December 2001: Rachael Nama

In June 2001 Super-Hair was allowed to interview three contestants in the Miss Georgia pageant - all women who won local competitions to reach the state level, and whose hairstyles impressed us. Here's the third interview in our series.

RACHAEL NAMA was Miss Henry County, representing suburban Atlanta. She's only in her first year at the University of Georgia, majoring in broadcast journalism -- but the shoulder-length hair in our photo struck us as quite mature-looking. On the day we interviewed her, the ends were less curled and looked a bit blunt:

SUPER-HAIR: How would you describe your style? Tell me about it.

RACHAEL NAMA: I guess it's more of Heather Locklear's old haircut, the hidden layers. That's what I've got. It's about shoulder-length - and I like to go for the loose, bouncy, no-hairspray look.

S-H: How do you prepare it? What do you do?

RN: Usually what I do, I just wake up in the morning, shampoo and wash my hair. I put lots of conditioner in, blow-dry it with a blow dryer, pat it down. And then I usually just flip it upside down, hang there for a minute or two with it upside down, and then just take a curling iron to it, use a little hairspray and I'm done.

S-H: How long does that take?

RN: It takes me about 30 minutes to fix my hair.

S-H: What do you like most about it?

RN: The thing that I like most is it's not sprayed down. It moves with me. It doesn't stick there, no matter what - if there's pressure, no matter which way I turn my head. It moves with me.

S-H: Does it hold really well....

RN: It does.

S-H: Stay out of your eyes really well?

RN: Right. I think -- that helps with the hairspray. So it's -- I use extra-hold hairspray, and it really works.

S-H: What's the closest call you've had, with keeping it out of your eyes?

RN: I remember, actually, last night during a production number. I went to whip my head back around, and my hair was right in my face! (Laughs) It was one of those.... "man...." (laughs)

S-H: One question we like to ask the women is who do you think has the best hairstyle out there, among the celebrities that you've seen? Who has the best hair that you've really liked?

RN: You know, I really couldn't tell you. I think one of the things about the hairstyles is they're all so different, and each hairstyle suits each girl. I like to see girls who have hairstyles that suit them, rather than girls that have their styles that "such-and-such" has and they wanted to copy.

S-H: Do you have a hairstylist who does your hair? We'll give them a free plug.

RN: Yes! Actually, it's Damon's Design Team. Damon actually cuts and styles my hair, and then his wife, Kay, highlights it.

SUMMARY: Rachael's honest enough to admit her hair isn't perfect. But when she does it well, this soft style looks fabulous and tempting. We're left wondering what went wrong on stage. Did she miss a spot in spraying? Could the pulled-back area at the crown use a little extra?

There's nothing like some bounce to get a Hair Fan's attention - and if the bouncing strands stay in line and under control, it's even more impressive. Rachael has a style capable of doing that. (We personally prefer the curled look, to accentuate the bounce.) So if you see these lovely locks on a TV newscast someday, remember you saw her here first!


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