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Super-Hair we know. All the best hair and hair-related links on the Web, we don't. This list is continually under construction, as we find good sites and YOU nominate them.

NOTE: All links are free, and no endorsement of commercial sites should be assumed. Links offered should clearly relate to hair in some way, or they will not be considered.


NEWEST: Forever Young Hair and Spa - Promising to make visitors "look and feel like a million dollars." Those dollars are Canadian, as this salon is north of Toronto in Markham, Ontario.

Artistic Visions for Hair - A Perth, Australia salon offering to create hairstyles "as individual as your fingerprint." That means some cuts are avant-garde.

Black Hair-Salons  - Designed primarily for job seeking and employers seeking stylists, this site in London offers a "career database" and a list of current vacancies.

Curly Sue - A German salon offering plenty of online hairstyles for you to consider. (And not all the styles are curly.)

Down Your Back - Not just a salon in Maryland, but a "long hair salon." It specializes in caring for long locks, instead of cutting them.

Hair Salon - An Australian database, to help people there find specialists in their town. You'll also find latest Aussie style news and instructional articles.

Hair Salons - This Aussie database is different from the site with one S, and informs us it was created first. Separate lists for everything from braids to "mobile" stylists.

Hair To Go - A Brooklyn, NY salon with attractive pictures of a variety of styles. The emphasis is on "black hair," and using waves and extensions to improve looks.

Intuition Spa Salon - A Vancouver, BC salon which offers "most superior skin care products," as well as cosmetics for disguising your age.

Lemon Tree - A chain of salons which started in Long Island, New York and now is expanding nationwide. If hairstyling interests you, you're invited to partner with them.

Margaret's Hair Salon - A salon in Sacramento, featuring "high quality Remy hair" for extensions.

My Local Salon - If your locality is in Australia, this directly of hair and beauty salons is for you. We learned from this that the capital of Canberra has suburbs.

Noelle Salon -- A salon for hair fans in New England, specializing in extensions and Japanese straightening techniques. Willing to offer guidance to anyone.

Salon Vijin  - A "hair care group" in New York's Rockefeller Plaza which promises "fabulous cuts" and "spectacular perms" - even straight perms.

Search Hairstylist - Looking for someone new to work on your hair? This database offers options across the U.S., and invites stylists to add their shops to the list.


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