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Super-Hair we know. All the best hair and hair-related links on the Web, we don't. This list is continually under construction, as we find good sites and YOU nominate them.

NOTE: All links are free, and no endorsement of commercial sites should be assumed. Links offered should clearly relate to hair in some way, or they will not be considered.


NEWEST: Remington - Dryers, irons and setters to help you "get incredible hair." Our link goes directly to the women's care page; the site offers other items as well.

Batia and Aleeza - Products from Beverly Hills, especially with curly hair in mind.

Beauty Appointment - Selling premium skin care products, as well as Redken items for your hair.

Cache Beauty - A 30-year-old company offering beauty products of all kinds, from hair to makeup.

Compare GHD - Offering to compare prices and quality of various G.H.D. products from Britain. You'll even find a few hair care tips along the way.

Discontinued Beauty - Selling well-known hair products from both the present and recent past. Order enough of them, and the shipping is free.

Dominican Hair Care - Offering shampoos, conditioners and even "hair loss drops" for "luxury Dominican" styles from a base in the United Kingdom.

Easy Curls - Declaring "perms are back," this site actually offers products, tips and pictures for curling in a non-permanent way.

Folica -- An all-purpose site, offering products for everything from styling and conditioning to accessories and special cases.

Hair Care Help - The "help" at this British site emphasizes Cloud 9 and TIGI products. But if you want to go straight with long hair, this place will explain how in detail.

Hair-Curlers - Offering several products to give styles added attractive waviness. - A multi-purpose site with items for hairstyling, as well as tips for building great hair from there.

Hair World Shop - Famous-name hair products on sale in the Netherlands. Blondes have a section all to themselves - and you can learn hair-related words in Dutch.

Health Boutiques - A "Euro-site" with a wide range of products. Our link takes you directly to the hair care section, with everything from gel and mousse to curling tongs.

Leon Brant - An online hair care store based in Australia, offering all sorts of leading brands. You can even order pet grooming products.

Love Afro Cosmetics - A London site offering a wide range of products, from shampoos to extensions. They're sold online or in their store.

My Hair Styling Tools - Scissors, irons, brushes and more offered to "professionals." There's also a blog which answers interesting hair questions.

My Natural Choices - Offering "high quality all natural health and beauty supplies." (Their words.)

My Salon Tools - Items for "salon professionals," sold by a dealer in Florida. There's a choice of six companies for scissors alone.

NewHair -- Products from Missouri to help hair growth, and keep it away where you don't want it.

Noelle Salon -- A salon for hair fans in New England, specializing in extensions and Japanese straightening techniques. Willing to offer guidance to anyone.

Perfecter Fusion Styler - Four styling tools are combined into one with this product. A series of videos guides users in achieving hair perfection.

Razzamatazz - Items for all sorts of hair needs, from treating damaged styles to frizz-fighting. Its main expert has contributed to our Hair Headlines section.

Schwarzkopf - A company that sells hair care products to salons. Has some heart-pounding pictures of well-prepared hair, along with some links that might surprise you.

Seaweed Health - This site claims by taking capsules of kelp, you can "maintain healthy skin and hair."

Sedu Hairstyles 101 - Offering the Sedu hair straightener, which the site claims can make your style as sleek as Jennifer Aniston's. There's also a book of styling tips offered, to help.


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