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Super-Hair we know. All the best hair and hair-related links on the Web, we don't. This list is continually under construction, as we find good sites and YOU nominate them.

NOTE: All links are free, and no endorsement of commercial sites should be assumed. Links offered should clearly relate to hair in some way, or they will not be considered.


NEWEST: Curling Iron Reviews - It's like the "flat" and "straightening" review sites, only more well-"rounded." Leave comments, and rank from 1-5 stars.

Beauty Product Reviews - An open forum on all sorts of products, from flat irons to shampoos to spas. Check other people's ratings, and offer your own.

Connect Hair - British forums on hair (especially extensions) and other beauty issues. But the home page could be enough to distract some Hair Fans for awhile.

Flat Iron Reviews - Similar to another link here, you can rate and comment on hair flat irons. Do they work? Are they good values?

Hairdressers' Forum - A British site especially for stylists to swap stories and display new hair ideas.

Hair Straightening Reviews - Listing all sorts of products for straight styles, and letting you rate the ones which work (or don't) for you.

Kaleidoscope - A message board based in Britain. It has threads on a wide range of topics, related to hairstyling careers.

Teenager Life - From proms to relationships to hair fashions, this site seems to be a central location for information on many teen topics.


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