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If Germany is the "powerhouse of Europe" in football/soccer (and arguably other things), a smaller country may be emerging as a powerhouse for Super-Hair. Lithuania achieved third place in EuroCup 2008, then the final round of our World Cup III in 2010. After dropping to second-in-group in 2012, the Baltic land bounced back thanks to the beautiful curls of ballroom dancer Patricija Belousova - and she makes Lithuania the EuroCup 2016 champion!

The former "Miss Universe Lithuania" emerged from a challenging group which included a Crown Award-winning actress and a World Cup finalist. Then Belousova went toe-to-toe with defending EuroCup champ Victoria Azarenka, with neither style budging through three days of semifinal extra time! When we turned off voting filters, Belousova advanced to the Championship Final - and she forced English actress Ana Mulvoy-Ten to "Brexit" the tournament with a unanimous decision.

Azarenka rallied her strength to make Belarus the Consolation Final winner. She defeated fellow tennis player Domenika Cibulkova of Slovakia by 75 percent of the vote. Third place means a spot in Super-Hair World Cup V in 2018, while Slovakia must wait for now.

Our tournament had 16 nations, each represented by only ONE top hairstyle. After one week of national qualifying and six weeks of round-robin play in four groups, four group winners clashed in the semifinals....


SLOVAKIA: DOMENIKA CIBULKOVA. The "pocket rocket" tennis player who's becoming a businesswoman defeated Jeanette Borhyova in national qualifying, then made easy work of her competition. But once again, the top seed from group play didn't go all the way.

Slovakia 13 points, Greece (Georgia Salpa Penna) 9, Georgia (Teona Tatishvili) 3, Germany (Julia Bonk) 0.


BELARUS: VICTORIA AZARENKA. Another tennis player advanced with ease, but her dream of becoming the first back-to-back EuroCup winner fell short.

Belarus 13 points, Romania (Lorena Menghia) 8, Ireland (Aoife Walsh) 5, Switzerland (Domenique Rinderknecht) 0.


LITHUANIA: PATRICIJA BELOUSOVA. Some voters dubbed this the "group of death." Yet a former "Miss Universe Lithuania" who works as a professional ballroom dancer advanced after a surprisingly lopsided Match 6 win over a Cup veteran and Super-Hair national rival.

Lithuania 12 points, Spain (Penelope Cruz) 7, Italy (Amy Adams) 5, Chzechia (Tereza Brichacova) 0.


ENGLAND: ANA MULVOY-TEN. An actress in children's programs brought this country back to the EuroCup playoffs, after defeating Nicola Roberts in national qualifying. A messy look posted on Twitter during group play ultimately may have done her in.

England 10 points, Sweden (Sarah Backman Rotunda) 7, Ukraine (Olga Kurylenko) 5, France (Lea Seydoux) 0.

For standings, results and a match schedule, click here.


1. United States 2. Australia 3. Lithuania 4. Colombia 5. Honduras

6. England 7. Belarus 8. Puerto Rico 9. Slovakia 10. Vietnam

11. Canada 12. Egypt 13. Greece 14. Romania 15. Iran

REVIEW: EUROCUP 2012 2008 2004

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