The Hair Fans' Hall of Fame:

2005 Introduction

A hip phrase of 2005 has been "up or down vote." It didn't prove simple in the U.S. Senate -- nor did it here. The 2005 Hair Fans' Hall of Fame voting will be remembered as the craziest and most controversial ever.

We received more than 26,000 votes in three weeks -- but also enough complaints about "ballot box stuffing" and spamming to inspire two weeks of "extended voting" with filters. The second chance for three women proved even nuttier; 66 percent of voters said the extra vote should count, but all three remaining contenders were voted down! The dust cloud finally lifted with two new members in your hall:

2005 Finalists

SHANIA TWAIN - INDUCTED. A wild debate raged here about the Canadian singer's music and background, making us almost think she was running for U.S. President. But her online fan clubs overcame the critics, and a record-shattering 10,000-vote final day shoved the four-time Crown Award winner to a 92-percent majority.

JANE SEYMOUR - INDUCTED. Supporters from around the world came to the aid of this British actress, beginning with a rush of thousands of votes in the second week. The Wedding Crashers co-star wound up with an 84-percent crash in her favor -- and as voting ended, she was rewarded with a new mid-season TV series.

REESE WITHERSPOON. The phrase "Reese-Gate" was coined, when hundreds of votes suddenly came her way in the first week. We suspected one "spammer" in particular, but a closer check found an online group of supporters also backing her. Yet a counterattack developed, leaving the actress with only 48 percent support in regular voting and 25 percent in extended voting.

SUMMER SANDERS. The swimmer, sports host and former Alberto VO5 endorser did not find a "Summer of love" here. Only 30 percent of Hair Fans backed her in regular voting, and 44 percent in extended voting.

KERI RUSSELL. She's in our Ultimate 50 for the first-year style of Felicity -- but voters debated whether she had the greatest natural and invincible curls of the 1990's, or just plain frizz. The pro-curl crowd was left limp, with a record-low 20 percent support in regular voting and 21 percent in extended voting.

REGULAR VOTING RESULTS: Twain 14,324 - 1,324; Seymour 5,432 - 1,021; Witherspoon 1,047 - 1,152; Sanders 302 - 770; Russell 166 - 656.

EXTENDED VOTING RESULTS: Extended voting counting 42-22; Sanders 33-42; Witherspoon 15-44; Russell 10-38.

(Note: The list of nominees was reduced to five finalists based on a variety of factors. These include whether the style meets the Super-Hair definition, success in other areas of the web site and historical recognition. If your nominees were not listed this year, you're welcome to submit them again in coming years.)

We invite your comments on the Hair Fans' Hall of Fame: .

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