Cup of the Americas/Copa de las Americas '19

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The United States usually celebrates on the Fourth of July. But 7 July 19 was a special day of its own, as the women's soccer team won a FIFA World Cup. We planned to announce our own Cup winner on that day, too (with apologies to Meghan Rapinoe for not clearing out the day for her team). But it took one more day to confirm actress Madelaine Petsch had finished a successful U.S. defense of the Cup of the Americas!

The star of Riverdale had a shaky start in our Western Hemisphere tournament, gaining only a draw in Match 1 against Mexico. But Petsch poured on the hair strength after that, winning four matches in a row. She took down Puerto Rican favorite Joyce Giraud in the Championship Final with 70-percent support.

The Consolation Final was a tight rematch of group play, which went past the wire to 21 hours of extra time. Colombia's veteran Shakira edged Brazil's Bruna Santos by a 60-percent margin, although one voter argued the singer's "best days are way behind her." Colombia thus advances to Super-Hair World Cup VI, while Brazil waits for now.

After weeks of open nominations, entries from 12 nations were divided through a blind draw into three groups....


UNITED STATES: MADELAINE PETSCH. An actress in Riverdale crushed defending Cup champ Kylene Cochrane in national qualifying, then took charge after a hard-fought draw with Mexico and scored a semifinal shutout.

United States 9 points, Mexico (Paola Torres) 5, Costa Rica (Natalia Carvajal) 3, Canada (Megha Sandhu) 3.


PUERTO RICO: JOYCE GIRAUD. The hair product line of this former Miss Universe contestant must really work, because she dominated this group from start to finish and was praised by a supporter as "stunning." She reached the final with ease, but then met her match.

Puerto Rico 15 points, Venezuela (Andrea Diaz) 8, Chile (Arelys Sobarzo) 4, Jamaica (Yanique Bennett) 0.


COLOMBIA: SHAKIRA. The pop singer appeared in our first Cup of the Americas in 2003. After finishing second in 2015, she returned to the top of her group this year.

BRAZIL: BRUNA SANTOS. A social influencer whose Instagram account has more than 16,000 followers. She gained the wild card entry, as the group runner-up with the most points.

Colombia 13 points, Brazil 10, Ecuador (Cristina Hidalgo Berry) 4, Honduras (Gabriela Ordonez) 0.

For the complete match schedule and results, click here.


1. Indonesia.... 2. United States.... 3. Lithuania.... 4. Philippines.... 5. England.

6. Puerto Rico.... 7. India.... 8. South Korea.... 9. Colombia.... 10. Brazil.

11. Greece.... 12. Belarus.... 13. Ireland.... 14. Egypt.... 15. Mexico.

Past Cups of the Americas: 2015 2011 2007 2003

All cup podium finishers (text-only)

Some cup flags courtesy ITA's Flags of All Countries; used with permission

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