an archive and found a weak day on the pitch when she played in the WUSA. A strip of hair blew into her right eye, which puts our flag up..

CALLIE WALKER - October 2016-July 2017. This "Selling Sister" in real estate won Hair Fans with stuninng long hair. The Albany, Georgia City League champion climbed all the way to #1. But one skeptic led us to a short clip where a single strand seems to be in her right eye, while her sister speaks and she's in the background. It absolutely pains us to drop this marvelous woman for this - but our rules are that strict. Maybe too strict?!

SARA WALSH - June 2014-March 2015. A City League champion in Nashville developed her long hair into ESPN stardom, which lifted her to #1 in the world. But at the 2015 men's Final Four, embarassment over a missed free throw led her to drop her head in shame - and hair bounced into her eye as she came up. She fell short of perfection like Kentucky's team did.

VICTORIA WARREN - February-June 2009. Hair Fans in Boston have made this TV news reporter a Super-Hair heroine. The 2008 Super-Hair Wars champion won a total of three Crown Awards, and even conquered Bonnie Bernstein head-to-head. But at the 2009 Boston Health Expo, a camera from her station caught her trying a double-dutch jump rope -- and while it was close, our stop-action check of the video concluded one or two bounces dropped hair into her left eye. It was great drama, and almost a great triumph.

KERRY WASHINGTON -- March 2007 - January 2008. This actress has shown an amazingly wide range, with hairstyles as well of roles. She was our 100th member all-time of the Top Ten, but a cut to a short sidepart strangely proved harder for her to control. A breeze as she stepped out of a car in Los Angeles seemed to push the left-side hair in too far.

DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ -- April-September 2005. The first-year congresswoman is different not only for her activism, but unusually long loose curls in Congress. We liked them enough to give her a number-one ranking -- but then our voters spurned her. She's unbeaten and could come back, but for some reason she's simply not popular.

McKENZIE WESTMORE -- April-September 2001 and December 2001-January 2002. She's moved in and out of our list about as much as her character on "Passions." As a Super-Hair Wars undefeated champion, her short and sassy style lasted for months -- until a hurricane on her drama made her disappear. She came back, so we brought her back. But around 2/1/2 her enticing bangs became so lengthy that a few dropped on the bridge of her nose. They were NOT in the eyes, so she's still unbeaten -- but barely.

STEPHANIE WHITE - December 2018-June 2020. The Vanderbilt women's basketball coach has mid-length hair that's often flawless, and easily will distract you from the game. She has Gold Award status for one year on our list. But a first-week exit from a Nashville City League contest sends her to the sidelines for awhile.

GAM WICHAYANEE - February-May 2020. A singer from Thailand stole the hair show at the 2020 Oscars, with long hair that often seems to be perfectly "Frozen" in place. But a straight-hair day in May where she placed it at the brink of her left eye seemed to be too much. We think it dropped too far as she sang - close, but too close. Gam over for now.

DIANA WILLIAMS -- December 1999 - August 2000. This New York news anchor has the textbook perfect pageboy, and it's been perfect for years at several lengths. She could return easily to the Top Ten, but she slipped to "number 11" for a national name.

EBONI K. WILLIAMS - June 2017-January 2018. Never has an African-American woman placed so high in our annual "Who's Number 1" poll than this attorney and talk show host. We spotted her on Fox News Specialists, which didn't last long. We agreed with the title of her book, that her long locks are "Pretty Powerful". But a Hair Fan found a newspaper interview where she admitted wearing extensions, and voters in a Cutting-Edge Hair News poll declared women who do that should be kept off the list. That's the ONLY reason we drop her - and it saddens us to do it.

GERRI WILLIS - May 2010-May 2012. The Fox Business Network host has impressive layers which often are in great shape. Despite a close call or two, she reached Platinum Award status for two years in the Top Ten - and we thought she'd survived a windy week outside the U.S. Supreme Court unscathed. But then we found an interview with a "scholar" where a crosswind swept her marvelous style across her face on camera.

ANNE WILSON - August-October 2021. Not the rock legend of "Heart," but a young Christian singer whose blonde waves "fight the good fight" well in some songs. But in the video for Something About That Name, she shakes a small stray strip into her right eye. Practically nobody's perfect in the Bible, either.

LIU XUAN - May-December 2011. A champion Chinese gymnast has transitioned into acting and modeling, displaying thick hair with enticing bangs as she does. But the promotion of her movie Strangers 6 revealed one or two pictures where the hair seemed to dip inside an eye. That explains the bangs, of course -- and she's still fabulous with them.

EMILY YOUNGER - June-July 2022. A news anchor who became the City League champion of Wichita, where wind can make Super-Hair very difficult. Yet kept it in line while growing longer - until a "summer road trip" for her station led her to the tallest playground in Kansas. The most twisting swing we've ever seen seemed to fling some strands into her eyes.

Top Five Men's Styles - list retired 6/3/15: (Alphabetical order)

RUSSELL BRAND. He doesn't seem to take center stage at the Oscars anymore, yet his longish hair has impressed us more than ex-wife Katy Perry's. (Courtesy Zimbio)

DAVID GREGORY. We thought he brought the most interesting head of men's hair in journalism to Meet the Press. But NBC has dumped him, and he's now in limbo.

JOHN KERRY. The longtime Senator who claimed his hair was better during a Presidential campaign is now U.S. Secretary of State. Is it just us, or was he blonder on his first major trip overseas?

BELLO NOCK. Gel plus hairspray plus blowdrying equals a seven-inch high style that's held through stunt after stunt with the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey circus, and even his own. We challenge any woman on this list to outlast him -- and we want to be there to see it.

TROY POLAMALU. Don't cut your hair for years, and you might match the style of this Pittsburgh Steeler all-star. There's a million-dollar insurance contract on his hair -- so a very short snip for U.S. veterans became a moment of national drama.

Former Men's Top Five:

JUSTIN BIEBER - April 2010-February 2011. A teen pop sensation had fans lining up not only to hear him sing, but see his "hair flip." A February cut was considered stop-the-presses news by the tabloids - but if it cost him 80,000 Twitter followers, we have to pay attention.

ROD BLAGOJEVICH -- December 2008 - June 2011. The ex-Governor of Illinois and his famous hair have starred on Celebrity Apprentice. He proved Joy Behar of The View is a Hair Fan, because she tried to muss his on camera. But a retrial conviction in federal court put him into the slammer, and out of sight.

PIERCE BROSNAN -- November 2004 - September 2005. For hair that's looked sharp in action movies for years, whether as James Bond or with Salma Hayek in After the Sunset. But to be honest, there's not a lot of drama here -- off screen, that is.

BRODIE CROYLE -- September 2005 - October 2006. This style from his days as quarterback at the University of Alabama made him the first male to lead our monthly search report, in October 2005. But he made a dead-serious trim, when he went pro with Kansas City. Was he forced to do this, in a team hazing?

JOHNNY DAMON -- October 2004. Swirling Fenway Park winds didn't blow the hair of this Boston Red Sox outfielder into his right eye. But only one day after we posted him here, the World Series celebration in St. Louis did. Well, he is known for having speed.

JIMMY ELDER -- January 2005 - December 2008. This pastor of a large Baptist church in Georgia has such a solid style, a strong late-winter wind couldn't budge it. He was tossed from our list only because of a major trim -- not due to any sins he's committed.

KERRY FRASER -- 2001 - December 2004. He had the best, most talked-about hair in the National Hockey League -- and he was a referee! But a lockout of the players has kept him blocked from Hair Fans' view.

JUSTIN GUARINI -- September 2002 - April 2004. The runner-up in Year 1 of American Idol has curls which never seem to fall flat. Sadly, his music career has - and that's why we dropped him.

AL HARRIS -- January-December 2004. The Green Bay Packers cornerback's extra-long dreadlocks caught our eye above all others, especially when he won a playoff game with an interception return. But he lost a "head-to-head" 2004 playoff showdown to Randy Moss.

MAX HODGES -- January 2008-March 2010. To borrow from his description of Danny Moder at Malibu, this TMZ producer/spokesman looks like a "surfer.... who doesn't suck." He even inspired newsroom lookalikes on New Year's Day 2008. He's apparently still unbeaten, but his "star power" simply has dropped in our view.

SHAHRUKH KHAN - July 2011-October 2012. Some call him the "King of Bollywood," from his appearances in Indian movies and game shows. His hair is the stuff that probably drives women wild. But we finally found a photo where the bangs dropped a bit too far.

RANDY MOSS -- January-February 2005. Perhaps he won that showdown because of a "playoff Afro." But when he was traded to Oakland, all that hair was gone. We're tempted to ask if his stylist is taking some months off.

TY PENNINGTON - March 2005 - January 2006. If you've wondered why Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is so popular, we think hair has something to do with it. But we've become convinced it's the long-haired ladies -- because his perfect spikes become boring after a while. (Courtesy WSTR-FM)

JOE DON ROONEY - November 2006-June 2007.. The country band Rascal Flatts has some fascinating hair, and his struck us as the most dangerous. But to be honest, it became quite ordinary over time -- and with men, interesting is better.

NATE SALLIE -- May-October 2004. Took mock offense when a CBN reporter told this Christian rock singer he has "Nashville hair." Actually, it looks fine -- but it stays so stuck that it started to bore us.

QUIN SNYDER -- May 2002-December 2003. A Missouri Hair Fan wrote us saying if we posted Wesley Stokes, we should post his college basketball coach as well. Fair enough. Lots of mousse is his hair "shield of shelter" -- but where's the drama here? Low risk cost him for someone else.

WESLEY STOKES -- December 2001-February 2003. This college basketball player's curls grew on us while he was at Missouri -- from a "just for fun" add-on to a strong member of the men's list. His hair is still unbeaten to our knowledge, but he transferred to San Diego State. Sit out a year, and you drop out here.

ANDERSON VAREJAO -- June 2007-January 2008. He brought curls to the Cleveland Cavaliers, and inspired hair-lookalike nights when LeBron James seemingly wasn't enough of a draw. But a serious trim for the '07-'08 season was a bit too ordinary for us.

RICKY WILLIAMS - February 2002 - March 2004. The Miami Dolphins' running back was a dreadlock pioneer in the N.F.L. But then the league ruled his hair could be pulled to make a tackle - and we think that explains why he showed up for March drills with his head shaved.

Honorable mentions - Just for fun, or special tributes:

ERYKAH BADU - April 2000. All wrapped up for both the Grammys and the Oscars. This may have been the most interesting head of hair we'd never seen.

BRIANA BONDS - March 2009. The Kansas City woman admits she has a hair weave. But when an ex-boyfriend tried to shoot her, a bullet which demolished a car window became tangled in that weave and was stopped cold without harming her. If that's not Super-Hair, we don't know what is.

JAMES BROWN - January 2007. The "hardest-working man in show business" may have had the hardest-working hair spray to match. He moved and bounced all over the place on stage, yet his 'do's hardly ever did. (Courtesy Concert Shots)

TESSICA BROWN - February-March 2021. A Louisiana mom became an online sensation after reaching for "Gorilla Glue" to keep her braided hairstyle in place. It did - for a month, leading to extensive surgery. For Hair Fans who admire "Ultimate hold," this was a fantasy come true.

KALPANA CHAWLA -- February 2003. Only too late did we discover the smartly-controlled locks of the astronaut from India, who perished aboard the shuttle Columbia.

MIKE COMMODORE -- June 2004. Calgary Flames hockey player who grew out his hair from the pre-season in August all the way to the NHL Stanley Cup Finals, and inspired wigs in his honor throughout Alberta. The last "Commodore" with hair this good was Lionel Ritchie.

KIMBERLY DOZIER -- June 2006. We thank a Hair Fan for suggesting this, in the wake of the CBS News reporter's close call in Iraq. Her hair truly is strong for the challenge there -- and may she get well quickly. (Courtesy Media Research Center)

RUSSELL GORMAN -- November 2002. This Rhode Island teenager won a court fight with his prep school, so he wouldn't have to cut his "hockey hair." This is one mullet we probably would throw back.

LORI HACKING -- August 2004. Who would harm a young woman with curls as good as these? Sadly, police in Utah determined her husband did. What a crying shame.

PRINCE HARRY -- December 2002. British papers and the Drudge Report had a field day over this photo of a somewhat straggling style. But then we learned a tabloid reportedly wanted to snip at his strands for a DNA test -- and considering who his mother was, maybe it's a compliment.

KATHERINE HEPBURN -- July 2003. If you had been a Hair Fan in the 1930s or 1940s, this Oscar-winning actress's well-sprayed yet bouncy style would have made you long for more. A classic look of its time.

"MISS ELIZABETH" HULETTE -- May 2003. One of the founding beauties of professional wrestling, her curled styles showed great control in high-pressure ringside situations. She died in mysterious circumstances, taking the mystery of that awesome hold with her.

SADDAM HUSSEIN -- December 2003. Sure, the hair looked messy when he was captured in Iraq. But note how careful he was to keep it away from his face. (Courtesy Drudge Report)

GENE KEADY -- March 2005. The "king of the combover" retired from college basketball coaching. We wish him well -- but we're thankful Carolyn Peck didn't follow his example, when she was at Purdue University. (Courtesy Purdue Exponent)

SAMPAA LAJUNEN -- February-March 2002. Dyed his hair "Finland blue" for Winter Olympic cross-country skiing. Too bad Marge Simpson's already taken. (Photo courtesy

HOPE LANGE -- January 2004. This solidly-secured style impressed Hair Fans on the 1960's TV show The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. We never recall it weakening, much less collapsing. (Courtesy TV Tome)

JESSICA LYNCH -- April 2003. A U.S. Army Private who fought practically to the death for her country in Iraq. Imagine what she can do to protect this non-military hairstyle, once she's in college training to be a teacher.

DUSTIN MAY. Fox Sports quoted the Los Angeles Dodgers manager as saying the right products made this pitcher's hair smell great during the World Series. He may have the best curls in baseball since Alyson Footer.

LESLIE MOUTON -- February-March 2001. Long before Melissa Etheridge, this San Antonio TV newscaster and cancer survivor dared to appear without a wig. She says, "Hair does not define me." Her bravery and spunk definitely do.

MIKE PIAZZA -- July 2001. Dyed his hair blonde, perhaps to see if they had more fun - but he didn't have to do that to make baseball's All-Star Game, did he?

TOMMIE PRINCE -- March 2000. Pepperdine men's basketball player. With a sweatband, he had the highest hair the NCAA tournament had seen in a long time - by either gender.

NEEMA SAMAHA - April-May 2007. A college freshman who was skilled in dance, and apparently knew how to wear long hair well. She represents all the students gunned down on a fateful Monday morning at Virginia Tech. (Courtesy NPR/Facebook)

SESAME STREET SINGER (Name unknown) - October-November 2010. She caused an Internet sensation and made grown women cry, for singing with gusto "I Love My Hair." Yes, it drops in her eyes for a few moments - but how we wish more women with great styles were this enthusiastic.

SURREY SPICE GIRL (Left) -- March-April 2002. The champion of New York's Westminster Kennel Club dog show stunned us with an incredible helmet style -- and the best part was, she never has to spend a penny for stylists. (Courtesy N.Y. Daily News)

DONALD TRUMP -- February 2004. When a New York tabloid devotes an entire page to alternative hairstyles for this man, he must have something. We're not saying what -- just something.

JENNIFER WILBANKS -- May 2005. She had a nice-looking style before going for that long pre-marital run from Georgia to New Mexico. But this may be the most unique way to hide a bad hair day we've ever seen.

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