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The 2006 Hot List

NAME: Dana Sparks

WHO IS SHE: A veteran actress, who recently returned to the daytime drama Passions

HER STYLE: A short sidepart, although "short" can be defined on her in several lengths. The picture above was sent by the Hair Fan who suggested her, and is on the long side for her; we found other photos where the hair seems no longer than three inches.

WHY WE LIKE IT: The nomination e-mail said she "has the cutest short hair cut I have seen. She looks almost as good as Martina McBride did, back when Martina wore her hair short." Based on this picture, it's also about as high-risk when it comes to keeping hair out of her eyes. The few bangs on the right side actually appear long enough to fall, but stay an eyelash away (literally) -- while on the left side, she dares not grow the bangs out any longer without them falling to her defeat.

SUPER-HAIR? Most short styles usually are built to hold and endure. Few are this chancy -- and a light crosswind would be enough to put this cut under the gun. Yet our image search found she's kept her hair unbeaten through years on television. We haven't seen her on Passions yet to pass a final judgment, but this picture makes us want to tune in. Thanks for another good nomination! [Posted 12/28/6]

NAME: Alicia Smith

WHO IS SHE: News anchor who recently moved from Kalamazoo, Michigan to Detroit

HER STYLE: Tends to fluctuate between neck and shoulder-length; this photo from her TV station's web site shows a bit of flipping at the ends, and maybe a hint of wave. She can tuck the right side behind an ear, spray it down off the ear, or simply let it go loose.

WHY WE LIKE IT: We heard about this woman not from Michigan, but from a Hair Fan in Georgia where she used to work. "I just love her medium length haircut," the Hair Fan wrote. There's almost microscopic teasing at the part line to keep hair off her face, and the bit of curl at the ends probably are there to keep flyaways to a minimum.

SUPER-HAIR? This e-mail was quite ironic, because we saw this woman in Georgia years ago as well. Her hair was rounded and slightly shorter then -- but alas, we saw it fall in her eyes a few times. Yet we think this longer approach is an improvement. And while our picture makes it look a little messy, the overall style might hold better if she sprays it into place. Thanks for suggesting her to us! [Updated 2/8/7]

NAME: Toni Marsh

WHO IS SHE: Weather presenter for TV3 in New Zealand, as well as a morning radio show there

HER STYLE: The pictures we've seen indicate her straight hair stops a bit below the armpits, with bangs cut across the forehead (blown back in our photo)

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Kiwi Hair Fan who suggested her didn't give a reason, but this is a good cut for people with active lifestyles. We believe her bangs are trimmed well enough to avoid falling in her eyes during quick turns -- and we wonder how deeply enough they're cut toward the ear, so long hair can't fly forward into her face.

SUPER-HAIR? She has it from the few photos we've found -- but as we said, much depends on how well the bangs are trimmed. In the studio, she should be unbeatable. But walking around the high-rise buildings of downtown Auckland, swirling winds could give this style quite a test. Thanks for nominating this woman we'd never seen before -- and we encourage more Hair Fans to tell us about great hair from countries around the world. The more global we are, the better! [Posted 11/28/6]

NAME: Mollye Barrows

WHO IS SHE: News anchor in Pensacola, Florida

HER STYLE: A short, tight sideparted cap - the sort of style which inspired us to prepare a Style Profile section about it (and later added a Super-Hair Q&A; interview as well)

WHY WE LIKE IT: A friend of Barrows is a big fan of this look, telling us it's " sexy, cute and sassy." It's also low-maintenance, and looking a bit mussable. But the style is cut so well that it seems impossible to fall in her eyes, and may be hard to move at all.

SUPER-HAIR? From the few pictures we've found, it is -- and it very likely is unbeaten on a daily basis. The key here is regular trimming of the bangs. The longer they get, the more the tension rises about whether her hair can stay out of her face. Otherwise, this cut is ready to take on and outfight the strongest Gulf Coast hurricane -- and we're not sure those bangs would even budge through that. Thanks for another good discovery! [Posted 11/16/6]

NAME: Kristen Cornett

WHO IS SHE: Meteorologist for "Weather-Plus," usually seen on NBC networks

HER STYLE: Shoulder-length, parted-off center, with what one supporter calls a "soft upturn" at the ends

WHY WE LIKE IT: Our message board fired up when a Hair Fan saw her on MSNBC. The first person who saw her praised her style as "thick and luscious....

" looked incredible from the side view." This angle indicates the semi-curl actually may be used to steer the hair back, to be as much behind the shoulders as her length will allow. That keeps the face clear. We suspect she coats the style with spray to keep the solid look, at least from the jawbone up.

Another post on our board gushed, "Her hair has always been fabulous!" Yet an online image search showed us she's undergone a transformation in the last few years - adding a few inches, and now the upturn. We say it's a transformation for the better.

SUPER-HAIR? We're seeing more and more of this particular look, which is really a slightly softened version of a popular shoulder-length style from the early 1970's. Hair Fans probably would be attracted to the curl first -- and while they're distracted by that, Kristen's overall style can remain perfect as long as her spray lasts. We hope it's a long time. [Posted 11/2/6; photos courtesy]

NAME: Sarah Brodhead

WHO IS SHE: TV journalist in Grand Junction, CO

HER STYLE: A shoulder-length sidepart, with straightness throughout except for perhaps some round-brushed turning at the ends. She can dare to wear it down, as she does here, but we've seen it tucked behind an ear as well.

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Hair Fan who suggested her to us wrote: "I love her hair because it does not look like the stereotypical hair that anchor women all seem to have. Perhaps, it is because she is younger than a lot of other anchors. What she lacks in experience behind the desk.... she more than makes up for with fantastic hair."

The look we're showing is fantastic, because it looks impossible to keep in that position for more than a few seconds. But the right spray can lock any style down, and we suspect she uses plenty of it to freeze this one in place.

SUPER-HAIR? If she sprays her right side into line on a regular basis, it's possible. Otherwise, we really don't see how it could be. Any ordinary Rocky Mountain breeze could give this style a mighty test -- and if this hair can take on wind without succumbing, we'd certainly want to see it. (If you have video, please send it to us.) Thanks as always for offering an interesting hair candidate! [Posted 10/18/6]

NAME: Susan Sullivan

WHO IS SHE: A veteran TV actress, most recently seen in the series Dharma and Greg

HER STYLE: Famed for short sideparts which have adjusted in appearance with the years; the Dharma look pictured above is a sophisticated flipped pageboy.

WHY WE LIKE IT: A Hair Fan actually suggested her out of season for the "Best Hair in Television" Crown Award -- even though her series is only seen in reruns nowadays. This classic look offers an intruiging mix of hold and bounce. The hold comes from spraying the left side and the crown of the style into line; the bounce is activated by the teasing and turning atop the forehead, which lets the hair have some give during quick turns and light winds. We think the top has to receive the most attention and strength -- because if it weakens and droops, the entire style could collapse.

SUPER-HAIR? We've seen her styles in action since the groundbreaking mini-series Rich Man, Poor Man ), and we've seen her hair get blown into her eyes at times. This Wireimage photo from 2006 shows the pageboy occasionally drops down to almost cover an eye, requiring the infamous tilt of the head to keep full vision. It's not the greatest style of its genre, but it's a good one - and we thank you for suggesting it to us. [Posted 9/28/6]

NAME: Shoshana Johnson

WHO IS SHE: Retired U.S. Army specialist, military lecturer; best known for surviving an attack and imprisonment in Iraq in 2003

HER STYLE: Based on this 2005 CNN photo, a tight sideparted cap stopping at her lips; we've also seen pictures with straight hair going all the way to the shoulders

WHY WE LIKE IT: A Hair Fan nominated several veterans of the conflict in Iraq, admittedly based more on patriotism than style quality. We gave Jessica Lynch a Top Ten Tresses honorable mention in 2003 - but don't overlook this fellow P.O.W. This is a low maintenance style, with a hint of bangs to keep hair off the face. And it seems tight enough to hold through any quick turn.

SUPER-HAIR? We think this style has potential, especially if she adds some spray for windy conditions. Without it, the hair is so close to the eyes that it would seem at great risk of collapsing. Whatever style she tries (she had cornrows in Iraq), she seems to take care in keeping it in position. We certainly salute that. [Posted 9/14/6]

NAME: Nichole Vrsansky

WHO IS SHE: TV news anchor in Rockford, Illinois

HER STYLE: A sidepart which seems capable of swinging around the shoulders, with hints of bangs around the forehead.

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Hair Fan who suggested her to us wrote: "This reporter is in a small market and not getting the national attention she deserves. She has the girl next door, clean look that is fabulous......She deserves a national look in your forum." From what we found in a Google search, a national campaign is on in her behalf. But indeed, her style is clean -- with light tucking-back behind the ears, and "warning bangs" to alert her to potential weakness. We also like the slight curling-in at the tips, for a well-rounded face-framing look.

SUPER-HAIR? The hint of bangs increases the chances of it -- because otherwise she'd be relying mostly on her ears for hold, and that's tough to maintain with a shorter cut. Sadly, the "video biography" on her station's web site wouldn't play for us to provide a clear answer. But if we were in northern Illinois, we'd certainly be watching her. Thanks for another good tip! [Posted 8/30/6]

NAME: Paige Hemmis

WHO IS SHE: Best known as a member of the Extreme Makeover Home Edition construction team; also head of a web site called "TuffChix"

HER STYLE: As long and straight as a tape measure; known to add bangs across the forehead on occasion

WHY WE LIKE IT:  The Hair Fan who suggested her didn't give any reasons -- but let's face it: wouldn't you pay a little attention if you saw her at a building site? The long hair would stand out, especially if she doesn't pin or braid it. We think the bangs are a good move for her -- providing room for longer strands to move at the side, and making some Hair Fans wonder what it would take to move them out of line too far.

SUPER-HAIR? Our picture shows a classic style, displaying both hair contrast and tension -- with flexibility and maneuverability all around, except around the forehead where hold matters most. Bangs can allow this "TuffChick" to have a tough style which handles windy conditions. But from watching the show, we know her hair is relatively thin -- and breezes have blown it down more than once. With thicker strands, a continuing drama truly would be on. [Posted 8/16/6]

NAME: Jeanetta Jones

WHO IS SHE: Jewelry shop co-owner in Macon, Georgia -- but much better known as a meteorologist, who just marked 20 years at The Weather Channel

HER STYLE: Hair Fans could argue for hours about which look has been the best for her over the years -- short or long, bangs or none. We're showing the current picture on the channel's web site, with a loose-looking shoulder-length style sprinkled with hints of waves.

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Hair Fan who suggested her didn't give a reason -- simply suggesting we "try" her. We have for a long time (we're stunned it's been two decades), and she's passed all sorts of style trials. She doesn't mind wearing hair close to her eyes on the set -- and it stays attractive, without drooping. For our pictured style, we suspect a light coat of spray helps the waves stay in line.

SUPER-HAIR? We know Hair Fans have been watching her, and we know they've been impressed. But we believe there's been a time or two when outdoor conditions have pushed hair into her face - although it would have been years ago, before we kept detailed track of such things. Certainly she helped pave the way for the abundance of great hair in meteorology today, especially at her own channel. That's worthy of special recognition in itself, so thanks for suggesting her to us! [Posted 8/3/6]

NAME: Kristian Alfonso

WHO IS SHE: Actress on the daytime drama Days of Our Lives

HER STYLE: She's displayed several over the years; currently she seems to focus on a basic straight style of shoulder to armpit-length

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Hair Fan who suggested her didn't give a reason, but she appears to be moving away from the well-teased styles of years gone by. She appears to rely nowadays on round-brushing hair back at the ends, perhaps with a bit of spray for support. The style flexes back, but can stop before coming forward too much.

SUPER-HAIR? We think we've seen her hair collapse in her face at some point, but we honestly can't remember when it was -- and an online check turned up no pictures of a complete fall, although there was a close shave or two. As much as her hair has been seen on camera over two decades, her character has apparently kept good control overall -- giving "Hope" to others who dream of it. [Posted 7/20/6]

NAME: Megan O'Rourke

WHO IS SHE: TV journalist in Dayton, Ohio

HER STYLE: A sidepart which looks a bit flat-ironed as it hits the shoulders (and perhaps even around the left eye); can be tucked behind the ears as much as necessary as conditions warrant

WHY WE LIKE IT: "The picture does not do her justice," praised the Hair Fan who nominated her to us. "She is such a natural beauty, and her hair puts all other 'anchor hair' to shame with its bounce and body." The bounce would have to be from the cheekbone down for this style to work, because anything higher probably has to hold firmly in place to avoid her eyes.

SUPER-HAIR? The Hair Fan who offered her is sure of it, declaring her a "perfect 10 all the way around." But that person also hedged a bit, by saying she might have done an amusement park report where her style was thrown around on a roller coaster. Some of us would want to see whether her bounce went out of line or flexed too far. If the style held, that would be perfection under pressure -- and that's what Super-Hair is all about. Thanks for another fine nomination! [Posted 7/5/6]

NAME: Sara Underwood

WHO IS SHE: News anchor/reporter in Boston

HER STYLE: Shoulder-length, with a bit of a shag approach to the right side; can be tucked behind ears if trouble nears

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Hair Fan who suggested her to us wrote: "I have always liked her 'do and I cannot recall it ever falling in her eyes." We especially like this look because of the risk level. There's no sign of any bangs to fall across the forehead and save this style from her eyes if the wind blows. She has to rely on spray to keep this hair in place - and we imagine it's a strong one, if our writer is accurate.

SUPER-HAIR? This is our first look at her, so we really can't make a call one way or the other. But we'd certainly want to see this style on TV -- especially outside, where her spray could be tested by tough weather. If the right side of the cut holds through that, there will be no doubt. Thanks for another good nomination, from a city which we've found has plenty of great hair to offer! [Posted 6/21/6]

NAME: Robin Quivers

WHO IS SHE: Assistant to Howard Stern on his radio and TV shows

HER STYLE: She's shown several over the years; the newest unpinned one we could find from Wireimage has a bit below shoulder-length, and can be either straight or curled (we prefer curled)

WHY WE LIKE IT: A Hair Fan suggested her to us, based on the fact that she's always better groomed than Stern. Some would argue that doesn't take much -- but she does take care to keep hair looking nice, from what we've seen. Our photo shows a worry-free look which could work on the job, or at a party.

SUPER-HAIR? Let's admit right off the bat: we will not look up her Playboy photo spread for a close analysis. But we'll also admit we remember Quivers from the near-shaved style she had years ago, and consider her current look an improvement on that. Whether it can stay out of her eyes.... well, have you noticed she never does any mud or gelatin wrestling with it? [Posted 6/2/6]

NAME: Renel Brooks-Moon

WHO IS SHE: Radio host in San Jose; public address announcer for San Francisco Giants baseball

HER STYLE: Short and seemingly carefree; it appears cut in sections with bangs across the front

WHY WE LIKE IT: Let's hear from the Hair Fan who suggested her: "Her hairstyle is perfect for a busy professional woman in an often windy environment." Indeed, this style is cut so well that only the breeziest day around the bay would threaten to bring hair around the ears forward toward the eyes.

SUPER-HAIR? This nomination was our first glimpse of her -- but we'd think with regular trims, there's no way this style is going to go down. If it does, it certainly won't come down easily. Thanks for introducing us to a great short style! [Posted 5/19/6]

NAME: Ashley Tisdale

WHO IS SHE: A young actress/singer, most recently known for The Disney Channel's High School Musical

HER STYLE: Long and longer, with two distinctive looks; her current favorite seems to be a serious sidepart

WHY WE LIKE IT: We're marveling in part because of the length -- which at first glance seems out of control, but has a bit of curl near the ends to keep it in line. But our main interest is around the right eye, where a lot of pressure is on those bangs to stay in precise position. We're assuming she uses mousse to make sure it sticks firmly.

And does it ever stick! Tisdale's on the right in this vid-cap from the musical, and the hair above that vulnerable eye stays solidly rounded in position.

SUPER-HAIR? Give her a Y-E-S! The pictures we've seen show a young woman who wants to keep her hair out of her face, and succeeding. With that much hair, it certainly can't be easy -- and with that much risk in the style, it's even more impressive. Critics may call her a Hilary Duff clone, but Duff had a strong hair-holding run for awhile. So far, "Sharpay" is sharp as well. [Posted 5/1/6]

NAME: Aisha Tyler

WHO IS SHE: Actress currently co-starring in Ghost Whisperer

HER STYLE: On the series, she shows a shoulder-length sidepart with soft curls at the ends; historically, her hair has been straight and slightly shorter.

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Hair Fan who made this suggestion wrote her "shoulder-length hair must be the envy of many black women." We say it's at its best when the style is loose and thick - looking natural, but positioned with room to maneuver and avoid messiness.

SUPER-HAIR? While there's a lot to admire about this woman's hair, we faintly recalled strands dropping in an eye when she played a love interest on Friends -- and an online image search indeed found a picture or two with bits of hair in her face. But she's a great "lieutenant" for the award-winning style of Jennifer Love Hewitt on their show -- and we thank you for offering her. [Posted 4/10/6]

NAME: Jane Krakowski

WHO IS SHE: TV and theatre actress; winner of a London "Olivier Award" in February for her role in Miss Adelaide

HER STYLE: The Hair Fan who nominated her calls it a "casual blonde shoulder-length look." It's actually a bit below the shoulders right now; she's shown plenty of variety over the years in length and texture

WHY WE LIKE IT: Our nominator (is that a word?) gave no specific reason. Based on the pictures we saw from the London awards show, we could say it's loose in front but prepared for control in the back.

SUPER-HAIR? Regrettably, we don't think so. Our award show picture shows a small strip of hair loose and almost in her right eye - and we vaguely recall seeing her style drop when she was a co-star on Ally McBeal. We'd argue a bouncy look between neck and shoulder-length would be best on her. But we're open to all opinions here, and thank you for another good nomination. [Photo courtesy Sky Showbiz; posted 3/20/6]

NAME: Tanith Belbin

WHO IS SHE: U.S. ice dancer, silver medalist in 2006 Winter Olympics

HER STYLE: Shoulder to armpit length, with a hint of natural wave and as close to a center part as we've seen in a while

WHY WE LIKE IT: "This is great hair," exclaimed the Hair Fan who suggested her. "Even upside down it looks perfect" - referring to the color, and probably the flowing lines of the locks. It's often worn closely to the left eye, so she gets points for being daring. (Oh yes, and how many women with Super-Hair would dare to turn it upside down?)

SUPER-HAIR? Sorry, she gets deduction points here. We watch closely for great hair in figure skating -- and we guarantee if she kept it out of her eyes, she would have been in our Top Ten by now. But strips of long hair have plopped in her face more than once in competitions. At least we give her credit for not pinning it up, as so many skaters do -- and thanks for a good nomination. [Posted 2/25/6]

NAME: Jennifer Cross

WHO IS SHE: TV journalist in Fort Wayne, Indiana

HER STYLE: A short, professional-looking sidepart without much tucking back on either side

WHY WE LIKE IT: The web site visitor who suggested her didn't give a reason, and we've never seen this woman on television. So we'll have to do some guessing, and presume this hair can stay in position through any situation. It must take some spray or mousse on her right side to do that, because there's no other evidence of extra preparation.

SUPER-HAIR? If it's kept well-sprayed, it has the potential. This is the kind of style which plenty of women can do, but not many have the passion and care to keep it in perfect position day after day. If she does, this hair can be very hard to loosen and beat. She's one reason why the City League is heading to Fort Wayne. [Posted 2/11/6]

NAME: Graciela Moreno

WHO IS SHE: TV news anchor in Fresno, California

HER STYLE: A shoulder-length sidepart, which appears to us sizzled straight

WHY WE LIKE IT: To quote the Hair Fan who nominated her: "The women I work with wish they had her hair." This is our first view of her, so perhaps it's because she keeps it precisely right on camera - and that can't be easy to do, as there's no sign of combing-back or teasing on her left side of the style. If she uses a straight iron, that would add some heat for hold; she'd have to use spray (we figure) for further support.

SUPER-HAIR? The online record of her indicates it could be. But we'd imagine this style would be a challenge to keep in position on a windy day. (Perhaps she pulls it back behind her ears then?!) We invite California Hair Fans to keep us posted on her - and the floor is open for more candidates from Fresno. [Posted 1/29/6]

NAME: Alexandra Ivanovskaya

WHO IS SHE: The 16-year-old newly-crowned Miss Russia 2005 (they did this in December)

HER STYLE: Nothing fancy here - long and straight (long enough to be braided at length, as in our photo)

WHY WE LIKE IT: A Hair Fan tried to submit her for the 2005 Crown Awards, but did so after the deadline. That fan wrote: "Look at that gorgeous hair, easily a great newcomer." Obviously this is a long hair fan, because that's the main thing that strikes us about it. She uses braids and her shoulders to keep the locks in line.

SUPER-HAIR? Sorry, but the link the Hair Fan gave us for pictures of this style from the Miss Russia contest proves it is not. This photo in the swimsuit competition makes that clear (and also exposes a bit of a flyaway problem). With some pageant queens, perfect hair matters - but not with all. But we thank you for submitting her, and encourage more suggestions of great hair from around the world. [Posted 1/19/6]

NAME: Dominique Sachse

WHO IS SHE: TV news anchor in Houston

HER STYLE: Based on the picture at her home page, a shoulder-length shag; strands are shorter above the left eye; ends can be flipped

WHY WE LIKE IT: The local viewer who suggested her put it this way: "With all the humidity here in Houston, the girl can keep a great style." In true Texas tradition, that must take some extra-strong spray. It's especially vital above the left eye, to prevent heavy hair from drooping down -- but there's probably plenty on the right side as well, to keep it lightly rounded off the face.

SUPER-HAIR? Very possibly. The pictures we found online show this hair in place, even when she's relaxing at home with her big dog. We're not sure if Sachse is pronounced like "sexy," but her style work (which must take some regular effort) truly is successful. Thanks for sharing it with us! [Posted 1/5/6]

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