The 2010 Hot List

NAME: Tzvetana Pironkova

WHO IS SHE: Professional tennis player from Bulgaria; semifinalist at Wimbledon 2010

HER STYLE: Medium-long and straight, with progressively longer bangs

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Hair Fan who suggested her didn't give a reason, but we'll guess it's out of delight for a playfully loose look. We're guessing the hair in our picture is flat-ironed straight.

SUPER-HAIR? Pictures of her hair loose are hard to find - but sadly, many of them make our photo look tame. This one from a party only has bangs in her eye; others are much messier. It's no wonder she ties the hair down during matches. [Posted 12/31/10]

NAME: Jaime Maggio

WHO IS SHE: Sports reporter with two Los Angeles TV stations; has appeared as a sideline reporter for various cable and broadcast channels

HER STYLE: Shoulder-length or a bit below, normally straight

WHY WE LIKE IT: She displays "hair smarts" to keep a risky style from dropping in her eyes in challenging situations. Our vidcap comes from an N.F.L. game in Baltimore, where she guarded the right eye with at least two-and-a-half full turns of curl. She's also used bangs at times, as well as top-of-the-head sunglasses while covering surfing at the beach.

SUPER-HAIR? From what we've seen, she gets the win. She doesn't seem to use pins outdoors, yet her hair has natural strength to stay in line. Super-Hair is a sport where "holding" is not only legal, but encouraged - and she's practicing it tenaciously and impressively. [Posted 12/15/10]

NAME: Lynn Tilton

WHO IS SHE: Founder/CEO of the private equity firm Patriarch Partners

HER STYLE: Naturally long and a bit wavy, reaching for the waist with bangs of varying lengths (seemingly getting longer from the center of her forehead)

WHY WE LIKE IT: "What a wealth of luxurious, platinum locks," a Hair Fan wrote to us. "It's money!" It's certainly a different look for the investment world - not to mention someone older than 50, which she is. The bangs probably come to her rescue when she's outside amid the tall buildings of the New York financial district.

SUPER-HAIR? We haven't found a picture to prove her style has fallen in her eyes. We'd love to think she's undefeated with this look -- but we seriously doubt it. At least one of her daily helicopter rides from New Jersey to the workplace must have blown that long hair around. But this is hair which certainly lives up to the personal description a Detroit newspaper writer put on her: "An in-your-face woman willing to take risks." A high-risk style like hers is worth investing a little time to watch. [Posted 12/2/10]

NAME: Margie Ellisor

WHO IS SHE: TV journalist in St. Louis

HER STYLE: Multi-layered sidepart stretching a bit below the shoulders, enhanced by round-brushing

WHY WE LIKE IT: "She just has an incredible head of hair that only gets more beautiful with time," a Hair Fan wrote to us. From what we found online, that means she's grown out and loosened a tight shoulder-length style in recent years -- creating hair with a lot of complexity for Hair Fans to examine, yet hold on the vulnerable left side when she needs it most.

SUPER-HAIR? We were persuaded for awhile, until we found a YouTube video of her ice skating. The skate was fine, but what happened at the end (we won't give it away) flipped hair into her right eye. We certainly understand why Hair Fans would watch, though - and we thank you for bringing us a great discovery! [Posted 11/17/10]

NAME: Natasha Curry

WHO IS SHE: Anchor with HLN; frequent substitute for Robin Meade on Morning Express

HER STYLE: Long and slightly wavy, parted slightly off-center

WHY WE LIKE IT: When she turns up the volume in terms of thickness and curl, there's a lot of hair up-front that's almost daring you to reach for it -- but we suspect she adds hairspray before going on the air, so the style would fight any attempts to push it around.

SUPER-HAIR? The best answer to this question may be hiding in Seattle. That's where she worked before moving to Atlanta, and we'd appreciate input from Hair Fans there. Since moving to Atlanta, she seems to keep this heavy hair solid -- and while this may seem like "hair-esy," we think her current style right now is more appealing than Meade's. [Posted 11/5/10]

NAME: Kali Nicole

WHO IS SHE: TV journalist in Lincoln, Nebraska

HER STYLE: Sidepart reaching a bit below the shoulders

WHY WE LIKE IT: The thickness on this style is astounding. And the hair is prepared so it's almost perfect beyond belief. We assume she sprays the area near the right eye, but it certainly doesn't look like she's added anything. This look reminds us of Teresa Rodriguez in her prime -- and Rodriguez made the top four of our Ultimate 50 list.

SUPER-HAIR? All we have to go on is her station's video clips - and so far it is. A breeze on a highway seemed to expose well-hidden bangs on this style, but her mass of hair didn't really move that much. We're impressed - and to be honest, we stumbled upon this woman while searching for video of a top-ranked co-worker. Brittany Jeffers may have some very serious competition. [Posted 10/21/10]

NAME: Lourdes Stephen

WHO IS SHE: Host on Univision, whose latest project is a Sunday night gossip hour called Sal y Pimienta (no, her co-host is not named Sal)

HER STYLE: Armpit length, with waves flowing like a stream from her right ear down

WHY WE LIKE IT: The waves appear to be in multiple layers, which enhance the complexity of the style -- and make things more interesting for us. And while this hair clearly is swept toward her right side, we wonder what would happen on the left side if wind came up from behind.

SUPER-HAIR? This is clearly a safe "in-studio" look, and it endured marvelously on the night we saw it. Other online pictures indicate she's kept her hair out of her eyes in other Univision projects, so she's undefeated as far as we know. If her styles keep looking this sharp, we may have found this network's next pelo perfecto. [Posted 10/9/10]

NAME: Ashley Morrison

WHO IS SHE: CBS News anchor, seen most often on Up To the Minute

HER STYLE: Armpit-length, parted around the center, usually with some degree of waves

WHY WE LIKE IT: The blondeness jumps out to get a Hair Fan's attention. Then the waves make that Hair Fan pause to examine things even more. And at some point, Hair Fans realize - hey, this style isn't moving! It's holding perfectly, with perhaps a little flex. There's probably some spray used to accomplish that, but it's so light that you can't be completely sure.

SUPER-HAIR? We only have a few photos for making this decision -- but so far, her style is flat-out flawless. There would be some sensational drama, if she took this look for a walk amid Manhattan skyscrapers with swirling winds. Yet CBS gets credit for doing something many probably considered impossible - making Hair Fans move past Michelle Gielan. [Photo courtesy Wide World of Women; posted 9/16/10]

NAME: Yendi Phillipps

WHO IS SHE: TV talent show host, model and pageant champion in Jamaica; first runner-up for Miss Universe 2010

HER STYLE: Armpit-length or longer, with varying amounts of wave

WHY WE LIKE IT: She showed good thickness at the Miss Universe pageant, and a willingness to let moderate waves flow. In a contest where most of the top ten finalists displayed great styles, these factors undoubtedly worked in her favor.

SUPER-HAIR? We rooted for her -- but then found a swimsuit shoot on a beach, where she posed with a bit of seemingly wind-weakened hair in her left eye. But we're happy to find a high-quality head of Jamaican hair, after years of searching and waiting. [Posted 9/3/10]

NAME: Alyson Footer

WHO IS SHE: Baseball reporter whose work includes the title "Senior Director of Social Media" for the Houston Astros

HER STYLE: A bit longer than the shoulders, and heavy on ringlet curls

WHY WE LIKE IT: Those ringlets impressed the Hair Fan who e-mailed us about her. "The cascade of curls," the writer called them - and given Houston's notorious high humidity, it has to be a challenge keeping them in good shape. Yet every photo we found indicates she does it. She shows no sign of frizz, nor of strands placed awkwardly out of line.

SUPER-HAIR? It is, from everything we've seen -- and that's impressive, since caring for all those curls cannot be easy. If she was in Amarillo instead of Houston, we're not sure how well that long hair could hold in a breeze. But she seems smart enough to bring out her hair only in the right situations -- and in baseball, good management can make all the difference. [Posted 8/20/10]

NAME: Cat Deeley

WHO IS SHE: British TV personality, who also hosts U.S. version of So You Think You Can Dance

HER STYLE: Shoulder-length and loose, parted almost down the middle; we say it's at its best with a bit of wave added 

WHY WE LIKE IT: Perhaps it's the color, the thickness or both, but this hair jumps out and demands a Hair Fan's attention. Good natural-looking placement helps as well. This style can flow as freely as a dance contestant -- yet she often takes care to avoid going too far into trouble with it.

SUPER-HAIR? Alas, that's the rub. As impressive as her hair can look, it's had overly carefree weak moments and fallen in her face on camera more than once. Maybe that's why no Hair Fan ever has suggested her here. We can't think of any other reason why, because this head of hair ranks among Britain's most beautiful today. In fact, we're almost tempted to compare it with Jennifer Aniston -- and we think the "Cat" would outlast her in a dance contest. [Posted 8/6/10]

NAME: Cecily Tynan

WHO IS SHE: TV weather anchor/reporter in Philadelphia

HER STYLE: Currently short and precise, with the longest strands framing her neck and apparently some layering near the eyes (she's also had it below the shoulders over the years)

WHY WE LIKE IT: While the style is short, her right side is long enough to intrigue us. An untimely wind gust certainly would put her hair at risk of collapsing. But our online searching indicated she's smart enough to add spray when the situation calls for it. The hair can flex and fight, but never seems to cave in.

SUPER-HAIR? She's been on the air for years -- yet from what we can tell, her styles are undefeated. Add to that these facts: she runs marathons, competes in triathlons and was "magna cum laude" in college. Throw in a perfectly-prepared head of hair, and this is quite an impressive story. So why has no one ever suggested her for the Philadelphia City League? [Posted 7/23/10]

NAME: Patricia Wu

WHO IS SHE: Business news correspondent, who recently moved from Bloomberg to CNN

HER STYLE: Armpit-length sidepart with cut-in bangs, sometimes curls at tips

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Hair Fan who suggested her didn't give a reason, but linked us to Bloomberg vid-caps from 2009 where the bangs were swept to her left side. That adds drama and mystery to the hair, about what would happen if it was threatened with motion. Now that she's at CNN (as shown above), the bangs are fully displayed -- and a few look dangerously long enough to hit her eyelash.

SUPER-HAIR? She wins by that very eyelash for now. The few pictures we found showed good hold, with barely a bang out of place. (In fact, the video where we obtained this picture is as mussed as anything we found.) But check our Top Ten Tresses list, and you'll business news is very competitive in terms of great hair. If she was matched against CNN's long-time champion Lisa Sylvester, we doubt Wu could hang on for long. [Posted 7/8/10]

NAME: Sara Carbonero

WHO IS SHE: TV sports reporter in Spain

HER STYLE: Currently armpit-length, but has been trimmed at times to the shoulders; we think it's at its best when the hair is wavy as opposed to straight

WHY WE LIKE IT: She gained international attention even before that other World Cup tournament began -- rated by some the finest-looking sportscaster on the planet. The hair is a vital part of that success, as she knows how to prepare and place it to hold well while on camera. The waves add strength when she needs it for outdoor events.

SUPER-HAIR? We were ready to add her to the Top Ten Tresses list. But we found a red-carpet event where she went up and down with her head a little too much, and a big strip of hair appeared to drop in her left eye. As her goalkeeper boyfriend knows, one mistake under pressure can be very costly. [Posted 6/25/10]

NAME: Kathleen Bade

WHO IS SHE: To borrow from her TV station blog, an "Anchormom" in San Diego

HER STYLE: Shoulder-length sidepart, well-rounded on the right side to display the hair's natural thickness

WHY WE LIKE IT: She can tuck her hair behind the ears as a last resort - but from the pictures we've seen, it's clear she prefers not to do that. Her hair is plush enough to be out in the open, and she adds enough spray on the vulnerable right side to make sure it stays secure.

SUPER-HAIR? Her blog contains pictures of a couple of dramatic "at the brink" moments. But there's nothing to show strands in her eyes, and certainly nothing displaying this well-groomed head of hair looking anywhere close to messy. That can't be easy, in an area known for Santa Ana winds. Until we see otherwise, we declare her a "Super-Mom" in terms of a beautiful style. [Posted 6/10/10]

NAME: Dr. Kathy Fields

WHO IS SHE: San Francisco dermatologist, author, associate professor, best known for helping develop Proactiv

HER STYLE: Shoulder-length with varying amounts of wave, either teased at the crown or tucked behind her ears to keep the forehead clear

WHY WE LIKE IT: A Hair Fan actually nominated her along with Dr. Katie Rodan (see below). An e-mail noted both women display great body and thickness -- but this doctor was praised for "great waves." We found photos with everything from firm hook-curls at the ends to fully-rounded rolls. But the key to this style's success is from the ears up, and her "control mechanisms" to keep the hair from collapsing into her face.

SUPER-HAIR? We had our doubts, fearing the heaviness of the hair might work against her. But this doctor is no dummy when it comes to hair. We couldn't find any pictures of her style even close to disaster -- and she apparently doesn't pin back the hair that much, either.

If Fields faced her friend in a Super-Hair War, we think Rodan's use of bangs ultimately would give her victory. But the thickness of Fields would put up quite a fight. No wonder she wrote a beauty website, claiming "big hair" should make a comeback. [Posted 5/28/10]

NAME: Samantha Cameron

WHO IS SHE: Wife of Britain's new Prime Minister and designer of fashion accessories

HER STYLE: Loose and shoulder-length with long bangs

WHY WE LIKE IT: Her hair seems to float at times in the British breeze. And her bangs often seem long enough to collapse across her face. Yet she finds ways to keep that from happening -- perhaps with a hint of curls at the tips, or head turns and shakes in the nick of time.

SUPER-HAIR? We feared a "Sam-Cam cam" would capture a picture of collapse somewhere. And alas, we found one which looks that way in a 2009 profile by The Times of London. Yet this style offers Hair Fans plenty of interesting drama. And we think it makes Britain's unofficial "first lady" look a lot like French first lady Carla Bruni -- setting up a potential hair rivalry across the Channel. [Posted 5/15/10]

NAME: Kara Scott

WHO IS SHE: One-time kick boxer turned professional poker player; host of poker telecasts in the U.S. and Britain

HER STYLE: Shoulder-length or lower, with a sidepart that's usually straight but can have added wave (which we prefer)

WHY WE LIKE IT: She usually doesn't tuck her hair back behind an ear, so it's out in the open and threatening her left eye much of the time. Yet the style holds attractively in place, even she goes "full tilt" with her head. (Don't ask us how; we'd like to know!)

SUPER-HAIR? We were tempted to bet big that it was, after reviewing dozens of online photos. But sadly, we found one picture from a poker tournament where her hair covered that left eye -- even though she was wearing sunglasses. Too bad for her. It's one time when we wish we'd "missed the flop." [Posted 4/29/10]

NAME: Jennifer Horbelt

WHO IS SHE: TV news anchor in Paducah, Kentucky

HER STYLE: Short and tight, apparently cut into two lengths; hair close to the eyes is trimmed at the cheekbone, while sections farther back go to the nape of the neck

WHY WE LIKE IT: The person who nominated her didn't give a reason, but we see plenty of drama here. Hairspray probably has to be used on both sides of her eyes, to keep the shorter sections in line. Otherwise, even a quick head turn would put the hold of this style to a test. But our picture could be misleading, as we found a photo where she had bangs across her forehead.

SUPER-HAIR? It all depends on how often this style is trimmed, and what she does to protect the style right before trim time. We found no pictures showing her hair in her eyes, not even when she's dancing. If the style holds that well while in motion, we're definitely impressed.

We must add an important P.S. here, because this woman may seem familiar. It turns out she was nominated by another Jennifer in Paducah -- Jennifer Rukavina, who happens to be her co-worker! (In fact, Rukavina submitted our picture.) Rukavina says they like to have a "battle of the Jennifers" at the TV station. Hmmmm.... who do you think would win a Super-Hair War? [Posted 4/16/10]

NAME: Dr. Katie Rodan

WHO IS SHE: Oakland, California dermatologist; perhaps best-known for developing and promoting Proactiv Solutions

HER STYLE: Assuming the picture we've borrowed from her office web site is current, it's a shoulder-length well-shaped cut with bangs across the forehead.

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Hair Fan who suggested her raved: "Great, thick hair full of body.... great bangs." Our picture probably doesn't do her justice; search for her name online and you'll find photos of a longer style -- and indeed, the bangs keep hair out of her eyes while refusing to budge even when a wind blows.

SUPER-HAIR? Thanks to the bangs, it seems to be. We can't find any pictures to indicate even weak moments for her style. She's clearly an example of how beauty is more than "skin deep" - it includes strong hair as well. [Posted 4/2/10]

NAME: Brittany Jeffers

WHO IS SHE: Miss Nebraska 2009; newly-named morning news anchor at a Lincoln TV station

HER STYLE: A well-rounded sidepart reaching the collerbone or a bit lower

WHY WE LIKE IT: Her hair has great thickness, which especially is on display when she dips her head a bit. But she also possesses flawless hold, likely due to a good bit of spray on her right side -- yet it's not enough spray to appear obviously sticky. Combine all that, and you have a style which displays excellent and delicate balance at several levels.

SUPER-HAIR? The pictures we found indicate it is, even when it's a bit longer. Her hair can flex and get awfully close to the right eye, yet never cave in. We'd love to hear more from Nebraska Hair Fans about how she looks day-to-day. But if she was only "Top Ten" at Miss America, this may explain why the pageant winner made our Top Ten list. [Posted 3/19/10]

NAME: Laura Ingle

WHO IS SHE: Reporter for Fox News Channel

HER STYLE: Armpit-long straight sidepart, with bangs on her vulnerable right side

WHY WE LIKE IT: The hair has good thickness, and is seemingly loose with no spray used at any time. But the key to her success (and our interest) are those mysterious bangs. They appear long enough to drop in her eyes at any moment, yet they stay in line until they have to move -- and when a gust of wind tries to force a decisive moment, she skillfully maneuvers her head so the bangs only hit her forehead.

SUPER-HAIR? We keep waiting for this hair to fall across her face, especially when she reports outside. But amazingly, it has not -- and as daring as her style looks, she's still undefeated in our view. She doesn't get the star billing of other Fox News styles, but we think it's time she did. [Posted 3/5/10]

NAME: Orianthi Panagaris (she goes by the first name only)

WHO IS SHE: Australian rock singer, better known for playing electric guitar; a band member on Michael Jackson's ill-fated final concert tour

HER STYLE: Armpit-length, with dangerously long bangs (as in below the eyebrows)

WHY WE LIKE IT: "Rock version of Carrie Underwood," explained the Hair Fan who suggested her. (In fact, she played guitar for Underwood at the 2010 Grammy Awards.) "Good thickness, great bangs." From the pictures we found online, both qualities seem to depend on the situation. The bangs usually are deeply cut, to keep the eyes clear when she dips her head to check her guitar strings. Yet in some concert situations, the bangs seem to disappear in favor of a sprayed sidepart.

SUPER-HAIR? We had our doubts when we saw the picture on her home page - yet as close as she keeps those bangs to her eyes, we haven't found a photo where they drop completely. This is a case where high risk has brought high reward so far. And why do some of her pictures leave the impression she wants us to come after her hair? [Posted 2/21/10]

NAME: Maggie Lawson

WHO IS SHE: Actress in the USA Network series Psych (where we found our photo)-- and we can't overlook her starring role in the 2009 TV-movie Killer Hair.

HER STYLE: She's shown various lengths with slight waves and a slightly off-center part; currently going long to the bust line

WHY WE LIKE IT: She's another suggestion from a recent live chat, but the visitor who mentioned her didn't give a reason. We'll guess this Hair Fan likes locks that are long and loose - and she seems to wear her hair that way almost all the time. She uses her ears to protect the style only when she must.

SUPER-HAIR? We haven't seen her in action on screen, but a fan site's photo gallery leaves us skeptical. Not because of the photos there, but the background at the left where a loose strip of hair seems to dangle at the edge of her right eye. Certainly she's eye-catching enough to make us want to tune in for confirmation -- but if you think this hair's perfection is impossible to "kill," we're afraid you're being Psych-ed out. [Posted 2/5/10]

NAME: Marisa Coughlan

WHO IS SHE: Actress appearing in TV series such as Bones and Side Order of Life

HER STYLE: Armpit-length sidepart, tending to be on the wavy side

WHY WE LIKE IT: A Hair Fan suggested her at our most recent online chat, but didn't give a reason. We think that person likes the rather glamorous flow of the waves, and the steps she takes to protect them. Our picture shows the hair pulled back protectively and apparently using a headband (allowed under our Super-Hair definition). We also found photos with extra curl added for hold.

SUPER-HAIR? Sorry - but one fan site offers a wallpaper with a few strands leaning inside her right eye. (She apparently posed with it that way.) The hair is nice to be sure, and we'd like to see it in an action drama of some kind. [Posted 1/21/10]

NAME: Janice Dean

WHO IS SHE: Meteorologist for Fox News Channel (some may remember her from the Imus in the Morning radio program)

HER STYLE: The picture recommended by a Hair Fan shows a well-teased shoulder-length look, with flipped curl from the jawline down.

WHY WE LIKE IT: "Nice waves," the Hair Fan wrote us, "and she keeps them out of her face without her hair being too stiff to move." We haven't seen this style on the air, but we can imagine the bounce it would have going back and forth to the maps. The teasing helps provide room for the hair to maneuver.

SUPER-HAIR? To be honest, her hair hasn't really thrilled us over the years -- OK, but not spectacular. But this look is different: bouncy and risky, yet strong. And even before this, we couldn't find any pictures of hair in her eyes at all. Perhaps the so-called "Weather Machine" is a Super-Hair Machine in disguise. [Posted 1/8/10]

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